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Top 11 Encouraging Deep Words of Wisdom and Motivation about Life for You

For the one you love, here are Encouraging Deep Words of Wisdom about Life and Words of Encouragement for Him During Hard Times.

 Encouraging  Words of Wisdom about Life

It was from Francis Dovin's post on Facebook I got to know him. I remember Francis recommended his style of writing and I added him up. Ever since I have gone out of my way to give him a call and also follow his work over the years. 

When he shared his personal experience, I was moved. A man who wants to succeed in life would give it all it takes to make a success out of life. Okon Joseph is one fellow that you need to listen to when it comes to social media strategy to grow your brand. He runs the site IgSalesExpert.

I wouldn't want to go forward, lovely messages here bring the works of this brotherly friend who is so motivated to inspire your world towards reaching your goal in life.

Happy reading as we bring you encouraging words of wisdom from him. And if you want to reach him for your social media engagement on Instagram, you can contact him through his Facebook page.

Words of Encouragement for Him During Hard Times

So much of our pain, suffering and despair starts and ends with how we talk to ourselves.
Think about it? 

What do you tell yourself when you are alone? 

How many nights have you suffered because your internal dialogue has accused you of things you never did, things that have never actually happened and things which were ultimately out of your control.

This is the one concept you absolutely must master. Otherwise, you will always struggle to be happy within, no matter what level of success you achieve.

You've got to stop beating yourself up and start holding your own hand. 

Be gentle with yourself and know when it's time to be tough and when it's time to be gentle.
You have to have a conversation with yourself, rather than be the judge and jury. 

Be honest and frank with yourself but always be very aware that you have to guide yourself towards your greater purpose.

As you go on your own journey of life, you will have to be your own mother, your own father, your own angel and your own teacher.

If you are wondering where to start, start by changing the conversation with yourself and start selling yourself a different story, a different reality.

None of us are perfect and we all have a different life story. But if you can learn the art of communicating with yourself the right way, you will have the power to guide yourself and have so much more control over your emotions and the choices you make daily.

You won't master communicating with yourself overnight, it's a constant battle and it's something you master over a lifetime... but you can start right now by being more aware of your thoughts and what you're actually saying to yourself on a daily basis. 

Don't talk yourself out of success my dear friend. There is no practice more degrading, debasing, and soul-destroying than that of self-pity. Cast it out from you. 

We are going to make it through this together. 

My name is Joseph!

Words of Encouragement for Friends

Your moment will come.

It comes to all of us, disguised in many different ways, different situations and circumstances. But it most certainly comes to all of us, in its own unique way.

Don't give up! Prepare for it. It may be this week, even today. 

Keep pushing. Your moment will come. That I know for sure.

Happy new week.

Encouraging Words of Motivation 



I know you want to know. Even though I know you already have a job. You still want to know what I have to say. 

It is normal. That is what makes us human. That is how we are wired. 

This is why information marketing will still be #1 whether you agree with that or not. 

As a guy who chose online business as his business for life. In the past, I have ventured into different online businesses and have made hits back to back. 

Although I am popularly known as a content creator or a freelance writer (as seen in the Google search engine result page when you type Okon Joseph), I am also into other online businesses because I love the online hustle. 

And I love multiple streams of moolah. 

I have different skills and this enables me to run to my life as a full-time online entrepreneur. 

Now, when I mean jobless according to my title, I do not mean working a 9 to 5 kind of job. When I say jobless, I mean never be of any use in this world that we are. 

So, without wasting your time, here are some of my TOP TIPS to ensure you will render yourself as valuable in this world as possible -- and in turn, NEVER be JOBLESS again:⁣
[1]. MASTER a relevant SKILL:

You can't skip this. Since the day I acquired this skill (content writing), I have never been out of money. 
Today, I write for both local and international clients.

Content writing gave me a full-time job and the digital life I am living right now

Today, I am not just into content creation, I have worked my ass to acquire another skill as an expert in Instagram marketing. 

Right now, I make money from both skills. 

Next year, I am expanding. The more I know, the more money I make. 

[2]. Build a digital PORTFOLIO:

The second step after you have mastered a relevant skill is to build a digital portfolio. 

Back then as a freelance writer, my blog was my portfolio. Later when my blog went down (thanks to DomainKing), I moved to Medium and was building my portfolio there. 

So, if you must win clients in whatever skill, you must have a digital portfolio. Clients want to see your past work. 

For those who haven't done any work in the past, look for someone to do free work for and use that to build your portfolio

That is how everyone starts. 

Before I started my blog, I was guest posting on top Nigerian blogs and saving the links. 

When prospective clients approach me and request for my past work, I give them the link to any of my guest posts for them to see my write-up. 

[3]. Make yourself VISIBLE to the PUBLIC: 

Until you are visible, you will never be attractive to your target audience. 

Money follows attention. 

You must make sure your target audience knows you exist. 

Go to where you think your potential customers or clients hang out and start to create awareness there. 

This is how it works. 

This is why people run ads and pay influencers for shoutouts. 

I do both to date. 

[4]. Start NETWORKING with potential CLIENTS:

I got my second client as a page manager from my first client. 

She fell in love with what I was doing with her page and linked me up with a lady who was complaining that Instagram page managers don't deliver and can't be trusted. 

I still work with this lady to date. 

Don't be afraid to tell your present clients or customers that you need more clients and would welcome a referral from him or them. 

Aside from that, always tell people what you do and your usefulness in the industry that you are. You can never tell if the person has someone who might need what you offer. 


Build strong relationships with your present clients or customers and they will keep coming back. 

I hardly go pitch clients. Do you know why, some of my old clients (the ones who can afford me) still hire me. 

Let your clients or customers fall in love with your work and you will never go hungry or looking for someone to buy from you. 

Let me share with you a story. 

There was a time I was very sick. My Indian client dropped a content creation job for me. I quickly told him to outsource it to someone that I am very sick and don't know when I can be able to do it. 

He said he will wait till I get well. 

I was shocked 😲. 

What kind of love is this (in Mercy Chinwe's voice). 

It took me 3 days to get back on my feet and I did the job and sent to him. 

What can you say about that? 

The power of relationship.

In conclusion, 

πŸŽ„ Master a Skill

πŸŽ„ Build a portfolio 

πŸŽ„ Make yourself visible to the public. 

πŸŽ„ Network with potential clients 

πŸŽ„ Build real relationships. 

So, hope you learnt something from this. 

See ya larer...... πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— 

Okon Joseph

Words of Encouragement for Today 

THE INTERNET - A Gift from God to Humanity. 
It can be a tool for you to create some more freedom in your life. It can be used to grow and learn. It can be used to start your own online business and make you some extraπŸ’°. 
Are you using it to your advantage? Or is it just a place you go to get entertained? 

Are you just scrolling through stuff because you’re bored or are you educating yourself

Are you a consumer or a creator?

There are ENDLESS of opportunities to make money online, you just got to find one that aligns with you and STICK TO IT. 

EDUCATE yourself using YouTube. Listen to business owners talk on a podcast. You got to get into grinding mode if you want to make it work for you, you know.
Don't stay on the fence reading and reading. You don't need more information. You need to equip yourself with a skill and use it to start a business for yourself. 

Grace is upon you!

Words of Wisdom about Life

Too many people fall victim at the hands of “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

While that may be true to a certain extent, there is great value in placing your focus on one product and one experience.

More often than not, entrepreneurs feel like they need to focus on every opportunity.

Today, they are thinking of going into #dropshipping. Tomorrow they wake up and feel they should give #amazonfba a try. And before you know it, they are buying a course in #instagrammarketing.

It doesn't work like that.

Focus on one brand and one business only. Not only will your life be easier but you’ll have more satisfied customers and a great product.

Focus is key.

What is something you want to focus on this 2021? Let me hear you in the comment section below πŸ‘‡

Words of Encouragement for a Strong Man


There is a saying that he who pays the piper calls the tune. And that is true. But the piper can decide how much he will charge for playing the tune of what he plays is:

• In demand
• Rare
• Particularly difficult (or in some way unique) to play. 

Brethren, once you can do something no one else can do or only a few people can do, you can pretty well name your price. And believe me, it doesn't have to be a difficult skill, just one that somebody else will pay for

• What are your skills, talents? (expertise) 

• Who needs those skills? (Target customers) 

• How can you put them to best use? (execution) 

• How do you tell the people who need these skills that you have them? (marketing). 

The fact is, for you to be able to make money in any business, you must possess a special skill. You can't just start looking for a business idea when you don't have what it takes to start and run such a business idea. 

It doesn't work like that. 

For example, if you want to become a freelance writer yet you don't know how to create content talk less of creating SEO-friendly content that is demanded. 

You want to sell information products online and you don't know how to create sales copies, you don't know about content marketing, you don't know how to even direct traffic to what you are selling. 

People who make money from graphic design are graphic designers. Do you think because people are making money from forex if you join you will start raking money into your bank account every day or month? 

If you don't know how to read πŸ“ˆ and other things, your money will just enter voice mail. Or do you think a reading chart is not something you should pay to learn? 

If you think it is not, go try it... 

Whatever you learn that can't be easily done without practice is a skill. 


No technical definition for it. Just as simple as that. 

I make extra money from playing musical instruments (drum and piano) and teaching others too. Can you play those very well without learning them?

Now, I am enjoying the royalty of my labour (years of practice). 

So, what skill might you be able to master to become financially free

For this question, you are not allowed to say *I don't know*. You have to start thinking. 

Think brother! 

Think sister! 

We all have something we can do or could do that is special to us, that we feel we could make a fortune from if only someone could give us a break. 

We all have dreams we could follow, a plan we dare to carry out. The only thing I think most of us needs is *a wake-up call* to get up and actually do something. 

Well, this is it.....WAKE UP AND GO LEARN A SKILL! 

Good Morning...

Inspirational Message for Him


Do you want to start making money online? 

I believe there's a hard and costly way. And there is a smart, fast and easy way too. 

Stay with me. 

You see, there are so many businesses and brands out there that need help. And I believe the easiest way for you to start generating some income online is not to sell a product because that takes a lot of work. 

You will have to build a landing page. 

You will have to build a funnel.

You will have to drive traffic.

You will need graphic design services. 

In general, you will have to hire people to help you, which I believe you may not have the funds for that. 

So, for me, a much easier and faster way is to actually offer a service that companies and businesses need and are willing to pay for. 

I'm talking about copywriting.

I'm talking about social media marketing. 

I'm talking about content creation.

I'm talking about digital marketing.
And many others. 

What will be your cost? 

Zero Naira 

You will be getting 100% of all the money. 

And let's say that you are more ambitious and are getting better. And you chose to work with only 3 clients maximum per month for effectiveness and balance. 

Assuming each client pays you N50k per month, that will be N150k at the end of every month. 

What is your overhead? Zero Naira

Market cost? Zero Naira

Do you need a funnel? No, you don't need a funnel. Neither do you need a massive social media following or a website. 

I landed my first Instagram client with a 100+ following on Instagram. 

Your job description is simple. You are helping businesses grow and bring in more customers and leads and more revenues.

That is all you do!

Can you see how powerful this model is? 

Very solid, no hype, no BS, no exaggeration - N150k per month. 

Now, you can get up to 200k and above as time goes on and as you keep developing your skill and going for higher-paying clients. 

But have this in mind. 

You are helping them, you are adding value, and that is why they are paying you. 

It is the only reason why they are paying you. 

Finally, do you have a skill you can sell online in return for money? 


Please kindly help me share this post so many can see it. ThanksπŸ‘.

Happy new month

Cool Words of Wisdom

My billionaire friends, money follows attention.

Your products are useless if nobody knows about them. And you can't make any impact if nobody knows about your brand. 

You should spend money to get known because whosoever gets the most attention in the marketplace wins the game.

You get the point now...🀣 

That is it.

Unique Quotes on Life

What if I tell you that you are the one responsible for your present condition? ⁣
What if I tell you that you are the one holding yourself back from achieving your dream? ⁣
You want financial freedom. ⁣
You crave it so badly, yet you are holding yourself back from doing the needful to get it. You have 101 excuses why you can't cast your net. ⁣
There is no week that passes that I don't get people to inbox me to help them with starting an online business. And most times, when I educate them on how it works in the online business world, they get frightened. ⁣
They want a get-rich-quick strategy. Most times, I get questions like, 'How long will it take for me to start making money?' Or, 'Can I generate 6 figures from this kind of business?'⁣
They want something that is guaranteed, like a salary. ⁣
They forget that we that are making money from these online businesses as our full-time hustle was not guaranteed that we will become who we are today. ⁣
I started my first online business as a freelance writer with no hope of one day running it as a full-time business. All I wanted was just to be making money by the side -- as a side hustle. ⁣
Today, the story is different. I don't need to tell you wetin happened for Abule. ⁣
Everything yakpa, everything dey. Oshey πŸ™. ⁣
Children of God, if you don't cast your net, how will you know what will happen? ⁣

I am very sure that if I had never started my first online business as a freelance writer, I would not have launched the other businesses I am running presently. ⁣
The book of Matthew 21 vs 6 says that Jesus commanded Peter and his fishermen to cast their net into the deep. And when they did, they couldn't draw out the net because it was filled with fish. ⁣
IMAGINE if they had disobeyed...⁣
They would have gone home without catching any fish for that day. ⁣
The problem is you don't have faith in yourself. You find it hard to believe that someone can help you and that your life will change forever. ⁣
Am I not saying the truth? ⁣
Is that not why you are hesitating to enrol for that online class or buy that ebook? ⁣
Just like Steve Harvey was telling you to jump in one of his videos, I am telling you now to cast your net. 

My brother, God needs to bless you. But for him to bless you, he needs a channel. ⁣
What is in your hand that He should bless? Your job is not your own. That may not be His plan for you. ⁣
I had to resign as a mathematics teacher because my freelance writing business was paying 10X what I was earning as a teacher. ⁣
If I had not made that channel available, I would still be teaching in that school, maybe thinking of how to leave the country for Canada sef (not a bad time to revisit that thought sha). ⁣
What are you doing right now that God should bless? ⁣⁣
If you don't take a leap of faith to start that business, how will He bless you? ⁣
Cast your net buddy! ⁣
You can never tell how many fishes you will catch. ⁣
Go get money for that business you have in mind and launch it. ⁣
Go buy that ebook. ⁣
Go enrol in that online course. ⁣
Go pay that person to teach you his or her business or skill. ⁣
You are not broke because of the economy, you are broke because you are afraid to take a leap of faith. ⁣
The people you admire cast their net a long time ago before the world could celebrate them before the world could even know they existed. ⁣
If you don't cast your net, no one, and I repeat, no one will know about you. ⁣
This is a new week. That which you are looking for is looking for you. ⁣
Grace is upon you! ⁣
Okon Joseph ⁣

Freelance Writer and Instagram Sales Expert.

Inspirational Quotes about Life and Struggles

Can we talk about the fact that today is October 18th? How is October the 18th? Am I 600 years old yet? Because time seems not to be going my way πŸ€”. ⁣
Although a friend did recently compliment me on my weight, she thinks I'm getting fatter. However, that was only because she didn’t see the main body πŸ˜‚. 
And I have found a deeper love in building a strong relationship with long-sleeve shirts. ⁣
Speaking of time, have you ever noticed that when you’re away from the internet, the day goes by soooooo slowlyyyyyyy? ⁣
You walk around outside for two hours and it feels like you’ve just spent 600 years doing nothing. ⁣
Like, how many months was I out there?⁣
Now, compare that with the time on the internet (mostly Instagram or Twitter). ⁣
You spend two hours on the thing and it feels like, I mean, skinny girls are awesome.⁣

Welp... Joseph just crossed THAT line.
I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately, how we use it, what it all means, and why we spend so much of it doing stuff that we totally fucking resent. ⁣
Like, why are you doing that thing that you really, really, really hate when you can find that which you love and earn a happy living out of it? ⁣

The biggest poison in life is regret. ⁣
It is a poison. ⁣
And I push so hard, and will, through my vehicle, which isn't selling you any course, eBook or membership program. ⁣
My vehicle is business. I can't help it. It is what I love. I love selling. I love the game of business. ⁣
Talking to myself, the brainstorming, the late night and early morning. ⁣
But through this vehicle, I will always push a lack of regret and awareness of how good business really is. ⁣
You are more than welcome to tell me about how bad it is or why you can't. But it's just not true. ⁣
Because if anybody ever did it, then you can do it. ⁣
Stop making excuses. Stop complaining. Nobody is listening. They may be pretending they are listening, but the market doesn't care. ⁣
What you need to do is make one person happy - YOU. ⁣
Then you can make everybody else happy. ⁣
Do you know why I like making people happy? Because I am already happy. ⁣
There is nothing worse than wishing you could go back and change something because it is too late. ⁣
And so I employ you to take this post as a sermon and take a look at your face and ask yourself if you're doing the thing that will put you in the position to succeed, not just in the business world, but in life. ⁣
Because when you are happy with life, your business can roll. ⁣
When you are happy with life, everything takes shape. ⁣
You only have one life, one fucking life. Make sure you live it with no regret. ⁣
You were born into a poor family doesn't mean you must remain poor and die average. ⁣
It is not too late to make a difference. ⁣
Grace is upon you! ⁣

Powerful Wisdom Quotes

Living your dream is not reserved for some selected lucky few. Everyone has the opportunity to live their dreams. The question is, how long has your dream remained a dream? ⁣
If you treat your dream like a dream, you will have a dream tomorrow. If you treat your dream like an Action Plan today, you will realize your dream tomorrow. ⁣
We just entered a new month, put some action plans together now!⁣
Grace is upon you!

Super Motivational Quotes

Looking around our society, we do not have enough mentors for our young entrepreneurs because many of "our" wealthy folks weren't detail-oriented enough to pay attention to the process of success, they were simply lucky (they hammered)... and unfortunately luck is not teachable.


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Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: Top 11 Encouraging Deep Words of Wisdom and Motivation about Life for You
Top 11 Encouraging Deep Words of Wisdom and Motivation about Life for You
For the one you love, here are Encouraging Deep Words of Wisdom about Life and Words of Encouragement for Him During Hard Times.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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