Short 15 Romantic Valentine Love Messages for the One You Love

Best Short Valentine Love Messages

February 14th of every year is regarded as the Valentine’s Day Celebration. If you care for the one you love, such deserves these Short Valentine Love Messages.

Valentine's Day is a very important day that is normally celebrated all around the world. Normally the colour for this celebration is usually linked with a romantic red appearance.

In celebrating this romantic love day, you would find people expressing their love in different romantic forms. But in all this, the use of text messages seems to play a bigger role in making the day unique. In keeping up with the celebration, here we have developed some really touching Short Valentine's Romantic Messages that you can pick from and send across to that special person in your life.

"Love brought us together and made for us a home where love reigns. I am so glad to find a perfect home of love in you."

Short Romantic Valentine Love Messages for the One You Love

There is no harm in trying out these Valentine’s Day Love messages; you never can tell the effect they will generate in the heart of the one you love. Working During Pregnancy

[1]. I needed no second thought to know that your love is real. Right from the first day, I saw you. I have made up my mind to love you just the way you are.

[2]. I adore your love that glitter in my heart like gold. I adore your smile that could melt any King’s heart. In all, I adore you that was made for me.

[3]. When I close my eyes all I see is your love and when I open them, all I still see is your love. Your love is so beautiful and for that, I shall forever adore you, my love.

[4]. Your affection is like the warmth of the morning air. Your care is second to none. Your charisma is so infectious. Truly, you make me feel loved and wanted.

[5]. You brought joy and sunshine into my life and now I am a better person because of you. If I am to love again, none else will I choose but you, the love of my life.

Short Valentine’s Day Text Messages

The use of text messages as a means to send Valentine's Messages shouldn’t be that which should be ignored considering the effect of words in the heart of that special person in your life. Even if you give the most expensive gift, that is not complete without some romantic words to go with it. Little romantic words of Happy Valentine’s Love Messages, Greetings, Valentine’s Day Quotes, Valentine’s Day Poems and others that relate to Valentine's Day send to the one you love will go a long way in expressing your heart’s feeling towards that special person in your love.

[6]. The joy of you gladdens my heart. I feel loved when I see you. Nothing can take your place, for the love of you; I am like a King with a crown.

[7]. When I see you smile, my heart is gladdened. Your smile is all I need to make my heart glad. Smile and keep smiling. I love you the more when I see you smile.

[8]. The love of you is like peace in troubled times, the thought of you is like a taste of honey in the mouth while loving you is like living in joy and happiness.

[9]. Every passing day I see your love renewed in my heart to love you like never before and how happy I am that you gave me a reason to love again.

[10]. Let my love wake you up and may her joy fill your heart. Let it make you smile with a hidden peace of mind and may you always feel the warmth of my love.

Short Valentine Heartfelt Romantic Text Messages

Though there are many things you could do to make this day a memorable day for the one you love, starting it with some heartfelt romantic love text messages would make sure to put you on the right track. Valentine's Day is another perfect occasion to bare your mind and let that special person in your life know what such a person means to you. Using words with romantic meanings to express your heart’s feelings is a great and amazing decision you can undertake.

[11]. May you ever be blessed. May you ever be a shining light. May your love ever be a worthy example for others to emulate. May your love always be mine.

[12]. I appreciate the love we share for my life is a blessing because you love me. When I think about our love, I am blessed the day you came into my life.

[13]. Blessed to be a blessing, your love has blessed me with all the good tidings of life. I am happy knowing in you, I found every reason to love again.

[14]. When love seems to lose its true meaning, I shall find solemn in yours that we share. Yours is kind-hearted and a sure blessing that has blessed my soul.

[15]. If there is another day, month or year. If there is another sun, moon or star. There will never be another you. You are a gift that can never be replaced.

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