Deep 7 Words of Inspiration that Will Motivate You to Success No Matter Life Challenges

Deep Words of Inspiration  to Succeed in Life

The first time I heard him minister during one of the youth Sundays in Church, I was like, this is so deep. When a man speaks with such authority of the word, in there you know that such a one has gotten the Rhema. 

Sincerely, you will find there a man who has gotten an encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit. The next I heard him speak, it was about missions. It gladdened my heart that in this young man is the spirit that leads to greatness.

I wouldn't want to mix words, I bring to you words of motivation from Prince Okowan, a writer, realtor,  entrepreneur and lover of God.

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Like I got his first whatsapp message saying Good afternoon Sir.  It's Brother Prince, the one you spoke to about writing in Church today. Here began the messages he sent to me. 

Motivational Words for Success

I grew up with my grandmother after I lost my parents, she took care of me and gave me the best of everything she could afford.
Grandmother Jenny had only two children, my mother and her older brother, Grandmother Jenny was a widow.
She was faced with some financial crises so I couldn't afford to go to school and there was no help forthcoming from relatives and friends.
She made me read and study at home, she got me lots of books and I was able to study at home soon I began doing assignments for other students and explaining to them some of the confusing topics they learnt from school.
Just as I thought of writing varsity exams so I could study to become a doctor, my grandmother Jenny passed away.
My uncle took everything she had left behind and I was left on the streets to fend for myself.
I couldn't sit for exams that year, I had to do menial jobs to take care of my needs and soon I was elevated at my place of work due to my diligence and skills. however months after my uncle showed up and told me some allegations against me and how he was going to get me arrested and advised my boss to relieve me of my job.
I lost my job and went back into the streets as I couldn't keep up with the house rent.
I also met some friends who volunteered to help me if I could do some things that were against morals because that was how they survived.
However I held on to what I knew was right, I kept pressing on and while walking along the street, I ran into a friend who in his school days I had assisted.
He signed me up for training, and I took part in it and excelled at it, I got promoted rapidly for my expertise and today am in a better position than when I got started.
When all ways fail, don't give up yet and don't give in to failure.
Please note, this story is fictional, it's an imaginative story, it could be the story of someone out there I do not know, but whoever you are, we celebrate you.
Motivational Thoughts for Success
What keeps me going in life.
It was my first year at the University of Benin, and I was somewhere within the school premises.
Someone who knew me said to me "Results are out".
For a student who has been waiting to see his result, I should be excited at the news but that was not the case, instead, I was afraid, held by the fear of failing.
Right at that moment I heard a spontaneous thought within my heart, reminding me of a story about some women who wanted the sexes of their children changed from the womb, the one who had a girl in his womb wanted God to change the sex to that of a boy and vice-versa.
it was so, according to their faith.
I didn't think much about it(the spontaneous thoughts).
The following day, I just wanted to listen to a sermon, and the preacher repeated the exact story again, by this time I was already smiling and said to myself, God must be talking to me.
The next day after that, I read a devotional and I saw the same story, Ah, I said to myself, that this is not a coincidence at all.
But I was still afraid, and doubts kept coming to my mind, to be honest with you I didn't check my result until someone broke the news to me.
True to his word, the Lord helped me, but the drama was far from over.
When I got to my second year, at the end of the second year we were expecting our results, this time I checked by myself only to discover several papers had no results, about seven of them.
I was so heartbroken, I couldn't do anything, I just went to sleep that day.
Thankfully I recovered most of them, a few I had to rewrite, it wasn't funny.
It got to final year, and I got busier than ever, if some people wanted to talk about things bothering them and they came to me, I didn't turn them off. My habitual going to night classes died a natural death in my final year.
I didn't understand why the sudden change, but I had great peace within me all the while.
Finally, the results were out, and two of my friends told me "Congratulations you made it".
You got a second-class upper division, I doubted them, in fact, I checked the results several times to be sure what was written was not a mistake or at least my matriculation number tallied with what I was seeing, (am actually laughing now just sharing this story).
I was in doubt for some reason, one of them is that by the time I wanted to submit my seminar work for marking it was too late, it wasn't accepted any longer, meaning I had no score except for that of the seminar presentation.
Secondly, I missed tests for about two courses with only exams to write on those courses.
when I thought about the odds I would go to the result again to check properly.
These experiences and others are a monument for me about the faithfulness of God.
Now when I am asked what keeps you going?
It is the faithfulness of God, I know he will never fail me.
I have never known him to fail, not once.
I have no fear, nothing moves me because I know the one who said "I am faithful and righteous".
His faithfulness is the foundation of my faith, it is that which keeps me going.
I want you to also remember, that God will not forsake you, it may seem like nothing is happening now of all the promises he made to you, but just keep moving, he'll not fail you.
Very soon you will look back and laugh because your helper who is God will be faithful to you all the way.

Looking Unto Jesus

Have you had real struggles with habits and addictions that seem to take the life out of you, you have prayed, fasted, you tried confiding in friends for the sake of accountability and still you often fail? When that habit is mentioned, you say within your heart, the preacher must be talking to me, have you longed for true freedom? You have heard lay aside every weight and sin that easily besets you and you have tried to lay them but in vain.

I have good news for you, looking unto Jesus is all you need to do, in the movie Pilgrim's progress, Christian tried to rid himself of his burden yet he couldn’t, however, the burden so great fell off his shoulders effortlessly at the face of Jesus.

In the face of Jesus everything fades away but himself, looking is a continuous process, it’s not to be once in a lifetime, and in looking, look to Jesus, how do you look to him whom you cannot see? Through the eyes of your heart in faith that Jesus dwells within you and he has sworn never to leave nor forsake you, look to him as the Spirit within you reveals him to you and you can be sure that no addiction or habit will have rule over you.

Forgive Yourself

1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

It's very important to say that we need to forgive ourselves, 

We might have been stricken by guilt and shame but we need to embrace the grace of God and move on, if we fail to let go of our hurt as a result of sin committed, even the forgiveness of the Lord won't bring the peace and vibrancy that it ought to.

 Having been declared not guilty and forgiven, we ought to embrace this truth the way God has, living in the memories of past wrongs even though committed yesterday will rob you of the blessings of redemption, of the grace and love of God, blessed is the man whose sins are forgiven and blessed is that soul that realizes this truth. Instead of focusing on your sin and its memories, hear what God is saying; he says behold, that is seen, pay attention, I do a new thing, forget about the former things see I do a new thing and he went on to say that it springs forth don't you see it? It is seeing what the Lord has done and giving yourself to it that brings the joy and peace the heart longs for.
 Faith Letter 1
 I can’t tell what I was doing at the time, but I received this message I will try to communicate God helping me,

There are three realms known to man, the spiritual realm, the mental realm and the physical realm. With our physical senses, which are our five senses, we contact and relate with the physical world and materials therein, in the mental realm the mind as it were is a sense that helps us interact with that world or realm, most of the materials with which the mind relates with come from the physical realm and like all these realms need materials to interact with, the spiritual realm also is not different in this regard. Spiritual things are real, they are as real as the physical or material world, suppose a friend of yours has never visited your house and while you are on the phone with him/her one day and you begin to tell the things that are in your house to the individual and the fellow replies by telling you there is no such thing, and the reason is that he/she cannot see it, then you would probably think her judgment is wrong to deny the existence of what you have said because he/she cannot see it. In like manner, to deny spiritual realities because they cannot be seen is not correct, our faith is to the spiritual realm what the senses are to the physical realm or the mind is to the mental realm in other words faith is what we use to interact with the spiritual realm and the word of God is the material in this realm, faith interacts with this material (the word), for example, the word tells us of forgiveness, salvation, healing, and so on, these things are spiritual, they are not in a sense real to the physical or mental word, but by faith we believe they exist based on what the word of God says, so by faith we receive them, and to be sure, the spiritual materials can manifest physically, but our emphasis is that they are received by faith and not by our physical senses.

A carnal person is one can is ruled by his physical senses, feelings inclusive and of course his mind, whereas the spiritual man is ruled by the word of God, he’s not moved by his feelings or what he sees or hears, but by what God says. Let me make it clear that am not saying do not believe what you see, for example there is food in front of you, you better believe that, or you feel like resting or eating, you better believe that, so what then am I saying, am saying that we should judge all things by the word of God, anything can opposes God's word, we should not give ourselves to them, for example, you got up one morning and you just are in doubt if God loves you, maybe your mind is telling you that he doesn’t love you, and maybe things are happening in the natural that are pressing hard on you, maybe things are tough and rough and you feel if God loves me this things should not be happening or he should have heard my prayers all along, at this point, if you listen to your mind or physical senses you are not being spiritual, stick to  the word whether you feel like it or not, or maybe you're not going through a challenge at that time, you just feel like you are unloved, believe me when I say faith in God's word all the way whether you feel good or  not.

Those who walk by sight, what they feel instead of the word of God make little or no progress in the faith, because they live not by faith in the word, there are opinions, thoughts, and ideas in your mental realm that have been there probably you learnt them from traditions of men and the world, or from personal experiences, you need to replace them with the word of God, that’s what renewing your mind is about, thinking in line with the word, replacing thoughts or ideas or opinions with the word, this process should never stop and our body should be vehicles to do God's will, to physical walk according to what the word teaches.

 Think about these things, my prayers are with you.
 Faith Letter 2
 Good day beloved, it is my third letter to you as I again feel compelled by a desire to bring so simply yet with divine enablement about the faith that we share in Christ Jesus. 

Faith is an action word, it is not enough, to say I believe, or to have faith within yourself, such faith cannot save or bring us into the rest that God hath promised, Faith is like love, imagine being with your parents and though they acclaim to love you but never show it, what profit is such love to anyone? Likewise faith not expressed profits nothing. Obedience is the expression of faith, to say I have faith in God and in his word yet not submit to it in obedience, such faith is a dead faith, death faith means it's unproductive and produces no results. Act out your faith because that’s where the blessing, the result lies, the omnipotence of God, the wisdom of God, and the love of God are reason enough to believe him and act out his word, do you say but I don’t hear him, if I did I would obey or how would I know what he wants me to do? God speaks in many ways, through dreams, an audible voice, through an inner witness and infallibly and surely through his word, pay attention to the word study it, have faith in the word and do what he tells you, whatever it is the spirit of God lays within your heart or spirit to do, do not put it off, be prompt in your obedience, in situations of life, do not wait to see before you believe God and act, on the contrary, believe God, act on your faith in obedience and you will see results, it might be immediate, it may not, but in all keep your eyes and heart, and thoughts on God’s word and keep saying it, the enemy may want to cause you to doubt but don’t flinch, don’t depend on feeling at all, just depend on the word of God…think on these words and stay blessed.

How You See Yourself

How you see yourself will greatly impact the kind of life you live, those who see themselves as failures end up failing and those who see themselves as success end up succeeding. 

Your thoughts or the mental picture of yourself goes as far as determining how productive you’d be, therefore think only the best about yourself and see the best in things that happen to you regardless of what they are.

 Learn to see situations the way God sees them and to see yourself the way God sees you. 

When your thoughts are predominantly success-oriented, you in no doubt position yourself to succeed against all odds.

Now write down those negative pictures you have about yourself, once that is done, I want you to say aloud to yourself; I am not any of these things, and then write out what God says about you, and call yourself all he says you are and continually think on these things.

Remember God cannot lie, if he says you’re strong then see yourself as that, to see yourself as weak when God says you’re strong is to believe in a lie and no lie is of the truth, what God says should become the image or picture you have of yourself.

You can connect with Prince Okowan on his Facebook page to read more inspiring articles that would always be a blessing to your life and a source of motivation for you to succeed in life.  


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