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10 Encouraging Words for Worship Team on Ministration from a Music Minister

Here are some of the best motivational quotes for upcoming musicians, music quotes, inspiring choir quotes and encouraging words for worship team.

Best Encouraging Words for Worship Team from a Music Minister

Anticipating these inspiring quotes and words of motivation from a music minister is something that would forever be a thing of value for those whom the Lord has called into music ministry.  Success is doing God’s will. That quote on her Facebook timeline drew in me a deep thought about how to succeed in the God kind of way. Talking about her work and love for the things of God, I think her name bears witness to that which is her calling on the side of God.

Wayback, I remembered during one of our lectures in the music academy in Church for those who wished to join the choir, she took us through voice training. There is no hiding it, if you have it, then you have it. In her, I saw humility from someone whom the Lord had blessed with a voice that worshipped her Creator from the depth of the heart. There is something about the manifestation of God’s gift, it comes through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And for Loveth Itiafe, Jesus' daughter, wife, mother, gospel song minister, songwriter and CEO Berabev Pap. I saw a constant transformation that is taking her from glory to glory in fulfilling God’s mandate of winning souls through song ministration. If you love to connect to a deep worship that brings glory to God, you can subscribe to Loveth's Youtube Channel and also like her Facebook Page for more updates. 

Let us take up some quotes from her and also share some of her write-ups which are related to her calling. Like she said, you must not be POPULAR but you must be RELEVANT!

Best Encouraging Words for Worship Team from a Music Minister

These are motivational quotes for upcoming musicians, music quotes and inspiring choir quotes from a music minister. Positive Thoughts about Life and Quotes on Mindset Transformation

The Music Minister and Relevance

God created every one of us to be relevant in our area of calling, He did not create you just to exist but to make an impact and fulfil a purpose. As a music minister, for example, your impact should be felt amongst those around you.
We know that the way to become relevant in the kingdom is totally different from the way of the world, so our focus here is the kingdom's way not the world's way.

Prov 18:10. The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous runneth unto it and they are safe.

Ministration by Loveth Itiafe at RCCG House of Grace, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

How to be Relevant as a Music Minister
[1]. Brokenness: The ability to accept your wrong before God, ask for forgiveness and repent. This has nothing to do with being born again, it's something we must practice daily before God. We all have our flaws and can go astray anytime, but we must not be too big to surrender to God, knowing without Him we are nothing,  accepting our faults and asking Him to help us please Him. When we are broken before God, then we can be broken before men, we can humble ourselves under any circumstance just to please Jesus. We will scarcely have issues with leaders and those around us.

[2]. You must have a personal secret place: When you bow before God, then you can stand before men. The secret place is where Generals are made. David was not known by the world but he was known by God because he had a secret place then when the time was right, God announced him to the world. The secret place is not where you just go to pray with your long list of prayer points or study the bible because you need to prepare for a massage. It is a place where you go for fellowship, sometimes without asking for anything, just seek His face, and commune intimately with Him, and you'll see that God's glory will begin to rub off on you like it was in the life of Moses.

[3]. Find a need and meet that need: When you meet a need you automatically become valuable, ask the Holy Spirit to show you a need and go ahead to meet that need. This is service. It could be a need in prayer (just standing in the gap to pray for every member of the choir), it could be in finances, counselling etc. If your heart is right, the Holy Spirit will show you. Don't focus on just holding the mic to sing, some people may sing with the mic but before God is not making any impact, impact is made by doing what God has called you to do. So yes you may be a good worship leader or soloist but still seek God for that need you can meet.

[4]. Bask in God's presence daily: Singing hymns and spiritual songs, rejoice in the Holy Ghost. When you do this you practice His presence and the Holy Spirit goes with you wherever you go, all of a sudden you hold the mic and things begin to happen because His Power is at work in you.

[5]. Add value to yourself: Please go for training, and spend money on yourself to increase your knowledge bank. There is no stagnant level, it's either you are increasing or decreasing,  go for musical training, learn an instrument, develop your skills, read books and practice what you learn.

[6]. Take responsibility: What I mean here is, don't wait to be told to score a song before you score it, work on songs and praise list whether you will sing it or not. In fact, when scoring these songs your intention should be to make yourself better not necessarily doing the solo. This is where many of us miss it, you spend time to score a song and then get offended because you were not given the opportunity to solo,  dear friend whether you solo it or not, they've been a shift in your level just because of your diligence.
[7]. Work with the Holy Spirit: When you are given an opportunity, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you on your choice of songs, ask him to give you utterances for adlibs.  Don't focus on doing what will "sell the market", focus on what the Holy Ghost wants you to do.

[8]. You must live a life of prayer: It is in the place of prayer you are recharged and empowered to walk in the supernatural.

[9]. Seek excellence in all you do: Don't be ok with just anything, seek excellence.

[10]. Let soul-winning be your focus in all you do.
God is the one who announces not man, so stop eye service, and do everything with excellence especially when no one is looking or noticing. When God is ready to announce you, man can not stop you, focus on pleasing Him and fulfilling His purpose for your life.
God bless you. Feel free to share.

There will come a time when you can no longer hear, sing, kneel, speak etc, the Master is calling now, answer before it is too late. JESUS is calling you today, will you answer? Accept Him as your Lord and personal Saviour by saying a short Prayer. Lord Jesus, I believe You and confess You as my lord and personal saviour, please forgive me my sins and wash me with Your blood. I receive grace to please You henceforth in Jesus' name. Congratulations!
Master's Calling by Deborah Joy Winans. Cover by Loveth Itiafe.

And in another topic, she called on music ministers to gather here for the do’s and don’t of stage performance. Deep Words of Inspiration that Will Motivate You to Success

Do's and Don't to Enhance Your Stage Performance and Ministration

As choir and song ministers, we must not overlook stage management because the energy you release is usually what comes back to you. Your poise, confidence and attitude are vital in passing the message to your audience, so here are some tips that may help us.
[1]. Do not advertise your mistakes: The truth is, every singer (even professionals) makes mistakes on stage which are never intentional, but the difference is they have mastered the art of covering it up or adjusting immediately, so when you make a mistake on stage, don't advertise it, don't let it show on your face or distract your audience, focus on your song and immediately continue. This also goes for instrumentalists, don't stop playing because someone made a mistake, try to adjust then when you are done you can address the issue.

[2]. Dress properly and comfortably: You can dress properly but not comfortably and vice versa, so there must be a balance. There's nothing wrong with wearing heels but if you can't comfortably dance or walk round your stage then wear something lower. If you'll be standing on a very high stage, then wear long clothes so that your audience below will not see what they shouldn't.

[3]. Score the song perfectly: Knowing something automatically gives confidence, know the songs at your fingertips tips, please don't raise praise songs when you don't know the full lyrics. If it's a traditional song, learn it very well from those who speak the language, it's very embarrassing for song ministers to sing and chew their mouths.

[5]. Practice, practice and practice: Use a mirror or video yourself and review your video at home, it helps you see your lapses first-hand and correct them. Until you can visualise yourself on that stage doing great, you may not achieve it.

[6]. Don't use foul or disrespectful language: Speak respectfully, it is not because you are holding a mic that you will start speaking anyhow and using words like "Do you think God is your mate". Talk to them with respect.

[7]. Show Expression: On your face and by your body movements, if it praises then move, dance, don't be like a mountain that cannot be moved. You must not always close your eyes o, if you close for some time, open them again biko, if it's a song that is talking to your audience, open your eyes and speak to them. If you cannot look at their eyes then look on top of their heads and let your face show expression of pain, joy, and love according to the lyrics of your song. Please smile.

[8]. Know your range and pick a comfortable key before your ministration: It's important for every music minister to know their key so that even when you are called upon impromptu you can just tell the Keyboardist what key will be convenient for you. Know your range also. We'll talk about Range another day.

[9].  Manage your time wisely: If you have been called to sing, please sing, don't preach. A little introduction is ok but doesn't use 10 mins to preach when you have just 20mins to minister then you start complaining that you were not given enough time. It's better you finish on time than they collect the mic from you.

[10]. Spend time with the Holy Spirit in prayer and fellowship: This is very important, don't go in your own might, ask for fresh fire. Let Him lead you on your choice of songs too and give you utterance, consecrate yourself to Him daily. He is the one that gives boldness, also believes in God's word that says you can do all things through Him, remove the "I can't" mentality and trust Him.

Feel free to share!

God specializes in creating beauty out of nothing by the power of His SPIRIT. 
In the beginning, when the earth was without form and void, His breath brought LIFE.
Ezekiel 37, His BREATHE brought life to the dry bones, now that same SPIRIT lives in us, and has made us gods in this realm.
As you listen, I pray the Holy Spirit will breathe afresh in you.
Kindly share and tag your friends.

In another topic, she talks about how to select songs as a music minister. Common Mistakes You Should Never Make Again in Your Life
How to Select Songs as a Music Minister

As gospel music ministers we must understand that our job and that of the preacher are kind of the same, the only difference is that the preacher preaches his message while the song minister sings theirs. The aim is to pass a message of hope, to adore, exhort, instruct, correct, rebuke, etc. So when making your choice of songs we must be careful to do the following.

[1]. Ask the Holy Spirit for the message: Just like the preacher would do, a music minister must seek the message they'll be passing across, except you are called upon an impromptu, it's wrong to lead in songs without having clarity on what God wants you to pass across. Sometimes, the theme of the programme may help but it's expedient that you ask the overall teacher for your massage.

[2]. When you get your message, build your songs around that message: It's funny how we jump from one message to another when leading praise. Imagine a preacher doing that, his message will not be coherent. If you are leading praise for example and you want to centre on faith, let your songs help people to build their faith, if it is thanksgiving, it should be the same. Your line of songs should be coherent.

[3]. Let your songs draw people's attention to God, not you: A lot of times we get so carried away with the "selling market " that we leave what we are meant to do and start entertaining ourselves. Please let your songs focus on Jesus, not on you.

[4]. There are songs for every occasion: It is wise to know what works where. E.g. in a prayer warfare meeting, there are songs that can fly, in a workers' consecration meeting, different songs fly. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you.

[5]. Increase your song list: Learn new songs, the truth is the Holy Spirit can only work with what you know. Don't limit Him because your knowledge bank is low, "He will bring to your remembrance what you have learnt" but it's your own job to learn. So increase your song bank, both old and new, and then when the need comes He will bring it to your remembrance.

Anointing Vs Character

A lot of us ministers crave anointing, which is beautiful. We desire to minister and miracles happen: the lame walk, the blind see, the sick get healed and people fall under "heavy anointing".
Now that's a beautiful thing and I also desire such in my ministry but, it's not the first thing we must seek.
Anointing without character destroys.  That's why Jesus called the disciples that they should first be with Him before He may send them out. It's in the place of staying with Him, His nature and character is formed in us and then we can be true ambassadors of Christ on the earth.
The fruit of the Spirit not performing miracles is the true test of a Christian.
Dear child of God, learn to stay in His presence.
If you are yet to watch the video,  please click the link below.

Best Words of Motivation from a Music Minister

Words of Motivation from a Music Minister
Here are powerful lovely quotes to motivate your day from our music minister, Loveth Itiafe. Motivate and Support Your Partner Quotes
[1]. Never forget that you are somebody's hope, so don't give up.
[2]. Never forget; the most important things in life are invisible.
[3]. You see, in God's kingdom, we don't compete, we complement each other.

[4]. Just yesterday I was washing some grains in my backyard when I saw a very gigantic soldier ant walking by, it was just going its own way while I was doing my own thing but guess what, I had to immediately kill it with my feet because I knew that though the soldier ant seemed to be harmless going its own way, if it touches my leg or climbs on my body it will stink me hard so I better not give it that chance,  I'll rather kill it before it strikes. Immediately, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He said; this is exactly how you should handle the devil, don't wait for him to mess around with you, you must be on your guard always and take by force what belongs to you. The devil is not smiling, rise up like the soldier that you are, this is the second half of the year, take back your health, your family, and your business and if you think you have it all then stand on guard always because he won't just sit around and let you keep having them. Be on the defensive.
[5]. This week don't forget that you have the power to choose how you feel. Anybody can say or do anything to put you down or get you angry, the moment you react in the way they expect, and have given them the power over your emotions. That power belongs to you alone, people have a right to behave or say what they want about you but you have the power to choose how to respond. This week, choose to be happy, choose to yield your will and emotions to the Holy Spirit, choose to think happy thoughts, choose to stay calm and think before you talk. Have a blessed week.
[6]. There is no door that God cannot open, but there are doors He will not open because He loves you so much. Selah!
[7]. Learn to forward messages of the gospel the way you forward negative news on social media.
[8]. Beloved Christian, everything is not waka pass, speak up and let wrong be corrected.
[9]. Dear friend, nothing on earth can be compared to heaven. Please don't compromise.
[10]. In everything you do, ask yourself: What is God's agenda?
[11]. Be thankful for every moment, take a break, pause and count your blessings, you'll be surprised how the good far outweighs the bad. God is still good, He cares and loves you so much. Don't give up.
[12]. You, yes you. It's never too late to follow your dreams.  Failures are those who never tried.
[13]. This is for someone today. God wants to use your pain to show forth His glory to your world. Be strong.

[14]. If you can see it, then you can have it. What dreams and visions do you have, don't give up, keep putting in consistent effort, and it will come to pass. It's only a matter of time. Your dreams will become reality.

[15]. No matter what you become in this life, if you don't make heaven at last, you have lived a wasted life.

[16]. It will be big, it will be heavy, it will be glorious, forget the calculation. I am the evidence, God is running a promo.

[17]. Wealth belongs to those who can see the future with their minds.

[18]. This is how you will shout for joy this month because testimonies shall abound. For all your battles you are coming out triumphant with shouts of joy.

[19]. God is a witness to every private discussion you make. Mind your words, they may stand against you.

[20]. A life without Jesus is empty.


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Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: 10 Encouraging Words for Worship Team on Ministration from a Music Minister
10 Encouraging Words for Worship Team on Ministration from a Music Minister
Here are some of the best motivational quotes for upcoming musicians, music quotes, inspiring choir quotes and encouraging words for worship team.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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