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30 Answers on Working during Pregnancy: Is it Safe to Work When You are Pregnant?

Best Quotes on Working during Pregnancy Is it Safe to Work When You are Pregnant?

The pregnancy period could really be a challenging time for most women. We know the challenges that come with it and the many blessings that are the portion. During the time of pregnancy, we know there are mood changes for the next 9 months. A woman who is pregnant always goes through body changes and would have to take comfort in so many emotional well-being.

The joy that comes with these 9 months of necessary stress is something that every would-be mother is looking up to. This stress could be something else if the mother is actually doing something to keep the body and soul together.

These encouraging quotes about why a woman should work during pregnancy periods are one of the best benefits that one who is pregnant would derive as she puts herself to work. But when there is a complication, it is advised to slow down and concentrate on the bundle of joy that is before you.

Working during Pregnancy: Is it Really Safe to Work When You are Pregnant?

These quotes about working during pregnancy are words of advice on both ends to let you know how safe it is or not to work during your pregnancy time. For me, you should be working during that time but maybe if you fall sick, your doctor might warn you never to work till you give birth which means you might have to resign from your job. I know combining house chores with working is not easy for a pregnant woman.

[1]. It depends on what you term as work. Pregnancy is not a disease, it is only wise not to do tedious work. Though every pregnancy is different, they come with their own illness and challenges. Some could make a woman agile, some lazy, some sick. A woman should be able to work according to how her body allows her to.

[2]. Pregnancy is not a disease and many pregnant mothers will even tell you that if they do not work, the baby will be overweight.

[3]. Everyone can’t be you. It’s important to be physically active while pregnant, it helps with the mind, body and soul.

[4]. If a woman is strong enough to work it's not a problem.

[5]. Like I should be useless for 9 months and some weeks or days because I am pregnant and yet I don't have any complications. Your baby needs you to be active in order to stay active too. I am only pregnant and not cripple. I can only reduce stress and strenuous jobs that is all.

Even when your delivery date is due they asked that you be active, walk around, to quicken delivery.

[6]. The thing should be, work moderately and rest moderately too because too much of everything is bad.

[7]. Stressful jobs or chores I agree. But not doing anything at all I disagree. A pregnant woman needs to be physically active. It helps her and the fetus.

[8]. Some exercise is good not just being lazy all in the name of baby growth. I am not saying she should do hard labour.

[9]. A pregnant woman needs physical work more than a non-pregnant woman. It helps her pelvis to dilate well when it's time to contrast as childbirth labour demands. Get understanding, please!

[10]. If you must be informed, the woman was made much stronger than the man emotionally and psychologically!

How can someone sit and do nothing, boredom will just kill you. If you are pregnant, do the little that you can as long as it doesn't stress you and the baby. Do chores once in a while so your bones don't get weaker.

[11]. Medically unfit pregnant women still have some forms of exercise recommended for them.

[12]. If the pregnant woman has no complications and is fit, she should work. When advised by her doctor to quit due to impending danger, she should for the safety of the child is paramount.

[13]. Pregnancy is not sickness please as long as there are no complications, every pregnant woman needs to work and exercise too because it helps to fasten labour.

[14]. If you don't have any complications that demand bed rest, it's okay for you to work. A sedentary lifestyle isn't even good for a pregnant woman. However, men should learn to help their pregnant wives in house chores. Imagine being pregnant and having to take care of a toddler and then do every other house chore alone without help. It's draining!

[15]. Sometimes the little chores and domestic work pregnant women engage in help them during labour and childbirth

Medically it is advised to do some exercise, sometimes this exercise comes in the form of doing some light housework.

[16]. When it reaches like 7 to 9 months Mommy can ease off the house chores around the house. But in the meantime be active by moving around a little. Active Mommy active baby.

[17]. Pregnant women need to do some average work to make them physically fit.

[18]. If there are no complications in the pregnancy then there is no big deal. But for me, I can't work for someone while pregnant. Waking up early when I'm heavy is even a big problem. I'd rather do my own business, that way I can go to work on my own time. Let those who can do it.

[19]. There are also pregnant women who can't sit without doing anything even if there are people around to do it.

[20]. The day I wanted to give birth, I went to bed, woke up early in the morning and exercised my body by walking around my area, came back and washed all my clothes and rearranged my room then carried my baby's things to the hospital and that's my firstborn.

It is good to do some work as part of exercise. Just sitting and waiting to deliver safely is dangerous.

[21]. It depends on the condition and the stage of the pregnancy but definitely, a pregnant woman must reduce hard work.

[22]. I can't even sit it out, I work even on the day I go to bed. It depends on the woman though.

[23]. Pregnancy is not a disease, please! Except you have complications!

[24]. I believe everyone should do what sails them both. It's not me that will let pregnancy make me jobless, moreover, I won't be pregnant forever.

[25]. Do what works for you, all pregnancy is not the same.

Even when Mary was pregnant with Jesus, she worked! The generation of this gender is just plain lazy.

[26]. Staying in one place during pregnancy is not at all.

[27]. I did not come to this life to suffer. Plan ahead before falling pregnant so you don't work like a horse and think you're being strong. Poverty isn't a thing of pride. Pregnancy is a big deal. Get lots of rest and engage in exercise. 

[28]. Some women suffer severe pregnancy illnesses until the day they give birth, it's stressful for them and the baby already, and then they must still work? I think not.

[29]. It's not medically safe for me to sit and do nothing. Being idle could make me gain so much weight and then increase my blood pressure, In my opinion though, pregnant women should not overwork themselves.

[30]. Pregnancies are different and should be handled on a case-by-case basis. You need to be busy and shouldn't stand sitting around doing nothing. Working should be simple therapy for you.

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