100 Mistakes to Avoid in Life and Inspiring Quotes for a Champion Who Lose a Battle

 Best Mistakes to Avoid in Life and Inspiring Quotes for a Champion Who Lose a Battle Against All Odds

Making avoidable mistakes can be so costly and painful if it was something you could avoid. Sometimes making mistakes is a sure way that you have something to do. But the bottom line is for us to learn from our mistakes.

Let us learn from other people's mistakes. It is a sure way for us not to repeat the same mistake. One thing about making mistakes is for us not to give up but rather accept our mistakes and move forward.

This post, it calls for you to accept mistakes and move on with your life. You shouldn't live in the past. You will also be inspired by quotes you can share with a champion who loses a battle against all odds.

Mistakes to Avoid in Life and Inspiring Quotes for a Champion Who Lose a Fight

Here are motivational and inspiring quotes about mistakes to avoid in life and some of the best quotes for a champion who lose a fight against all odds. Inspirational Messages About Creating Wealth

[1]. Fighting in a place where there's no one to separate us. Fall in love before settling. Caring about what other people say or feel before yourself.

[2]. Thinking you are the only one in his/her life. Trying to get a lazy brother/sister to go to work.

[3]. Knowing your self-worth and never again should you ever let yourself down.

[4]. Thinking I could live my life without God.

[5]. Giving people chances to be in my life that I know don't deserve even a window seat to it.

[6]. Compromising my faith in God for the sake of saving a relationship.

[7]. To be in love and forget about yourself and your goal. This is the worst thing for us to do.

[8]. Dating a broke person who becomes pompous and arrogant when they start getting a few coins.

[9]. Getting too drunk and disrespecting your partner in front of their friends when such didn’t deserve it.

[10]. Don't always expect anything from anyone ever again, actually, you should stop expecting things from people. Your wishes don't hurt you, your exceptions do.

The mistake of ignorance and procrastination in making life transforming decisions.

[11]. Realizing love is not a feeling. Feelings are like having a temperature, up one minute, down the next.

[12]. Putting all of you for love and loving too much.

[13]. People make mistakes but blame others for their own selfish mistakes and that is something I dislike.

[14]. Thinking you can’t do it!! You know you can!

[15]. Giving so much respect to people and considering what others will say.

[16]. Trusting people too much. Believe what others say and not believe in yourself.

[17]. Believing that family will always have your back.

[18]. Loving someone more than you ever loved yourself and ending up with heartbreak.

[19]. Procrastinating in life, especially when it comes to your career.

[20]. All those mistakes contributed to my current personality, if I repeat them again then they are not mistakes.

Not seeking God for your spouse. Ignoring all the red flags.

[21]. Dating a woman or man whose mother is still alive.

[22]. Believing that money doesn't buy happiness.

[23]. Love another the way you loved your husband or wife.

[24]. Trust any human being! The Bible warned me, now I know better.

[25]. To trust someone blindly. Minding what other people will say.

[26]. Life is interesting and humans should make mistakes even in future those mistakes make us strong and learn from them.

[27]. Putting yourself down. Doubting God's goodness in my life

[28]. Living the moment we don't know what tomorrow holds, be happy always.

[29]. Do not depend on people 100 per cent to help me out period.

[30]. Believing and trusting a person's word over their actions.

Those things that you didn't take risk.

[31]. Putting anything or anyone other than God before you. Trust a human being. Trusting too early.

[32]. Wasting your time on people that don't deserve your attention. Expecting too much.

[33]. Marrying without a constant income. Never miss an opportunity

[34]. To wait on others to love and appreciate you.

[35]. Go mad when you find your partner cheating on you. This time be chilled and don't care what such does behind your back.

[36]. In every mistake, there is a lesson learned. I won't make those mistakes again but I am glad I made it because now I know, I learned.

[37]. Doing what God hates. Trusting the wrong people.

[38]. Do verbal agreements, whether it's business or raising someone else's kid, everything should be on paper now!

[39]. Thinking you can never change any person, only God can do that.

[40]. Settling for less and being nice to everyone. Treating people how they treat you.

Get married to someone you barely knew and not having such to sign a prenup.

[41]. Tolerating manipulative people. Giving up any goal of your life.

[42]. Marrying an abusive person. Trusting anybody in your life too early.

[43]. Giving all of you to anyone. Fall in love again. Lose yourself trying to take care of and make someone else happy.

[44]. Thinking that I made a mistake when I really didn't make a mistake!

[45]. Falling in love when you are still very young. The early heartbreak can still make you have issues with everyone that you might come across because you may not trust or love them for long.

[46]. Believing in another person is the worst thing you can ever do. Trusting relatives. Getting married so fast. Not learning a skill like a handwork.

[47]. Not taking care of your health. Thinking of my past which can never be changed.

[48]. Staying with someone who cheated on you. Marrying the wrong person, thinking we met at the Church.

[49]. Assuming you are on the same page with people, never assume that, just make sure that you are on your own so you won't get hurt.

[50]. Staying with abusive in-laws is so stressful. They can't be pleased. Sharing a heart of kindness. Trusting people easily.

Doing good to ungrateful people. Being forced to marry someone without getting to know them.

[51]. Working in a place that doesn't know your value. To fall in love before marriage.

[52]. Staying where you are not wanted.

[53]. Believing everything that everyone says. Allowing anyone to tear you down. Never ever think of yourself as not enough.

[54]. Talk back to your Mom. Putting others first before yourself and learning when it’s time to move on from an individual move on not to keep holding on to that person.

[55]. Putting too much trust in people. Getting married to someone who had his or her own hidden agenda.

[56]. Believe that someone can love you forever. Never love with all your whole heart again.

[57]. Buying a dog from the wrong breeder. Lying against an innocent person. Never to fall in love again. Losing faith in yourself.

[58]. Not waiting upon the Lord to make the right decision. Allowing people to lie to you and not say anything.

[59]. Not trusting my family with things that are supposed to be private. To put your trust in people too much.

[60]. Always look at the card carefully. Making decisions based on what people think about you. Expecting love from a narcissist. Pleasing everyone.

Keep going our hero, you have done us proud, we are solidly behind you, you will keep soaring high, sky is your limit.

[61]. Think negatively of yourself. Stepping out on an empty stomach. Trusting anybody with your life. Trusting the wrong friends.

[62]. Trying to live according to your will instead of the will of God. Believing in the family. Trusting a police officer.

[63]. Trusting a backup camera. Trusting friends thinking they are your friends. Trusting the wrong people and giving them too many chances.

[64]. Working for a corporation that did not care about you. Not speaking the truth. Backsliding in salvation. Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

[65]. Put your trust and faith in anyone. Getting a girl pregnant before marrying her. Depending on and relying on others.

[66]. Trusting anybody on earth. Not thanking God enough. Not to trust people easily. Trusting people who say they are your friends but they aren't.

[67]. Underestimating someone's love for you. Thinking you can have just one drink of alcohol, just one. You know what the outcome will eventually be. Handcuffs!

[68]. Forcing love and neglecting yourself for others. Not saving money for yourself. Trusting people that say your family, friend, their favourite!

[69]. Not listening to your inner voice. Never do something for a person that doesn't deserve it.

[70]. Getting married to someone who you didn’t develop a friendship with. Being with someone who asks you to care more than they do.

Be strong and courageous my friend. There's nothing you can't do, if only you believe in yourself and your God. Just open your wings and fly.

[71]. Showing someone how much they mean to you because they will end up taking advantage of that.

[72]. Accepting less than you deserve, whether it be a friendship, relationship or any kind of thing.

[73]. Allowing critics to control your self-esteem. Trusting strangers. Giving up all of yourself for anything.

[74]. Being dishonest to a loved one. Being roommates with some brokeass people.

[75]. Putting your job before your kids and their events. Trust people with your personal problems. Be in a relationship with a narcissus.

[76]. Letting people dictate your purpose to you instead of God. To allow yourself to believe in any man.

[77]. Getting so close to anyone because of a simple change in their behaviour hurts a lot.

[78]. Making my own decisions on relationships before consulting God. Bad decisions because we want what we want when we want it. Talking about consequences.

[79]. Love with my heart without tagging my brain along. Wait for someone to act right. Marrying the wrong person. Not listen to my intuition.

[80]. Saying no to an opportunity to spend time with a loved one. Removing yourself on a given opportunity thinking you are not better than others.

Hope you bounce back and show us that beast in you. Need to see that aggression you used to have.
Quotes for a Champion Who Lose a Battle Against All Odds
These are motivational quotes about standing strong against all odds even when you lose a fight that you can share with a friend who is facing life after losing a battle.
[81]. You hold yourself accountable as a true champ that you really are! We are still with you. Still rooting for you. You’ll come back stronger than ever.

[82]. We are praying for you but you need to learn aggressive attacks. You are a wonderful fighter with nice tactics but you are too gentle and sometimes slow in attacking. You are by far better than the losses you have ever recorded. Please be more vicious and aggressive. Slow and steady don't work all the time, it only exhausts you.

[83]. Win or lose is part and parcel of life. You were not beaten, but you allowed yourself to lose. We see you as the best fighter out there but unfortunately, you don’t see it that way. Go for it and you will get it.

[84]. Not worrying at all my friend. I just fully and totally support you all the way to doing something that no one has seen done. You have the true heart of a champion and the world is watching to see you do something great. You don’t have to be great to get started but you must get started to be great. Stay humble, that's what great people do.

[85]. We were not happy you lost the battle, but it's part of the journey of life, sometimes we fall but that doesn't mean we fail, except when we refuse to rise again.

[86]. Give yourself permission to cut negative people from your life, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

[87]. I will never stop loving and praying for you. I am optimistic that you will make a great comeback like never before.

[88]. Get back to work. Losing is not so bad. It prepares you for better and sweeter victories. May God give you the strength to continue.

[89]. Whenever a man accepts his mistakes he always wins back.

[90]. The heart of a true Champion. Some of our best lessons are learnt from losing! Learning from a loss. Will motivate, will you and drive you.

I believe in you my friend, sometime we lost while some other time we win, but I believe your spirit, you will sure reclaim back your titles.

[91]. You'll always be my favourite. I know you'll get your bragging rights back. I believe in you.

[92]. Great, you have strength in there. But do your best not to keep losing before winning. Don't make it a pattern.

[93]. Great are you to keep up the champion spirit, He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

[94]. I love you with passion no matter what happens you remain my champion and we are proud of you just calm down and be focused you will get it right.

[95]. Sending love and hugs, you are too much, I know you failed one time to learn from your mistakes and trust me true and real champions fail forward. Just be courageous, bold and focused.

[96]. Nobody likes to lose, but that doesn't mean every conflict or struggle you encounter in life is worth a fight. When we see something slipping away from our grasp, our instinct is to go into fight mode to protect and preserve what belongs to us. A threat to our career means a fight. A threat to our home means a fight. The willingness and readiness to fight off a threat is a healthy trait.

[97]. Learning the hard way is not always a good way, especially after the first defeat.

[98]. He who hasn't failed and learnt in life has never lived.

[99]. I am praying for you, my friend. May God supply you with the grace to remain focused and strengthen you to pull through. Your victory is sure!

[100]. We are solidly behind you. Failure is not final and success is not always. Keep your head up bright days await you ahead.

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