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Top 6 Words of Motivation to Lift You Up for Success for Life as a Beginner

Words of Motivation to Lift You Up to Success

Her words are always captivating yet filled with wisdom and many lessons of life. These are the right words that would put you on a memory lane to rethink how life should go in a progressive way. 

There are no mixing words, Roberta Edu, founder of African Startups TV, former head, Technology at Carat MP, former head of IT and Digital at CMC Connect (Perception Managers), former web developer at Risk Control Services Nigeria Limited, former IT Support and Webmaster at Nigeria Galleria. She studied MSc Management Information Systems at the University of Roehampton, Computer Engineering at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State and Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Ondo State Polytechnics, Owo. Roberta is a definition of how selfless a woman should be in her pursuit of life opportunities and how to bring her dream towards fulfilment without taking into consideration any negative vices.

If you are a superwoman that wants to make your dream come true, for me, there is a need to learn from this amiable wife, mother and down-to-earth personality.

Here we bring you some of her thought-provoking yet inspiring words of inspiration that would make you stop thinking and start reasoning. Have a good ride as you read.

Words of Motivation to Lift You Up for Success

I remember working in one office in the Ikota complex, one day the power management company had issues so there was no power in the office and so we all came outside to stay.

If you know the Ikota complex, you will know the number of luxury stores they have in that place, so as we stayed outside we decided to enter some of the boutiques to ask for the price of some dresses and shoes.

We entered that shop and when I saw the tag on one shoe, it was 30k and the dresses were from 30k upward, we shouted Jesus!, 45k for a dress? Is it going to give me new skin? 30k shoes, you people are not serious, we left the shop and returned to our office to laugh our hearts out.

We were young graduates fresh from school at the time. I think my salary was about 75k as a web developer, so if I bought a dress for 45k, I would have spent more than 50% of my salary.

But today, I could buy a dress for $1000 if I wanted, and some of my shoes are more expensive than 30k. You can imagine if I had gone to do fraud to afford that shoe at the time, I could have been caught and I would still be in prison.

Why did I share this story, it is because success is progressive, we will still get there if we continue to work and grow, it does not have to be instant.

Words to Lift Someone Up Emotionally

The urge to make it sharp, sharp, the urge to drive Benz at age 25, and buy a house in Banana Island without working for success is the urge we need to pray against in Nigeria.

For the first time I want to believe that if there ever was a generational curse or powers disturbing Nigerian people, it is this sudden wealth culture.

Last month, the whole internet was agog celebrating the youngest Yahoo boy who just acquired a car, he was less than 18 years old, I was dumbfounded, it was reported on national dailies, blogs and it trended on Twitter, yet nothing was done to curb such, fraud and corruption have eaten too deep into the fabric of Nigeria and I am afraid, if we close our eyes against this epidemic, our entire country will be lockout of the world and it will affect, not only Nigerians living in Nigeria but also affect Nigerians living everywhere in the world, you will be shamed, denied opportunity, ban from doing businesses and rejected.

You see young boys in the University using their girlfriends for rituals to make money like seriously a schoolboy wants to make huge money? what for?

We need to begin to ask questions when someone suddenly becomes wealthy without any source of income, tip off security operatives, rebuke fraudulent activities, and kick-start the work culture.

Success takes time and progress, it is not just sudden, do not let any motivational speaker put a burden on you, most people you see living in Banana Island today already have houses in Agege, but they did not start today.

There is no need to put yourself or undue pressure to make it, if there should be pressure, it should encourage you to work towards your goals, not rush to fraud or some rituals.

The funny thing about doing fraud is that it does not last and it never really brings happiness, whereas if you work towards success, you will be elated at every win, your achievements will last and the money you seek will be a reward for hard work.

Motivational Quotes for Success

Money should be invested or contributed only on regulated platforms and financial institutions, stop sending your money to individuals for Esusu or Ajo, the debt recovery chances in this country are almost zero.

If an individual wants to start Esusu or Ajo platform, he or she should open a financial institution that is regulated by the laws of the land and then you can invest, anything outside that, you are on your own.

If you are investing in Esusu so you can carry at your own turn, there are Microfinance Banks that offer these options, to stop enriching criminals.

Real Relationship Advice

Dear married woman, 

I know the task of running a family is not easy.

Most times we take care of everything and everyone except ourselves.

But I want to tell you that, you deserve all the happiness and care in the world too, your husband deserves a beautiful woman and your children a happy mom.

So prioritize taking care of yourself, look good, wear something nice and get your hair done.

A happy mom and a sexy wife are equal to a happy home 🤗🤗🤗🤗

True Advice About Life

In 2019, I got this contract to install internet services, CCTV, and Intercom in the home of this rich man.

He was doing a virtual compound tour for me on his phone, then mentioned the landmass and I was like wow that's huge Sir, this must-have cost a fortune.

The excited man now said ahh... I didn't pay much, what I did was that I kept borrowing the poor villagers a few money here and there and then asked them to use their land as collateral after which, if they cannot pay I take over the land, I knew they would not be able to pay, so one after the other the land became mine 😅😅😅😅 he laughed.

I also laughed at that point before it dawned on me that this is not just right. I had finished the meeting and left his office, but my mind won't let me rest. I felt that anything I say or do will not make a difference, I was too small to talk to him but something pushed me, I went back to see him, and he thought I forgot something.

I told him I wanted to talk about the land, and he said what... I said Sir I don't know why I am saying this but forgive me if I am wrong but I think that those lands you took from the poor villagers that you can actually pay for them because you can afford them, check the prices of the land in the neighbourhood, call them and pay the balance of those lands.

He said but they use it as collateral and even if they go to court I'll win. I told him, do it because you can afford it and because you are a good person, not because they could win you in court 😢😢😢.

Sometime last year, the man told me he had paid for the land, he even showed me contracts from different families and pictures taken during the event, he said he spent over 100m to do it but was happy he did.

It is not right for the rich to grab lands from the powerless poor in society in any guise or tactic, the land is the only thing the poor have in most cases, buy land if you need one.

Advice from a Wise Woman

4 years ago I made the best decision of my life to marry you.
You're simply a kind and wonderful human, not in the way you treat me only but in the way you treat other people around you.
Your care and love are amazing and now I am not even thanking God for the big things that you do, I think God is already tired of that, cos each time I kneel, I just say thank you God for the man you gave me but now I am thanking Him for the little things that just sweep me off my feet, like when I sleep off with my phone on the bed and you will pick up the phone to charge it, checking my car every morning before driving out. Tucking me in at night and never forgetting our morning peck before leaving for work ( our daughter now says, Mummy, come daddy wants to kiss you )
Is like when God wants to give humans peace of mind and everlasting happiness, He brings the right spouse to their life, you are my right spouse baby, you are everything.
The bright future ahead exists because of your love and support. It's hard to imagine a life without you.
All I have to offer you today is my sincerest thanks for your love. I’m so deeply happy with the life partner I chose.

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