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Powerful 7 Words of Motivation for Encouragement and Strength

 Powerful Words of Motivation for Encouragement

We met online on Facebook. His post by him attracted me. I love to read creative content that is lovely. He got me reading and from reading, I got in contact with him. What I like about him is his respectful way of making you feel you have gotten a friend in him.

I live in a town where he is a bonafide son of the soil. Port Harcourt sabi the thing. If I say we haven't met physically, that would be an understatement. Even though we haven't met, his work speaks volumes about the kind of person he is.

Let me not mix words, when I was down in health, he cared enough to give me a call. And when I have issues on my blog as a newbie that I am still learning, he was one of the people I called for help and he didn't disappoint.

Make I no too talk. Wetin person sabi and take pass you, him don pass you be that. He calls me Boss and I am like, brotherly you be Boss for this matter o.

Come on guys let  Ibinabo Bagshaw, Pro Blogger, Forex Trader, Full-time Freelance Writer, Avid Entrepreneur and Gentleman inspire you with words that would propel you towards taking the right steps to make a success out of your living.  

Powerful Words of Motivation

 If you don't strive to improve, the world is always ready to make you feel inferior and put you DOWN.


It's a fight, guys.

Tough fight.

Even your family will put you DOWN.

Your closest friends WILL.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend will.

What's the escape?

Self-development, in terms of your investment in yourself...

...and of course, MONEY.

Bro, fvck excuses and GROW oh.

Nobody cares about what you're going through; don't deceive yourself.

The world consciously and unconsciously spites the POOR.

Well, you get the message.

Good morning. 

Words of Encouragement and Strength
Yesterday, I had an appointment with an optician [eye doctor], to which I needed to attend. I got to the man's office and we kicked off the TEST process.

While at it, two THINGS happened:

[1]. I almost burst into laughter when he was using a device to look STRAIGHT into my eyes. I had to comport myself; it was HARD though.

How I successfully held the laugh back, I didn't KNOW. 

[2]. He gave me a frame to put on — it's a test frame. This one wasn't presentable to the public; he could easily change lenses to find the one that suits.

Brotherly, he gave me this STUFF and told me to walk around the hospital to test.

My people, I could see how I hadn't seen since my secondary school days — even before my secondary school days.

I didn't strain my eyes and everything was just CLEAR. 

A local man will become a NERD soon. 

Speaking of being clear, some of you are still experiencing stagnancy in your business because you're still in the business of contemplating the need to consult a professional.

As long as making money is concerned until you meet certain people, you might not see CLEARLY. 
Self Motivation Words
This evening, about a few minutes ago, before I alighted from this certain cab, I gave the driver — an elderly man — the usual fee, but I wasn't satisfied...

...I had to request it and give him something HIGHER.

His smile MADE my night. 

Please, in any little way, GIVE...


This brings me to what I have for you:

Stop running from one SKILL or BUSINESS to another. 

Stay in ONE and thrive therein.

Okay, okay, okay — if you go to crypto, do you have the money to pay for mentorship or signals?

If you go to eCom — how would you feel when they charge you N50,000 for mentorship?

Brother, Sister — you are a writer, blogger, social media promoter, copywriter, creative writer, etc...

...pursue success THERE.

When success happens, it'd be easy for you to diversify.

You get?

The best way to get depressed is to — because you see cars, testimonies, the success of other people — abandon your process to begin theirs from afresh...

...whereas you're almost there.

God bless you.

Good evening. 
Words of Motivation about Life
Some time ago, I was scrolling through the video section of Facebook and I came across a video that depicts two guys — including a native doctor — who were performing some diabolical activities in the middle of a road.

You can imagine the boldness and TRUST in this god.

So, I was thinking:

If someone puts on an earpiece, goes amidst people and starts dancing crazily to a GOSPEL song, in a bid to praise God for his/her needs.

What would people say?

This one don DEY MAD.

Another thing is, most people won't attempt such because of that “how will people see me” thought.

You'll see people moving their legs from left to right when PRAISE is going on.


God has done too much for me. I'll dance like a madman before HIM. I don't care about the contemporary DANCE steps when I'm before HIM.

When praising and worshipping GOD, forget PEOPLE.

Happy SUNDAY. 
Super Motivational Quotes
The next time you get the thought of committing suicide, visit a major hospital.

When you come out, you'll not only appreciate LIFE, but you'll also know that someone out there is facing WORSE.

Good night! 
Motivational Quotes for Success
In my church, we were told to write what we want God to do in a short period of TIME.

I had the intention of writing just 2, but I decided to add more — in order to touch other areas.

The two I started with are:

• Consistency

• Discipline

Most of us have our success lying quietly amidst those TWO.

All I ask from God is the grace to be dogged in practising Consistency & Discipline. I know the moment I can beat my chest and say that I'm stubbornly Consistent — keeping procrastination away — and discipline, success would come knocking.

Ask God to assist you in the PROCESS. Request for the things that'd aid your growth in the journey towards your destination.

Good afternoon! 
Inspirational Words of Encouragement
Yesterday, I met a new friend and while I engaged him in a dialogue — he opened up to me about one of his setbacks.

What was it?

He always feels that he's not good enough in what he does, whereas this is a music director — someone who has taught people what MUSIC is and how to thrive therein.

Here's what I told him:

Consciously or unconsciously, you're comparing yourself with OTHERS.

He was forced to ask with a loud voice, “Please, who are you?” 

On a serious note, that's it.

What makes you think you're not making progress?

That person, too, may think he isn't making progress because of someone ELSE.

There'll always be someone on a higher level.

Strive within your capacity and believe in God.

Happy Sunday to you.

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