Top 7 Motivate and Support Your Partner Relationship Quotes for You and Yours

These motivate and support your partner quotes are words of relationship and words of inspiration that will give you life motivation to succeed.

Motivate and Support Your Partner Messages

Talking about him might take the whole of 80 leaves and beyond to complete. I would call him a good friend with a humble heart. If you judge a book by its cover, then there is something you are missing. And for sure, it is the real content.
When you see an intelligent person, there is nowhere you wouldn't testify that such a fellow is truly gifted. David Okorie is a friend I would say anywhere. I sported a gift in him and got connected to him. When a man has the dexterity of words and makes use of it in their simplest form, you just need to compliment such a fellow.
I have gotten him to edit some of my unpublished write-ups and he did justice to it. He made useful suggestions that would be incorporated when due.
If I call him a relationship expert, I know I wouldn't go wrong with it. If I say he inspires his world, that would be an understatement. If you love creative and in-depth words of motivation, you will be encouraged by Sir Dave's collections of writing that would inspire your world to be the best, the very best in your relationship and that which your hand finds to do.
Lovely messages here bring to you relationship words of motivation from a friend who is like a brother. 
Words of Wisdom about Love and Relationships
To love someone is one thing, and to get the courage to open up to the person about how you feel about them is another thing. You'll feel very disappointed, especially as a man when you know that this is what you really want, you're convinced within your spirit about it, but didn't open up until finally the person is gone (relocates) or it's taken by someone else - truly "e dey"  pain.
Men are hunters - they're chasers; for this reason, the responsibility of initiating a relationship rests solely with them. "He"(man) that finds a wife (she).....I believe you know the rest of the story.
Howbeit, today things have changed. Women are doing the unimaginable - they're taking the lead in the world today. Please, this isn't preaching about feminism, but rather to tell you that people today are "learning, unlearning and relearning" most ideologies and concepts that will suit their life - most women have woken their minds to that too.
Before we dive into that, it's important I let you know these basic truths:
[1]. Falling in love with someone is very different from meeting or knowing someone. So, it takes "time" - it takes "conviction."
[2]. Developing a sense of self-awareness about what drives your feelings, actions and reactions can help it be easier for others to open up to you. Try to understand your own needs, wants, fears and expectations. This helps boost your courage to also open up to the person - as a man. But then, it's not what you should discuss on your first seven days of meeting the person, especially as a woman - unless you have an ulterior motive.
Back To Business...
Truly, it's the responsibility of guys to initiate a relationship. Do you know why?  Most women don't like a man in a woman form - that lacks courage. They see such a man as a confused man. However, a woman who loves you and wants to be with you may not open up to you, but certainly, she will give you every green light for you to take the lead.
Did you know that this has been a big problem for most Christian guys today? They love this very sister. They're due to settle down with the sister, but how to open up became a big problem for them until another brother either from the same church or another church takes the sister away. There's nothing they would do other than go in their closet and console themselves with these words; "maybe she wasn't destined for me."
How Do I Do It?
[1]. Take the lead in your conversation with the person. You may not be the type that starts a conversation, but in as much as in you, try to get involved and be yourself. Do you know why? See number two.
[2]. Practice active listening. Don't ever expect a woman to walk up to you as a man and tell you, Jude baby... I love you - I want us to date. Surely, she does say it, but not like you want to hear it raw. And even if she will do that, she'll do it indirectly, especially when she notices you're the listening type - you give her attention.
[3]. Refrain from judgment. Have ever noticed that when you expect someone who loves you genuinely to ask you out and he's dulling or acting cold towards it, you get pissed off and become judgemental - that he disregards you. At this very time, one thing you must do is to hold your peace and give him time. But then, don't break the cord of "friendship" if you're certain of what you want.
[4]. Ask open-ended questions. There are some kinds of questions that bring out the real answer you've been waiting for. For example, this question; "if you could have lunch/dinner/travel with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?" Indeed, asking good questions can help too, but take it in a certain order and gradually. Don't make the innocent girl look like a criminal - you're not interrogating her.
[5]. Show appreciation. Did you know that nothing sweets a woman like telling her," I really enjoy the time with you today. Thank you for making out such time for me." You did her a good thing by being with her all along. Surely, she likes it, but you're intentionally giving her back all the credit. Once she gets into her spirit that you're appreciative and give her attention, she will respect you and give you greener light to shoot your shot like a wise man.
Having gotten this knowledge, if you still don't have the grit to directly open up to her then I guess you should try these formulas out - indirectly. You can communicate your feeling through text/email, social networks (Facebook, whatsapp etc), a friend of a friend (you can go through her friend or any of her family members) or a love letter. But, this one now na outdated version.
No matter how hard this could be, because it is; you have to put up the courage as a man to open up to someone you love. And if you can take such a bold step as a woman, bravo to you. But then, this is very important, whether you'll say "yes" or "no", react how you'd want to respond to if you were the one asking. Don't kill someone's spirit because you're not interested in a relationship - don't make someone regret or look foolish for taking the courage to ask you out.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Inspirational Relationship Quotes for Difficult Times

Let's consider this problem, and see how to handle it, please.
The majority of people confuse "love" and "relationship" and vice versa.
Love and relationship are inter-relative, but doesn't mean the same thing.
For example;
Ministry and mission are not the same thing, but they're inter-relative.
Did you know that most people have thought that because someone is showing care or attention to them, they're in a relationship with the person. When such a thing (relationship) is far from the other person's mind?
Did you know that people most times think that something is going on between you and someone else (of the opposite sex) - who you sometimes talk to, either in the office, school, church or at home. When you don't even know what's going on?
Well, sometimes, people can be right and can still get it wrong.
But, let's trash this out…
In layman's terms - What is love? What is a relationship?
(Noun) Love: It is an affection, a benevolent concern or care for other people or beings, and for their well-being.
(Noun) Relationship: It is a connection, a romantic involvement or an association between two or more people.
Did you notice that the two words are both "nouns", but have far different meanings?
There are people who show love to others on a daily basis, even without knowing them. This kind of people based on how they've understood life (their mindset) sees love as a lifestyle - perhaps, they've chosen to live that way; to care for others even more than themselves, to put a smile on someone's face, even if the person is a stranger or not of the same skin colour, a tribe with them. They love without expecting anything in return.
There are also people who finally get to hook up with someone because the person has really touched their heart with their love that they can't resist, and perhaps they found something interesting in the person.
But then, let's understand that love and relationships are not the same thing, even though both of them work hand in hand hence human beings are concerned.
.... You can love someone without having the intention to be in a relationship with them.
....  You can be in a relationship with someone and still don't love them.
.... You can still love someone and be in a relationship with them and vice versa.
However, let me tell you what makes them different, perhaps what controls them - it's "motive" (what you want) and "time" (there is time for everything).
Again, I need you to understand that between "love" and "relationship" is another chairman that plays fast today - his name is "lust."
For this reason, I urge that you be not so fast to conclude if it is love or relationship, but to discern first whether it be love or lust before thinking about the relationship. Because that's what will determine the endpoint of what you will get at last.
I have a question…
What if you have someone who shows you genuine love but doesn't know how to open up for a relationship. What do you do?    
Let's talk about this tomorrow.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active.
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Self Motivation Words

A half cannot truly hate that which will make it a whole.
It's obvious that from creation, the man needed the woman, just as the woman needed the man to fulfil their purpose of creation respectively.
Howbeit, this doesn't mean that neither the man nor the woman can not live happily alone and fulfil their purpose, because life is personal and a choice and so is purpose and happiness. But then, you'll understand as either a man or woman that the best gift of God to mankind is human beings - man and woman.
Two are better than one. Indeed, there is strength in unity.
Loneliness is a bad thing. God did not create you to live alone, get repented, die and go to heaven. His reason for creating you is more than that. He wants you to impact your world. He wants you to feel loved and show it to others too. He wants you to be taken care of by others and at the same time you take care of others too. He wants to lift a burden off your shoulder through someone and still wants you to do the same for another. Why are all these necessary? Because that's the true essence of life.
...... A half can not truly hate that which will make it a whole.
Attention is one of the greatest love languages of a woman. Permit me to say that it's one of her most emotional needs. Once a woman finds that man who makes her happy, respects and treats her like a queen. To her, she's found her safe haven. Truly, that's what every woman wants.
But, as a woman, especially a young one, I urge you to first discover and own these five things (the one-half) before you begin to find or say yes to a man who will make you a whole.
[1] Christ. [2] Character - a good one. [3] Self-esteem. [4] Self-confidence [5]. Your purpose as a woman.
You must first find yourself before finding a man. And finding yourself means these five things must be in you. Because you have greatness inside of you which you will offer not just to the man who finds you but to your generation that needs you. For that reason, you just need to build and develop yourself while you await for the other half that will make you a whole.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Single Motivational Words

If you were to see your future; it's hurdles and glories. You will be careful with your life never to act funny or stupid, especially in the "air space"  - on social media in the name of love or relationship.
It's important I tell you this; relationship contributes majorly to what happens on the inside - in our heart. And our future is dependent on the nature and healthiness of our hearts. Because our heart is not so different from our life - "as a man thinks in his heart so is he".
...... Falling in love is not a problem, but what we do in love determines whether it will be a problem or not.
So, in any kind of relationship, you find yourself, whether casual, acquaintance or intimate, always guard your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. Set a principle that will guard your life - one that is filtered from the word of God.
Know this…
Relationships have pulled down great men/women to a low estate.
Relationships have also built up men/women of low estate to greatness.
Be mindful of what you do or say today in any relationship you find yourself in so that the enemy won't use it against you tomorrow.
Don't live your life anyhow like it doesn't matter.
Your life counts.
Your attitude counts.
Your habit counts.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Strong Motivational Words

Let's tell ourselves the truth …
You'll feel bad whenever you see your mates (either online or offline) getting married and you're yet to start something serious with someone/in your life - when you know you're due for it and perhaps it's one of the priorities in your list.
Please, know that this kind of feeling isn't demonic; it's natural, and it's an indication of progress - you want to grow beyond your previous level. But, it will become demonic when you allow the devil to take over the wheel of your mind; by making you feel worthless or begin to regret some past mistakes and/or opportunities that could have better your life which you missed or misused.
It will be demonic when you allow the devil to instigate you to chase it (focus your mind on it) as if it’s what only can define your life. It may not be marriage, it may be money, degree, fame or position etc.
You need to ask yourself an intentional question, what defines my life, especially as one who calls him/herself a Christian. If what defines your life is the system of this world, then I got to tell you; you're really missing it.
If what defines your life is your standards and not the standards of God which come from His word, you're really missing it. Whatever you're seeing in this present world is perishable. Please, this isn't a post to encourage laziness; because you have to put yourself to work - to profit your creator, yourself and your generation. But, when the devil is trying to play "Royal Rumble" in your heart by presenting pictures of your mates that are married, rich, degree holders etc. Talk to his face boldly that those things aren't what defines you.
Tell the devil that what defines you is the glory of God in you. Tell him that Christ in you who is the hope of glory is what defines you. Tell him that the righteousness of God in you is what defines you. Tell him that the wisdom, strength and power of God in you is what defines you. And, also remind him that if Christ tarries to come all those things will not elude you. 

Because you have a Father in Heaven who empowers you with the spirit of excellence and direction to get it all.
Note: Whether you're married, in a relationship, single or searching, you don't belong to either the "high class", "middle class", or "low class." You belong to the "God class." So, don't allow the devil to deceive you - because whenever he presents any of those three classes to you and you accept it, he's only bringing frustration and fear as the next sealed package to your doorstep.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Inspirational Words for Today
I want to intentionally level down my weaknesses and build up my strengths before I go into a relationship; this I pray so that I'll have a profitable and impactful one - so help me God.

Have you noticed that when a relationship is rosy we act good; we show our good side, but when it's getting cold we begin to act weird - we bring out the big bad wolf inside of us.
Let me digress a little…
Did you know that as long as we're alive falling in love is inevitable - we all need love. And this I say; irrespective of our ages, the awful past experiences or disappointments we've faced before - we can't escape from the fact that we need love.
Back to business…
There's one common thing that happens whenever we find love newly. We often have a twist of character. We become "an angel" to the one we love - by showing forth our characters - perhaps the good ones - that are our strengths. However, this attitude serves as a subject of our wants and desires. And this often happens when the relationship is on the beginner's level - the first stage. But, what happens when the relationship starts passing through the "bumper stage?" Which I also called "the reality stage." What happens to our characters - the good ones? Did they just disappear overnight?
Did the person turn into a demon as we thought - by the reason of their unexpected awful behaviour?  No! They're who they were right from the first day we met them, there's no addition or subtraction of character in them. What really happened is, we're somewhat carried away by the wave of love - we focused on the happy moments that come with their good character (their strength). We forget that just as there are happy moments, there are sad moments too, and human beings work just the same way – they have strengths and weaknesses.
Apart from marriage which the matters of a breakup shouldn’t be mentioned, any other relationship can experience a breakup. People come into our lives and go. It’s never a law that anyone that comes into our life must stay till eternity. So, a breakup isn’t really a bad omen – and, please this isn’t a write-up to sponsor it either. However, I'd like to say this; the relationship is supposed to be a ground for character moulding and not a rehearsal ground for inordinate activities that wreck the soul. Can you proudly say, I affected his/her life positively while I was with him/her? Can someone testify of you on this note?
Before you take up your luggage (heart) to walk into the journey called a relationship, ask yourself these four questions. Is it the right time for me? We need to understand that relationships aren't competition. It's not an arena where you train your heart to be strong through the experiences of heartbreak - even though it may happen. Another one, what is my purpose in life - what is my purpose of asking her out or saying yes to him (going into this relationship)? Never fall in love out of pity, and never go into a relationship with no purpose. Again, do I really know myself - my strengths and weaknesses? Lastly, do I know God - what he wants for me and from me?
Note: Relationship reveals our true nature (character). It can build or break it. But, it all depends on the "power of our will."
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.

Motivational Words About Life

One of the best ways to measure personal growth and progress is to periodically run a review of your plans.
Let's say you want to reduce weight like me. How will you know if the actions you're taking as regards the plan are working if you're not periodically checking your weight. So you see; a review of plans helps you to know if you're improving or lagging.
But before making a review of your plans. Before checking the statistics and evaluations of your plan, there's one tool you must need to implore - certainly, this tool guarantees you absolute success. It helps you be ahead of your game even before you get started. The name of this tool is "gratitude".
Last night, I pulled my journey book - I was reviewing my plans for the year. I divided my plans into four quarters - 3 months x 4 = 12 months. I found out that the first quarter is almost finished and I've only covered about sixty per cent of the plans slated in my journey book. Well, I wasn't happy shha. Let me share a secret with you. Did you know that "trying to be perfect always in your plan" - "trying not to fail" - "wanting to get it 100% always with your plans" is the biggest enemy of growth/progress/success? Howbeit, this is not an encouragement to be frivolous with your plans.
As my mood wanted to change, immediately, I rebuked the thought. I stood up, closed my journey book, went to my bag and picked another book which I gave a name like night - "gratitude book".
I began to write about the good things God has done for me so far from January till last night.
I wrote;
+++Thank you heavenly Father for life. In my plans I never included it, but you gave it to me such that the number of air I breathe I can't even calculate.
+++Thank you, heavenly Father, for giving me the grace to win a soul for you, even though I haven't hit the target I slated in my plans for the first quarter.
+++Thank you, heavenly Father, for my birthday - because a few weeks to it I was very sick - I had difficulty in breathing; I became afraid that it was "coro virus". But, you healed me and I celebrated it just the way I planned.
+++ Thank you heavenly Father for the success of the two programs I held - one online, the other offline.
+++ Thank you heavenly Father for my book - even though I haven't been able to cover the chapters I set for the first quarter; you have never ceased to flood my mind with awesome knowledge and inspiration.
+++ Thank you heavenly Father for giving me the grace to give - because I was stingy before. But, now you make me give to people and smile and hope for nothing in return.
As I wrote this and many more, my energy grew. I discovered that the major reason for setting a plan for oneself is not to be "perfect" but to be "present". To be present in mind - present in the soul - present in the body. And I  thank God I've been present all these while despite the waves - I haven't drifted from my purpose - I haven't changed or betrayed my focus.
Now, you that are reading this... First I want to thank God for your life.
Please, can I ask you a few questions;
Do you have a plan for your life - particularly a plan for the year? If you do, that's awesome.
Do you make a review of it - how often?
Do you even have an accountability partner? The reason is, you'll be so emotional to tell yourself the truth. And you may be so relaxed and procrastinate when you're supposed to get your hands on the desk. So, if you don't have an accountability partner, I urge you to get one.
Do you record your progress, that is, your blessings?
To your plans add a systematic review - to your review add gratitude. It has a way of affecting your attitude, boosting your energy and insight for future plans.
Don't forget;
Your mind must be active
Your life must be productive.
I am
Sir Dave.



Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: Top 7 Motivate and Support Your Partner Relationship Quotes for You and Yours
Top 7 Motivate and Support Your Partner Relationship Quotes for You and Yours
These motivate and support your partner quotes are words of relationship and words of inspiration that will give you life motivation to succeed.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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