100 Common Costly Mistakes You Should Never Make Again in Your Life

Mistakes You Should Never Make Again in Your Life

There goes the saying that we should learn from our mistakes. As some would say, that mistake is the best teacher. I know we don't have a monopoly on knowledge. And learning from other people's mistakes is one sure way to avoid a pitfall.

When learning, you know there is the importance of making mistakes. But when you make costly mistakes, then who is to be blamed? You can't blame others for your own mistakes. And calls for you to trust your instinct in whatsoever you seek to do.

For your relationship to grow and for you to achieve your life purpose, here are some of the common mistakes you should never make again in your life. These mistakes are for you to guide your heart and avoid the pitfalls others have made.

Mistakes You Should Never Make Again in Your Life

Here are some of the best quotes in a relationship about common mistakes you should not make again in your life. If you are to learn from your mistake, let it be from others. You might not have time to correct all your mistakes. Words of Motivation to Lift You Up

[1]. Lying on a loan application and going to prison.

[2]. Loving a man more than I loved myself. Believing and trusting a person's words over their actions. Staying in a toxic relationship. 

[3]. Putting people first and yourself last. There'll be a time when you need someone to assist you with what you really need and just because you are the one who should be giving, no one is seeing the value of helping you and it makes you realize that it's every man for himself, period!

[4]. Not trusting your gut instinct. It's always right in the end.

[5]. Not hugging and kissing your parents when they were still alive.

[6]. Being transparent even with those you trust/trust. No one deserves that much entry into your life.

[7]. Too many to count. But if you hadn't made some of them, you wouldn't have some great things that you have.

[8]. Loving someone with your whole heart hurts when love is sided.

[9]. Thinking that because you are vaccinated that you are safe. Oh, wait, can't reverse that mistake.

[10]. Worrying about what people will think or say. You should know that everyone has their own uncertainties, doubts and problems. No one really makes it so important to focus on your life. Do what you need to live the best life ever.

[11]. Loving someone that never loved you back. The lesson taught, love yourself first.

[12]. Loving someone and giving too much until you lose yourself, your ambitions and your self-esteem.

[13]. Assuming people have the same morals and values you do and not telling someone how much I truly love and care about them. Sometimes it's too late.

[14]. Never judge someone without knowing the whole story. You may think you understand, but you don't.

[15]. Staying with someone who is mentally and emotionally abusive.

[16]. Trusting and loving someone more than your God.

[17]. Gambling and specifically sports betting. That thing can nearly take you to the bottom of the bottomless pit but thank goodness you can save yourself from it. You should never repeat that mistake of chasing riches/losses or falling for get rich quick. It's overrated!

[18]. Never date broken people. Caring too much and losing yourself. Drinking! Being vulnerable with people who don’t mean well.

[19]. Cheat again. Biggest and most hurtful mistake of one life. It can take you years to forgive yourself! It is good you see it as a lesson learned now, not a life sentence.

[20]. No one could ever punish you as much as you punished yourself. 
[21]. You might not have a lot of followers but you should be grateful for the little you have.

[22]. Thinking that because you went out of your way for someone they will help you when you need it.

[23]. Loving someone so much that such gets to the place where only God should be your soul, that's a place where only God should be.

[24]. Putting too much in people who don't deserve and value it and being there for people who are always there when it's just favourable to them.

[25]. Not loving your late spouse enough, you might regret it every day and not say I am sorry to your parents for all the pain you caused them.

[26]. Marrying the wrong person. Caring about everyone but yourself.

[27]. Putting yourself last and doing it for years. Because you care too much about making everyone else happy and loving too much.

[28]. They say never say never, but if I can help it I will never give myself up completely to love again and I'm not going to go out of my way to be there for everyone so much I always get hurt.

[29]. Loving or caring for someone more than myself. Never ever under life again.

[30]. Taking somebody back thinking you could help them when they have already shown you who they are.

[31]. Putting yourself in bad situations for others' situations to be better.

[32]. Did not ask for forgiveness since you and your Dad had a fight, and the next day he passed away. It is now almost a decade but the memories would still be fresh.

[33]. Giving your all to someone who didn't give theirs.

[34]. Trusting someone. Putting your hope unto someone. Not being able to forgive others and yourself. Relying on things that hurt you. Allowing people to hurt you to prove yourself worthy. Relying on the past. Choosing the wrong friends. Rushing into any type of relationship. Making decisions while angry.

[35]. Marrying the wrong person that wasn’t sent by God.

[36]. Never cum inside a crazy man or woman again. Now you might have to see him or her for the rest of your life.

[37]. Trying to live life without God.

[38]. Loving and sacrificing more for others than you do for yourself.

[39]. Rushing into a relationship too fast. Trusting people too much and thinking everyone has a good heart.

[40]. Believing someone would love you forever and loving them more than yourself.

[41]. Not believing in yourself. Doing and making decisions without praying to God and asking for His guidance.

[42]. Never get too attached to someone who needs you temporarily.

[43]. Giving too much love. Supporting someone in the name of building the future. You will suffer. You will be used. I think love is just an illusion. As long as people can use you, they will always pretend.

[44]. Thinking that you could do it without Jesus at your side.

[45]. Never fall in love other than yourself.

[46]. Not listening to your gut instinct right away. Lesson learned: always trust the gut.

[47]. Every decision you make in life is not a mistake. It's your path in life in order to learn and grow!

[48]. Trusting much because we belong to the same blood family, never again in your lifetime should you do it.

[49]. Believing that there are women or men who can stand by your side when you are down. Never ever again.

[50]. Losing yourself while loving someone. Forgetting yourself when helping those who need your help and care.

[51]. Going out of your way for people who don't deserve it.

[51]. Dating a Prophetess!

[52]. Falling in love with potential. Expecting your love and behaviours in other people.

[53]. Listening to people who really never had your best interests at heart. Expecting people to support you in the end. Allowing people to talk you out of your dreams and even rearrange your personality would seek to just dim your shine. If you care to trust your gut, you will still outshine, outstand and outmanoeuvre them anyway.

[54]. Not listening to your gut instinct, if you feel something is wrong listen to your instincts, it may save your life.

[55]. Trusting people who’ve screwed you before, you shouldn’t care who they are.

[56]. Putting too much on yourself. You might not be able to take care of everyone, including family.

[57]. Tolerating someone you know you can never have peace of mind with, having heartache every day for the sake of business, religion and family affairs. It hurts a lot even when you get insulted you will have to endure it, it's painful.

[58]. Marrying someone who you weren't evenly yoked with.

[59]. Loving someone to an extent where you lose yourself and the process, never give your all to someone who doesn't reciprocate.
[60]. Loving someone that never loved me back. Not forgiving those that hurt you. For everyone that has hurt you, learn to forgive them all and for all the people you have hurt, forgive them and let love lead.

[61]. I have no regrets in my life. Every mistake I made taught me a lesson.

[62]. Loving someone deeply. Not putting my trust in God.

[63]. To tell my Mom every day that I loved her. Also, not to trust the wrong people when my gut said they couldn't be trusted!

[64]. Learn to always listen to the words of your parents. Their words are full of wisdom.

[65]. Letting someone emotionally control you, letting someone make you think there’s something wrong with you. Not trusting your instincts.

[66]. Loving someone who doesn't show you love.

[67]. Loving people more than I love myself and that goes for anybody.

[68]. Trusting, loving and caring for people who only recognize you when they need you. And that they never value the affection and trust you gave them. Thus, envious people. 

[69]. Continuously criticising your body, spending your whole life doing this. I felt too fat, too skinny, too imperfect, too ugly, the list can go on. Not anymore. Your body is awesome, I am awesome, You are a good person. And your positive body image thinking is the best favour you could have done for yourself and others.

[70]. Trusting what was supposed to be “Family” blood doesn’t always make you family. Giving birth doesn’t make you a Mom. Thankful for my husband and kids.

[71]. Getting married to someone you don't love and trusting the person who you thought loved you the same.

[72]. Getting help from family or people in general. I will take God's help only now. At least I know He gives help without expectations!

[73]. Believing a lie and spending so much on ungrateful people to the point of being left with nothing. Never again.

[74]. Letting people carry me back to a place I prayed ever so hard to get away from!

[75]. Putting someone else's needs before yours.

[76]. Allowing others to make me feel as though I’m so small that I start to believe that I can’t impact the world by little tiny pieces I bring to others that need it the most I will never again question my self-worth.

[77]. Having high expectations of others.

[78]. Having your last and giving it out to persons and going out of your way to make sure that others are ok and staying with someone who doesn't care about you in any way doing nothing but lying and taking you for granted day after day hurt upon hurt and allow families to treat you bad and never to trust your childhood friends.

[79]. Stay in many relationships way too long. Wrong within the first year, goodbye. So wished you had done just that.

[80]. Showing your vulnerable side to someone. To never love the way you did again. Doubting that God exists. Trusting people more than yourself.

[81]. Putting people first before yourself, because there will be a time you need someone to assist you, and you will see no one.

[82]. Expecting someone else to make you happy, that kind of pressure is not fair on the other person and is just idiotic!

[83]. Marrying the wrong person and making them the father/mother of your children.

[84]. Loving and choosing someone over yourself. Trusting easily and ignoring the red flags even when so obvious!

[85]. Unlove yourself just to give it all to someone who doesn't even deserve it.

[86]. Never again let a doctor get away with brushing off your complaints. Or when he tells you to be quiet and do what you are told, which between didn’t end how he thought it would.

[87]. Lending someone a large amount of money. Telling a judge that you had the right to represent yourself.

[88]. Trusting and choosing someone over yourself and your family. Allowing anybody to hurt you. Staying in faith while being abused and constantly hurt.

[89]. Believing that a mother's love is the greatest. Being too good to people and accommodating.
[90]. Thinking that all men are bad. Found out that that was a lie and that great men actually exist.

[91]. Loving a person who doesn't love you back. Not believing you can do what your heart tells you to do.

[92]. Getting too many people's opinions on things concerning you. Thinking everybody is with you and happy for you. Never again.

[93]. Allowing fear to take control over your life and not making the right decisions. You will lose years and many opportunities because of fear.

[94]. Dedicating your life to others and forgetting to love yourself more than anybody.

[95]. Self-doubt, fear of the unknown, looking down on yourself always thinking the next person is better than you somehow.

[96]. Believing confidence leads me to disappointment and failure doesn't feel great when succeeding is my goal. One day I'll be thankful for not giving up. Today I feel resentment for my drive to continue... Giving up is harder than striving to continue.

[97]. Giving someone else power over your life and believing their lies about you. Deep down you knew such a person was wrong but you completely lost yourself.

[98]. Giving someone love and forgetting to love yourself. Rushing with making decisions. It's okay to just take your time and weigh out your options and outcomes.

[99]. Realized you will always care about the well-being of others, but you have to learn to consider yourself first without feeling guilty about it.

[100]. Trying to cope and manage people for who they are instead of telling them their mistakes for them to correct themselves and thinking of how and what they will feel like correcting them.

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