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90 Inspiring Quotes about Money, Wealth, Poverty and Happiness to Make You Think

These inspirational quotes about money, wealth, poverty and happiness are money motivation quotes, quotes about money and happiness.

 Best Inspiring Quotes about Money, Wealth, Poverty and Happiness

Sometimes you want it all and then you find it and realize that life is not all about the wealth we seek to accumulate. You have it all and then lose your inward happiness. 

How do you balance life between money, wealth, poverty and happiness. These are real-life lessons we should consider if actually, we need to make meaning out of life without getting downcasted when we come face to face with this situation.

Wealth is sweet but how do you balance it with true happiness? We need to define the purpose that makes us want to get rich. If we understand the purpose of true wealth, then we will be able to be a blessing to our generation.

Best Inspiring Quotes about Money, Wealth, Poverty and Happiness

These collections of quotes about wealth, poverty and happiness are true life reflections on the source of true wealth that would forever bring happiness to our life. Things You Need to Know About Making Money

[1]. I disagree with any statement that says, I was happier when I was poor, that is because I don't care how rich I become. I know where my happiness comes from and that's the Lord. Maybe why a lot of people are not happy when they get rich because they forgot where their blessing came from. Abraham in the Bible was rich and happy because he made God number one in his life. And not the things that God gave him. And the reason why I know that I will be happy is because of all the people I can help. That might be enough reason why they are not happy because they don't bless no one.

[2]. There are very few happy rich people in this World. Most are very disappointed because they feel deceived. The inner peace and tranquillity, that they were expecting are missing in action, instead, they found themselves, loaded with pressure to keep up, fear of returning to lack, insecure, and some even find themselves, with a sense of unworthiness and guilt. Many need drinking, feasting and partying, just to keep their sanity intact. They only look solid and great but can be very empty and frustrating. That's why man needs a relationship with His Maker, he needs the prince of peace, he needs the presence of God, where there is fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.

[3]. Jesus Christ is the answer, my brother, no matter your levels of richest, without Jesus Christ as your Lord and your personal saviour there will be no joy, no happiness, the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ is the strength of our lives, the moment you start using your richest in serving God deeper inspirational songs will come your way that will guarantee your joy and happiness for life.

[4]. The only satisfaction for the soul is Jesus. God maketh rich without adding sorrow. 

[5]. You're unhappy and unsafe when the wealth you got is ill-gotten. If it's a true wealth from God and you worked hard and mentally prepared to have it, it adds no sorrow. Poverty is bad but ill-gotten wealth is worst because there won't be peace for you.

[6]. The funny thing is the poor people are always the ones who hate to hear things like this, money is good, and by all means, try and get it, but don't build your joy, happiness and fulfilment around it.

[7]. It's true money can't buy happiness but poverty is bad. This is where true happiness lies, firstly, in Christ and then in giving for charity, try these two ways and you will experience joy unspeakable.

[8]. It's easier to get back to poverty than to get rich now. Stop deceiving some of us who wish to be wealthy to enjoy the good things in life.

[9]. The gift and blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrow. When you get money by all means you don't expect happiness or peace of mind.

[10]. True riches, hard work and patience are needed when you are trusting God to be wealthy in life.

[11]. Truly, happiness doesn’t derive from wealth. Otherwise, rich people will have no reason to commit suicide. Happiness is a deliberate choice. It is a choice you make on how to perceive or respond to the circumstances of your life at times.

[12]. You can still give all your wealth to the poor and gain back your happiness. It's better to be rich and less happy than to be poor and happier.

[13]. If you want happiness then learn to share a large portion of your wealth with the poor and needy. You will experience inner happiness.

[14]. Riches without Christ guarantee no happiness. Again those who mortgage their souls for riches can never be truly happy.

[15]. Happiness isn't all about acquiring wealth but what are the sources of your wealth and how useful it's to humanity, that's what gives you happiness.

[16]. Happiness is not and can never be derived from either being rich or being poor, but godliness with contentment is a great gain. Christ is the sure way to eternal happiness, I invite you to receive him today for God's blessings make you rich and add no sorrows.

[17]. Wealth and poverty are all trials from the Almighty God. Being poor someone does not mean you will never be happy, likewise money nor happiness.

[18]. Life will continue to be tougher as long as you're rich, life is even tougher for the poor than for the rich. 

[19]. To make yourself happy and have peace of mind, reach out to those poor ones you have been in their shoes, and make them happy you will be happy also and God will give you peace.

[20]. The only riches I understand come with more trouble and pain is ill-gotten money, especially blood money. If you truly laboured and God Almighty blesses you, I wonder if you can ever complain of not having peace of mind no matter the challenges on your way.

[21]. If you are not generous with your wealth, in such cases it must plague you within and without. No peace and no joy.

[22]. It is better to walk naked to heaven than to live in a falsified mansion that board to hell, if you know the glory that awaits you, you will be genuinely glad to be born again.

[23]. Prayers especially at night derive peace of mind and happiness. 

[24]. The blessings of God make us rich and add no sorrow. May God grant us wisdom and enlighten the eyes of our understanding with the right things to engage upon for full manifestation of joy and happiness while being blessed by our Lord God.

[25]. Poverty is the worst affliction, it affects all aspects of our life.

[26]. Wealth without the Prince of Peace whose name is Jesus is a life with continuous crisis. 

[27]. God is the one the maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. Any rich outside God gives no peace.

[28]. The needy and poor around the rich deserve support. This gesture will be a blessing for their wealth.

[29]. Without God, man always feels empty and unsatisfied, whether poor or rich. It is the God in you that enables you to know what life is and live accordingly.

[30]. Living in poverty and being poor, are two different languages.

[31]. If you are rich and want to return to the poverty level, very easy but vice versa not at all. Only the dead can prefer poverty to riches. Meanwhile, once you are rich, have fear of God and put yourself in a position you can manage but not too flamboyant anyway.

[32]. Be closer to your Creator, He is the only one that giveth riches and addeth no sorrow with it.

[33]. Those who force themselves to be rich at all costs without minding the outcome would never have true happiness. If your riches are genuine you will never think of being poor again because poverty is a disease that can easily get killed at any time.

[34]. Poverty can kill quicker but as a rich man, you will not die just like that.

[35]. When I was suffering in poverty, I felt very sad, unhappy and neglected until I found Jesus and He has given me a new life and a new breath. Nothing, even the whole world can not satisfy humanity until we return to God. Seeking worldly treasures, wealth etc is just a vain thing and a big problem. Much wealth only brings problems that need solutions.

[36]. Being rich is hard but it's harder being poor.

[37]. I'd rather be rich and famous and face whatever it entails, rather than being poor, the fact is that you've not tasted poverty.

[38]. Everything is arranged according to the will of God. Destiny and fortune work as arranged by our Creator.

[39]. Being rich or poor can not give you true happiness, true happiness comes from Jesus Christ. Jesus said I am leaving you with a gift of peace of mind and heart and the peace I give isn't fragile like the peace the world gives (John 14:27 Living Bible).

[40]. If one follows the rule in Matthew 6:33 which says seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and other things will be added to you, you will be happy when God blesses you because God will add no sorrow to it. But when you do otherwise you will never be happy no matter how rich you are. Life without the presence of Christ is meaningless.

[41]. They always say big man big trouble small man small trouble in this life the more money you get the more trouble. So it is a normal thing and that is why you are a human being so be happy and don't ever pray for poverty.

[42]. Receive Jesus in your life, and you will be happy, don't try poverty it is not funny, try giving it back to the poor in society when they are happy you too will experience happiness.

[43]. The happiness you enjoyed as a poor person cannot outweigh the problems you suffered as a poor person.

[44]. I still want to be rich. The thing I have got to know is that when you are poor, you will have a problem with the poor than when you are rich. And when you are rich, you will also have a problem for the rich, every problem has its own way of solving it and that is why God is always there to help us in all ways. 

[45]. If you want to be happy, share what you have with the people around you. You will be happier than this, visit the orphanage homes, prisoners and hospitals when you come back you will be happier.

[46]. If you already involve yourself in something else that will make God unhappy with you better repent now, you can't tell me that the rich man and the poor man, their levels of getting their needs are the same, and no one will pray to remain poor in life.

[47]. Everything is arranged according to the will of the Almighty God just thank God for everything. 

[48]. When you are not giving, how are you expected to be happy? Be free even when you are rich, you will find happiness.

[49]. For the rich, unhappiness is invited, it's a choice they make through poor decision-making. There's no happiness in failing to feed your family, failing to take your beloved kids to school, not being able to be with your beloved spouse because you cannot take care of her, not being able to take your beloved ones to a good hospital when they are sick, not being able to have friends (genuine or otherwise) because of the judgement of poverty. Poverty is a curse - that's part of what we call hell.

[50]. The rich also cry, the Bible says the blessings of God maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. Rich that came from God is good.

[51]. I don't think you have money. I think money has you. You're less happy as a rich man because of the choices you made. 

[52]. If you say you are poor and because of that you are not happy, even when you are rich, you won't still be happy. Because being happy is a learnt behaviour.

[53]. You are just ungrateful, I don't blame you when God directs the wealth to the wrong people, that's what they will talk about, forgetting that God is never a man. What you need to do is to appreciate Him.

[54]. It's far better to be rich and face the problems of the rich than to be a poor person. Poverty is a disease. May God protect us from it.

[55]. The problems between the rich and the poor differ. You shouldn't try the problems that come with being poor, don't forget almost everything in life revolves around money.

[56]. If your wealth is not from God, then there is a problem because God doesn't give us what we will regret, He gives us what will keep us happy all the time, but the gift of the devil is the give that makes someone to regret at any time, any moment, so don't even mention poverty because it is a thing that shouldn't be mention in someone's life. It depends on how you make your money as you make your bed so you will lie on it.

[57]. When you worship money more than God you can never be truly happy.

[58]. You can be rich and still happy if you connect with heaven's purpose in your life.

[59]. One does not need too much money to be happy. If you think you can be happier with billions, then this could turn out to be a nightmare in your life in future.

[60]. Poverty is a no for me and my entire generation born and yet unborn. Sadness in riches is a function of your source of wealth and how much of either God or the devil you embrace.

[61]. The truth is, happiness and richness are two different things. Being rich does not guarantee happiness. It is an open fact that the fewer problems you have the happier you are as a human, but sadly money does not remove problems from you rather it adds chunks of problems.

[62]. The secret is just to recognize God as the creator of the heavens and earth and you will get inner peace.

[63]. Understanding life and why you were brought to this world aids a long way in finding happiness

[64]. Some of us don't want to be rich or poor, all we want is the freedom to live life as we see fit and fulfil our purpose.

[65]. God is the only one to grant happiness without pain or regret. 

[66]. If you tell the poor all it takes to be rich, they will prefer to remain poor.

[67]. Riches and wealth can't buy you joy, can not add one cubit to your life, can not give you joy and peace of mind but sorrow, Sleepless nights and always troubled in spirit that is ill-gotten wealth, the Bible says that God's blessings add no sorrow so give thanks to the faithful One, give thanks to the Holy Ghost, give thanks because He has given us Jesus Christ His Son and now let the weak say I am strong, that is in faith, believe and in all ramifications, and let the poor say I am rich, that is rich in spirit, good health, divine knowledge, wisdom, understanding, divine guidance and protection, divine favour, mercy, loving kindness and long life and everlasting happiness because of what the Lord has done for us, so wealth and riches must come from Heaven above otherwise you will regret it. Remember that it's not only the poor that cry the rich also cry, but if you are Poor in Jesus you are rich and you are rich in Jesus then you are super rich.

[68]. I prefer to be rich than to be a poor person. Being a rich person does not mean you should give everyone that comes to you money.
Some will need your counselling or advice more than money. And if you are a rich person and you're not willing to help those in need, you'll not be a happy person.

[69]. You are at peace when all things about your life are moderate in you and mostly with God.

[70]. Fame and wealth have a lot of roadblocks, valleys and gullies. Let's be more careful. Nnamdi Azikiwe once said, "Pray that your fortunes do not meet you unprepared". Many who would've become better are worse today because of the same mistakes: Sudden wealth, sudden fame and sudden fall. Be wise to learn from others' mistakes.

[71]. Happiness does not come from what you acquired but from within and that's contentment, the moment you are content with what you have your happiness, peace and rest will flow.

[72]. Happiness springs out from somewhere deep in your heart and brain and scientifically we can also say happiness is chemical and both the poor and the rich possess it which is the same as the opposite of happiness that anyone can experience through the journey of life

[73]. What is the definition of richness and poverty? God care for us and provide for us, we assume that we are poor because of greediness.

[74]. No stage of life doesn't have challenges. Yes, the poor shall surely face the challenge of poverty, even the rich people must not deny theirs. 

[75]. Come to Jesus with faith and your life will never remain the same.

[76]. It's not good to stay long in abject poverty. It's also a big disease.

[77]. If wealth is too much of a problem. There are over enough who will be only too happy to help out once that wealth is distributed among the less fortunate.

[78]. Health is better than wealth. Money doesn't buy happiness.

[79]. Life without Christ is a crisis, if you don't want affluence you can simply go back to poverty, very simple.

[80]. The truth is that for every billion you make you make some people poor, you can't climb up without pulling down others, the poor will always be here, what we do with them is what matters, you cannot be happy with the riches of the world and, more so when the owner of worldly wealth is still in charge.

[81]. It's better to have money with more problems than to be poor and have fewer problems. Being poor is a big problem on its own.

[81]. Jesus Christ is the true source of happiness.

[82]. When you are poor you're much happier than when you're rich believe it or you live it case close.

[83]. Let me be successful first, then I will prepare to face the problems that come with success because even the poor have problems and enemies too.

[84]. Every world and everyone has their own burden and joy. It's one of life's irony.

[85]. Depending on where the money comes from if the money comes from the devil no peace for you it is better to remain poor than to bless by the devil.

[86]. Whether rich or poor, living a life without Christ is equal to a life full of crises and problems everywhere.

[87]. The blessing of the lord makes rich and it adds no sorrow.

[88]. Poverty itself is not a good testimony.

[89]. Success carries more responsibility, that's all.

[90]. Wealth with contentment is a great gain. There is nothing good in poverty.


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Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: 90 Inspiring Quotes about Money, Wealth, Poverty and Happiness to Make You Think
90 Inspiring Quotes about Money, Wealth, Poverty and Happiness to Make You Think
These inspirational quotes about money, wealth, poverty and happiness are money motivation quotes, quotes about money and happiness.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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