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28 Sweet Loving You Romantic Messages for the Special One in Your Life

Best Loving You Romantic Messages

You can make use of any of these Loving You Romantic Messages as love text messages that you can send to your one and only true love.

These most touching love messages can also be one of the private messages you tweet or whatsapp to your loved one.

Let the one you love feel the essence of these sweetest I love you messages that would go a long way in building up your relationship. Short Valentine Love Messages

Loving You Romantic Messages. You make me feel the way I never felt before.

[1]. It is you and only you that make me feel alive and if you leave me without your love, then I will live the rest of my days wishing I never found love in you.

[2]. Let the bliss of your love guide me. Let the wind of your undying love blow me and make me feel the warmth of your touch that sets my heart on fire to love you with all my heart.

[3]. Your love makes me live for you. Your love makes me cry for you. Your love makes me long for you. Your love wouldn’t let me go a day without you.

[4]. Angel of my life, one whose love makes me complete. Life without you would have become worthless b4ut you came and took my pains away. Now I am a new me all because you love me.

[5]. Let the fresh breath of a new day bless your life with a new thing. May every desire of your heart be fulfilled with God’s goodness. Let the gift of love make your day joyful.

[6]. My love for you is like a raindrop that showers many blessings on me. It shall ever be so for your love makes me reign like a king with the crown.

[7]. I blossom because your love makes my life beautiful and when people ask for my source of secret and happiness, I look to the sky and point to the direction that you are.

Emotional Love Messages. I shall be here always waiting patiently for your love.

[8]. I will be here always waiting patiently for your love. If the night falls or the sun shines, I will still wait for your love.

[9]. I am what I am because of your love. Your love makes me and now I am made. For my lifetime, I shall be with your love so I will be made for life.

[10]. Even without your presence, I still feel the aura of your love in the air. Wherever you are my love, just know that the love of you keeps me around waiting for your return.

[11]. A longing heart that gazed in wait for your love. This is a price I have to pay for loving you. For the sake of love, there is no sacrifice too small. As long as we love, I shall forever make this sacrifice of waiting for you.

[12]. Your love is worth waiting for. Your love is worth hoping for. I shall hope and wait for I see a bright future in the heart of the love that you have given to me.

[13]. Waiting for the bus to come and pick us up. So much thought of you on my mind. Thoughts of a man who has fallen in love. Is this love that I am feeling? Am so sober for the love of you.

[14]. If to see is to believe, your love is worth waiting for. Each time I see you, I long to wait for you all my life.

Best Love Messages From The Heart

Love Messages From The Heart. What your love means to me.

[15]. Your love makes me strong. It gives me the heart to face any challenges. It is the one thing I need to make my life a better place to live in.

[16]. Like a butterfly, your love flew to me. And with joy, I accepted it. Now my heart can fly with all the joy knowing that your love makes me fly with a perfect heart.

[17]. Your love inspires me beyond my imagination and makes me see possibilities right in front of me. Now, I live in a world of possibilities all because your love makes it possible.

[18]. Your love makes me live for you, cry for you and also long for you. Your love wouldn’t let me breathe a day without thinking of you.

[19]. Your love gives me the wing to fly. And its tenderness gives me the heart that lives for another day. In the beauty of it all, your love makes me the dream that comes true.

[20]. My mind is always burning and my heart pumps each time you come my way. Your love makes my heart pump for you. And this I have come to realize is the power of your unconditional love.

[21]. Your love makes my heart burn like fire. But I am comforted that each time I come close to you, you take away the fire and give me peace of mind.

Deep Love Messages. Your love, your kisses and the feeling in my heart.

[22]. Thou you kiss my lips, but it is my soul that longs for your kisses. When you kiss me, I am like a tree planted by the riverside that knew no dryness.

[23]. Each time I hear your voice, my heart beats faster. Each time you hold and kiss me, I gaze for breath. Your voice, arms and kisses have become like the engine room that gives me strength.

[24]. I have never thought you would be the song that I sing. But now I could feel the tune that Bob Marley sang – is this love, is this love that I am feeling?

[25]. Search through my mind then you will see that the feeling of you replenished my thoughts. You are loved every minute of the day.

[26]. Your tender word gives me the strong feeling that I needed to survive the many storms of life. I found you and found the perfect tonic that cures my heart for real.

[27]. Loving you is like feeling the bliss of eternity. It comes so naturally to me that I lack the right words to express them. I see paradise when I feel the bliss of your love.

[28]. You have made me a star and now, I am not ashamed of loving you the way you are. You are a blessing, a rare gift to my soul. If this is the love that I am feeling, then I am in love with you.

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