Deep Religious Questions and Answers on Is Christianity a Religion or a Philosophy?

This post takes a look at the question is Christianity a religion, is christianity a religion or a philosophy and is Christianity a religion of peace.

Is Christianity a Religion?

This morning 19th April, 2021 at around 4.45a.m. After submitting my site links to Bing, I decided to check my Facebook account to see some trending posts. And what showed up on my timeline became so interesting to me. 
A post from Emeka Nobis at that time has generated over 299 comments. He simply asked, "Christianity is not a religion," they say. They now say "others" are religion. Do we even know what religion is?  

I went in search of this on google. When I typed "Is Christianity a Relation", all I got are these feedback, is christianity a religion, is christianity a religion or a philosophy, is christianity a religion of peace, is christianity a religion or denomination, is christianity a religion or spirituality, is christianity a religion or culture, why is christianity a religion, is christianity a religion or a relationship, is christianity a religion or a lifestyle, is christianity a religion or a faith.

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Prince Godson Ubani
Religion is a lifestyle.🚢

Emeka Nobis
Prince Godson Ubani where are you walking to?

Prince Godson Ubani
Emeka Nobis Don, your question confused my confussionπŸ˜‚. Lemme go and ask my bishop if my statement is always trueπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Gideon Chinedu
Prince Godson Ubani Christianity is also a life life style

Ijeomah Courage
Either Christianity is a religion or nothing is a religion!

Tobechi Michael Obinwanne
They should study the etymology and meaning of the word, "religion" before they run off with that clichΓ©...
Who even started that lie?

Emeka Nobis
Tobechi Michael Obinwanne my brother, it is well.

Okpara Chima Victor
Ike agwula dibia uwa.

Chigozie Amadi
Okpara Chima Victor umu dibia gbakΓ³nu... Lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

El BlackMamba
Emeka you forget it is not about earthly definition or wordsπŸ˜…

Emeka Nobis
El BlackMamba is that it?
So which definition are we following?

El BlackMamba
Nobis I don't know oh. I equally get confused too. They say it is spiritual that it is not religion. When you bring in definitions and etymology they will say it is not about earthly definition or word. But they will want to define spiritual with worldly words.

Harrison Isaac Ajayi
Spirituality and religion are two separate things thre is a command in the bible that says "worship ME in spirit and in truth " the term religion today as it implies is the activities that comes with going to church

Joshua A. Samuel
Harrison Isaac Ajayi I support you sir and religion is about following doctrine , principles and precept. In Christainity, Christ is who we follow and we're led by the spirit.

Strongwhite N Promise
Harrison Isaac Ajayi
Sir, religion goes with belief.
Since Christians believed in Christ, it is religion.
If you call it a way of life, it is still a religion. If you dont believe it to be a way if life, you wouldnt have lead such life.

Harrison Isaac Ajayi
Strongwhite N Promise semantics , Joshua A. Samuel said better than I can ever Express it .
Strongwhite N Promise
Harrison Isaac Ajayi
What is your belief
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu
Boss, you know we're living in a world where many are confused.
Most of the people you know don't know their left from right.
No, Christianity is not a religion, it's a political game. Lol
Emeka Nobis
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu we go stone you o! πŸ˜‹
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu
Emeka Nobis To be stoned, for me is gain....
Emeka Nobis
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu like Stevoo the stoned.
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu
Emeka Nobis Lolz...
Exactly how most Christians sound when they see danger they could actually prevent from occurring, but feel relaxed instead.
They feel anything that happens to them is God's plan for them.
So they're very complacent.
I spoke to one the other day about her business..
She lamented that she's not selling at all, so I wanted to offer a piece of advice on the choice of words she uses in her ads.
I said to her, do well to project the value in what you sell, the benefits and pain your product will alleviate people of, instead of saying, "pls patronize your girl na"
I said to her, "people are taking care of their families and paying so many other bills from same business, that she should learn how to do the business so she can also make profit like others.
She got provoked...
She said sir pls, stop comparing me with others.
If God doesn't want me to do this business, no matter how I try, it wouldn't work for me. It's not about learning or no learning anything.
Emeka Nobis
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu at that point, just hush and move on!
No strength to argue.
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu
Emeka Nobis Exactly...
I simply replied, I'm so sorry for sharing.
But then why still into the business God doesn't want for you?
Well, do not answer, just meditate over it.
Thanks and bye!
Boss, how on earth will people spiritualize business?
Emeka Nobis
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu it is well.
Being spiritual about it is not bad, but as you can see, she's got a distorted dimension of understanding.
She may have probably heard, "In business, if God be for you, nothing will stop it. All you need is to pray and trust God." That's not full truth, but she has grabbed it as full truth.
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu
Emeka Nobis You're overly correct. Exactly how she understood it.
But then, she needs to strike at the gestalt. She needs to balance the equation by doing all the necessary physical routine.
Only then can she see good result, and that's what she doesn't want to hear.
Emeka Nobis
Barinaaziga Chrisnaz Siitu exactly
Festus Oguekwe
Let me add to it. Christianity is a Culture.😊
Mayowa Oloyede
Christianity is a way of life!!!
Ademola Taiwo
Christianity is a religion.
James said, "The religion that's pure is to visit the widows, take care of the fatherless and do righteousness".....
He affirms in that passage that Christianity is in fact a religion.
Emeka Nobis
Ademola Taiwo he may not have actually referred to Christianity, but the inference is informative, nevertheless.
Ademola Taiwo
Emeka Nobis, he was actually speaking of Christianity in the context.
Ebenezer NwajiAku
Emeka Nobis sir, in the text above it's evident that James was writing/referring to Christians

Jeff David
Christianity is not a religion but the manifestation of divinity in humanity🀷
Emeka Nobis
Jeff David you don't mean it?
Chidiebere Ikechi-Echefu
Jeff David another version
Daniel Adeniyi
Christianity is an ascribed Religion. But being Born Again is not. Scripturally, Jesus and the likes of Paul never used the term Christians. They called believers Brethren. The term Christians was coined by men. Becoming a Believer in Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit is an experience that's way beyond the enclaves of religious norms. As a Nigerian, I'm a Christian based on our religious divide, but as a Human, I'm a believer based on my eternal identity.
Emeka Nobis
Daniel Adeniyi what do believers do when it comes to worship God?
Emeka Nobis
Daniel Adeniyi let me provide some context.
Today is Sunday and I know believers are gathered in places of worship.
We sing. We pray. We chant. We adulate God in whom we believe.
Daily, believers are admonished to ritually do these things as forms of engagement and connection to Jehovah, right?
When we look at these and the definition which religion etymologically covers, aren't these what believers do?
Daniel Adeniyi
Emeka Nobis Every religion have defined practices and rituals. And this practices definitely places Christianity within the context of religion. But the contest that makes Being Born again different is predicated on who is being worshiped. God is irreligious. Many worship different dieties but there's only one God and this God exist beyond religious classification. So if you're Born Again and you're worshiping God through Christ through the Holy Spirit, you're definitely living a life that's beyond the tenets of religion even though your daily practices and rituals may connote so. And note there many people who believe in this God but they're not practicing Christians. Lastly the single factor that makes being Born Again a non religious affair is the presences of the Holy Spirit.
Oge E. Osuagwu
Daniel Adeniyi So from what you wrote, anybody can worship the one true God irrespective of classified religion? Can we then say it is possible that Christians and Muslims are worshipping the same God?
Maple Tammy Dappa
Daniel Adeniyi
They didn't use it because CHRISTIAN is simply a descriptive term.
We are called Nigerians today.
How many of my Ijaw forefathers called themselves Nigerians?
They called themselves Izons!
These arguments and supposed definitions are just unnecessary.
Religion is simply the term for the subject pertaining to God.
Just as science is a subject.
Nathan Ogohi
Oge E. Osuagwu anybody can worship one true God that's why Jesus made it opened to all...
But there is THE WAY to worship which is the problem.
Everyone worshipping whatever believes he's worshipping that true God but may be worshipping something else without knowing.
Since man worshipped wrongly, He God decided to come and show man how to worship aright...
So now man has no excuse anymore cos He has done the ultimate.
Daniel Adeniyi
Oge E. Osuagwu The answer to your question is clearly stated in John 3:16 "whosoever believes". For examples Joseph of Joseph of Arimathea, the man who paid for Jesus burial believed in Jesus but he never identified as a follower of Jesus throughout Jesus's lifetime.
Daniel Adeniyi
Maple Tammy Dappa Being Born Again and Being identified as a Christian are two different things. One is a religious identity the other isn't. That's where many of us even some Christians miss it. Christianity is a religion no argument with that but the premises upon which New Life in Christ is predicated is not a religion. Do you know that not everyone who identifies with the religion Christianity is Born Again? Make we no delve into deeper theology..πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. Being Born Again is way beyond bearing a religious Identity and title. But let's leave it at that.

Maple Tammy Dappa
Daniel Adeniyi
Even being born again is appendage.
Not everyone who says they are born again are actually born again.
To be a Christian is simply to be christ-like and that is what to be born again means.
The fact that people abuse or misuse a thing doesn't change what that thing truly means.
Indabosky is a Pastor afterall.
We fit dive into deeper theology oh. Whether presuppositional or classical apologetics or systematic theology, I dey ready.
Emeka Nobis
Maple Tammy Dappa Gen gen!
Blessing Oyeledun
Daniel Adeniyi on the contrary sir, the name was given by divine providence.
And the apostles used the name.

Blessing Oyeledun

Blessing Oyeledun

Blessing Oyeledun
In clearer translation

Blessing Oyeledun

Blessing Oyeledun

Victor Aina Pitan
If religion is to be seen as a set of beliefs, worship of deity and so forth, then christainity and others are a religion.
In fact free thinkers and atheist is also a religion, since that's their beliefs

The underlying condition for religion is belief in some supernatural deity and order.
Atheists do not hold this belief hence cannot be termed 'religious'.

Maple Tammy Dappa
It isn't only about believe IN deity.
It is also believe ABOUT deity and the supernatural.
Atheists have their views about religion...makes them religious.

Maple Tammy Dappa
Blessing Oyeledun
The Apostles didn't reject the name or oppose it because it described who they were...followers of Christ. I wonder why some try to reject the name.
Few persons of Antioch used the name as mockery...but it wasn't about the was about Christ and the followership...of which the Bible tells us to expect being mocked, scoffed at, persecuted, we should chest it.
Meanwhile, the Apostles never named churches...
Why do we do that today?
Our argument framework changes at this point.

Fabian Nna
I agree with you that Christianity is a religion, but when someone says Christianity isn't a religion, then the person is coming from a different context which from normal perspective will make no meaning to you until understand the same context in which the WORD was used.

Emeka Nobis
Fabian Nna if you do, I'll love to know the context.

Jane Obong Awan
They say it’s a” life style “

Chigozie Amadi
Emeka Nobis you see this Christianity eh, this Christianity is a religion and lifestyle of packaging. Its the 'I fit sleep' handbag that is used to package variety of human wonderful manipulations.
I tried to be honest, direct and humble...I hope I did well sha.
Anyway, I'm just passing by... Let me come and be going to my page go read book. Happy Sunday.
ChinechereαΈΏ NdukΓ₯
It's a question that really need to be answered, Sir.
Odiwe Daniel
Christianity in its real sense is not a religion. But there's a religion in Christianity. Christianity is TRUE relationship with God. What Jesus brought wasn't a religion. It was LIFE. A life that is inseparable from God.
What we see mostly on the peripheral is the religious side of Christianity according to how the English defines religion.
But James defines true religion more succinctly as reaching out to the poor, the widow, the inmates etc.
True Christianity is more of a relationship with a father and a son. Your children's relationship with you is not a religion or is it?
Emeka Nobis
Odiwe Daniel do you really really know what religion is?
Odiwe Daniel
Emeka Nobis well, according to the dictionary, it says these πŸ‘‡
1. The belief in and worship of a supernatural controlling power, especially a personal god or gods.
2. A particular system of faith and worship.
3. The way of life committed to by monks and nuns.
4. Any practice that someone or some group is seriously devoted to.
5. (obsolete) Faithfulness to a given principle; conscientiousness. [16th-17th c.]
According to all these definitions, they are NOT sufficient to describe what Christianity really means.
All these are things that are observed and done in Christianity but yet Christianity is beyond this.
Your children can have faith in you. They can follow your way of life. They can even "worship" you and honour you. But what makes them so unique is that you gave birth to them. What makes them so unique is that they have your life. They have your DNA.
Emeka Nobis
Odiwe Daniel those points you listed above, do they describe what you do as a Christian or believer?
You become a Christian by "birth" and then proceed to do the "rituals" that sustain your birth and growth, right?
Donald Karo
Odiwe Daniel CHRISTIANITY IS NOT A RELIGION - wrong. CHRISTIANITY IS NOT *JUST* A RELIGION - right. Your explanation shows you mean, Christianity is not just a religion but you are holding on to the argument that Christianity is not a religion.
Odiwe Daniel
Emeka Nobis sustain your birth? I am thrown off by that...If you mean growth? Yes these things sustain our growth but it doesn't mean we were not born of him.
So I will give you an example. A child born of his parent has to do nothing to sustain that birth. He's been born already a complete human being. If he doesn't grow, It must mean something is wrong. Either the parent are not doing the right thing or there's a problem with how he was born.
Who should sustain the birth here? Certainly not the baby but the parent. Yet the baby is a complete human being. He will never need to become more human than he is. He only needs to grow.
When he's of age, he can decide to either continue growing or not.
We know, true rebirth or recreation or being born again has nothing to do with any human effort. It's by grace. Eph 2:10. By grace were you saved. It's God work of grace, a free gift of God that no man should boast.
When saved or born again, you are a complete new creation, a Christian. You need not do anything more to become more Christian than you are.
Like a baby, you desire the sincere milk of the word of God. It becomes your appetite. Your faith in God is unquenchable. You love and worship him. You do these things not out of compulsion but out of the fact that it's part of you, it's in your DNA. The way a baby is drawn to its mother. It's a natural phenomenon. He needs not to try to have faith in God. He needs not to try to worship God. He does these things because of that unexplainable connection he has with God like a baby has with its mother.
There are more to say. But church is calling. You see i want to be in church not because i am compelled to do so. It stems from a place of love and eternal oneness with my father

Odiwe Daniel
Donald Karo πŸ˜‚... You just wanted to argue even though you understood what was said... I'm wondering if you actually understood what was said and it is still in line with what you said, how come you just have to show your disapproval. Very smart of you. Thank you for your kind correction πŸ˜‚
Emeka Nobis
Odiwe Daniel sustenance I mean are these - pray, love, sing, fellowship and every other ritual.
Your going to church now is one of those rituals needed for the sustenance.
Have a great day in church.

Alex Cj Amaramiro
Odiwe Daniel Wonderful sir.

Uchdewigs Nwigwe
Guilder is much more than a Beer 🍺🍻!
7Up the difference is clear.
Coca-cola taste the feeling!
My Religion is not a Religion, it is relationship with the Diety of my Religion!
Odiwe Daniel
Alex Cj Amaramiro πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Thank you.
Victor Aina Pitan
A. Father's relationship with his child is religion, since he has to continue doing it.
So religion is a culture,-a way of life - what you do traditionally.
Jesus said "pray always". That's a religion.
"Pray and not faint. "That's religion
"Endure to the end" is religion.
What else
Olufemi Adetunji Adekeye
What do u filled or tick off on profile as religion? Christian!
Austine Zeku Torkuma

Riches W M Marshal
If we believe in Jesus, Then we should believe in His Definition of Religion

Emeka Nobis
Riches W M Marshal pray tell, what was it?

Riches W M Marshal
Emeka Nobis Giving to The Widows and Needy

Emeka Nobis
Riches W M Marshal but are those two only descriptive of what entails religion?

Anani Sunday
Riches W M Marshal This is fine but not full definition. Christianity is a religion that aligns with the full teaching of Christ.

Riches W M Marshal
Emeka Nobis True ... Religion, May be Seen as Sort of Repititive Ritual or so
But what I think Christ meant by that is that what we have with Him is more of A Relationship than Typical Religion
'Christianity' in itself is a Externally coined concept
The name was given us by what the world observed about us
At the same time, i wouldn't say its wrong to see Christianity as a Religion because it posseses every Religious Characteristics accrueable to typical Religion.

Riches W M Marshal
Christianity is a Religion and More

Emeka Nobis
Riches W M Marshal who told you the word "religion" was an externally coined concept?
By who? Who coined?
What do you call "typical religion" please?

Riches W M Marshal
I said the word 'Christian' or 'Christianity' not 'religion' sir

Riches W M Marshal
By Typical religion, i mean that there's a Standard System of action and behavior that we would classify as Religion based on its definition, primary purpose and characteristics

Emeka Nobis
Riches W M Marshal pray tell, what's the standard system that we would classify as religion?
I'll really love to learn.

Peace Agube
Christianity is not a religion in the sense that we were called into this body and paid for,
People have the right to choose what religion to belong to, but in Christianity it is not a choice, it is a calling that we must obey if we want to have a true fellowship with the holy one

Emeka Nobis
Peace Agube this description confused me o

Nosa Godswill Oveseey
Peace Agube called into this body and paid for, that is what makes it a religion..
Christianity isn't a choiy, it's a calling. Doesn't the called one have a choice to make?
Please stop confusing urself with english

George E Nwani
Peace Agube ...hmm peace be still oo.
Content in your G'O's words

Unshakeable Mateo Gafan
What does religion mean ? Aside Google , in short religion is a continuous practice of a tradition.
An interest of a devotion .
Christianity is not a religion per say but due to the connection or relationship between Christ and Christians , Christianity becomes religion as christians devote time to Christ

Emeka Nobis
Unshakeable Mateo Gafan I'm yet to truly understand your description

Unshakeable Mateo Gafan
Emeka Nobis . You can't except in the spirit

Emeka Nobis
Unshakeable Mateo Gafan typical response when a conversation can't be done in ways to be understood.
A typical line of reasoning projected when you typically can't explain what you believe in.
Felt I could engage, but that typical line halts everything.
Enjoy your Sunday.

Nosa Godswill Oveseey
Unshakeable Mateo Gafan what can't be understood in clear terms is actually a religion. U don't know the reason for something, yet u do it cos that's what u were told as the normal rite.

Olemmakpalu Mbee
Christianity is a religion. Once you have any set of formulas in approach to Life in any form, then you have a religion.
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Ugbogu Ihechikara Chuks
African Table shaker number 1πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

Binny Da Luminary
I have noticed you are always posting your ignorance on social media. I don't need someone like you on my friends list. Evil communication corrupts...gush! I wonder how you got on my list in the first place, I don't even know you in real life. Byebye

Emeka Nobis
Binny Da Luminary where else should I post it?
I have not even met you, too.
I don't remember asking you to be on my list. You came by yourself.
I don't even know if that's your real name.

Donatus Nwachukwu
Binny Da Luminary Omooor. Be calming down oh.

Nosa Godswill Oveseey
Binny Da Luminary Please help post your knowledge let's see if u say he post of his ignorance.
Just an intelligent conversation, u can't engage in, no one dares associate with an empty mind that sees enlightenment as a corrupt seed..
You can't learn with this kind of your attitude.

Ipalibo Madodoye
What is religion in the light of the gospel of Christ?

Nosa Godswill Oveseey
Ipalibo Madodoye Religion is the act of worship of a deity

Ntolma Iniobong Innocent
"We are not doing religion here" but na dem do pass.

Pastorein Udoakpan
Ntolma Iniobong Innocent So true. That's why I stopped 'doing religion' 4 years ago. I'm not an atheist but I'm now more of a Faith person

Donatus Nwachukwu
From the book everything is fucked, I understood what religion is.
I came to understand that everybody has a religion.
Whether you say you are an unbeliever and atheist once you hold tight to something have faith on something and allows that thing to give you hope, you are religious.
But then,
Christ's initial thought of coming earth wasn't to create a religion, but a pathway for mankind to access God.
Unfortunately, thanks to the Roman government, they hijacked Christianity and turned it to a religion with some laid down bullshit doctrines.
Initially it wasn't supposed to be a religion.

Emeka Nobis
Donatus Nwachukwu when Christ came, where there things he established as DOs and DONTs?

Richard Ubasinachi
Donatus Nwachukwu Both Christ and the Apostles brought doctrines to the Christian community of old. It's not as if everything started with the Roman.

Donatus Nwachukwu
Emeka Nobis His Do is centred around Worshipping God in spirit and in truth through him,
Of course said many things, like be ye holy for I am holy, but that holiness is not even achieved by dos, but by faith in Christ, christ is our holiness.
All the do's listed were supposed to make us need Christ everyday.
Christ is supposed to be at the center of it all.
Christianity were supposed to be a daily lifestyle of relying on Christ to carry us...
Not some pray five times, and you will see God, come to church every Sunday and meet Jesus, play the chaplet else you will die ( don't know if this is right but you Sha got the point I'm trying to make) etc.
Christianity is supposed to be a daily lifestyle of being Sons of God in Christ... Not some Do's and Don'ts
Dos and Don'ts make it a religion...
Daily reliance on Christ, and following through his lead makes is a lifestyle.
Hence, Christianity is not a religion, it is a lifestyle.
Strongwhite N Promise
Donatus Nwachukwu
What you are just doing is pure castigation of the Roman church.
If there is no Do's and Dont why all these 'thou shalt not'
Dont come here and tell me its old testament because you cant separate the old from the new.

Emeka Nobis
Donatus Nwachukwu You swerved.
Simply answer. Did Christ establish Dos and Donts when he came?

Agwu Kesiena
Emeka Nobis Christ did sir. He also was under the law (Gal 4:4) which is completely religious.
However, He came to give eternal LIFE (Gal 4:5), adopting us as sons..
Thus it was a gradual transition from just religion to Life.
Christianity is a religion and more..

Donatus Nwachukwu
Emeka Nobis No He didn't.
If he did, the prisoner that was crucified with him couldn't have stood a chance.
Christianity is not about doing...
It is about believing in the already finished work of Christ.
For by works shall no man prevail.

Emeka Nobis
Donatus Nwachukwu he didn't?
What was loving your neighbour about? A DO or?

Donatus Nwachukwu
Strongwhite N Promise Do you know why Christ came?
He came because he found out that NO MAN CAN KEEP THOSE LAWS 100%
If you study the book of Matthew so well, you will understand why Jesus came.
If you also study John 1:12,
But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
John 1:12
You will find out that the only that needs to be done, by us, has been done by Christ that is paying for our sins and redeeming us from damnation.
Our part is to believe in the already finished work and abide with him through faith.
If the law would have been enough, Christ wouldn't have come.

Zaddy John Ogbonna
Donatus Nwachukwu any evidence aside that fictional book that he existed?

Donatus Nwachukwu
I think I also need to understand your own point of view of what a religion is.
Because my own understanding of a religion is
Laid down principles, ordinances, activities rules and regulations that one must follow to love right with God and gain access to eternity, that is what Christ came to ammend.
He didn't come to give us a religion, if not Judaism is already there.
He came to give us his life.
He came to restore fellowship, He came so that we can have direct access to the father. He came so that we won't need to go mountains before we see God, he came so that the work God be made manifest in our life.
Christ didn't come to give us a religion he came to give us life.
For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son, THAT WHO SOEVER BELIEVES in Him, should not perish, but have AN EVERLASTING LIFE.
Religion, presents us with death and damnation, because all the do's and don'ts it presents can not be fully kept.
You can't fully love your neighbor if you don't have the love of Christ in you.
So my point is...
Christ didn't build a religion in Christianity

Donatus Nwachukwu
Emeka Nobis If he says we should love our Neighbors does it now make it a religion?
Loving someone should be a lifestyle not a doctrine.

Agwu Kesiena
Donatus Nwachukwu everything you said Christ came to do is absolutely correct..
But that he didn't lay down some dos and don'ts? Of course he did. So many.. (Go through the Gospels)
Christ came in a period of transition (from complete religion - Judaism to the God-Life. He himself was under the law Gal 4:4, the Religious system
Thus, he came to lead man to God, a life beyond mere religion.

Donatus Nwachukwu
Agwu Kesiena What are the Do's and don'ts Christ talked about?

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Christ established a lot of Do's and Dont's, All through the sermon on the mount as captured in Matt 4,5,6 we have Jesus reveiwing and updating the laws which the prophets gave by the Holy Spirit. But Jesus's aim for the sermon on the mount wasn't really to establish laws, It was to show the multitude the incapacitated nature of man to prosecute Holiness without his Help.
Hence he said Math 5:17-"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them BUT TO FULFILL THEM.
Also read What Jesus said In John 5:39 - You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me.
So my point is: Before the coming of Jesus [the old testament] the Laws we're the height/Apex of Christianity, But after Jesus walked this Earth [The New testament] The laws became a STARTING POINT to begin engaging Jesus. So when you begin to follow the laws religiously [please note that I mean, the laws as they are recorded in scriptures, not as a denomination says it is o] You are expected to stumble on JESUS whom the scriptures testifies about, then He[Jesus] takes it from there.
We shouldn't be religious in our approach to worshipping God, but a level of devotion is required to get the best of our Communion with Jesus and if you don't follow those processes religiously you won't get the best out of your relationship with Jesus. 😌😌

Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem You started by saying Christ gave us Do's and Don'ts and you ended up saying he didn't.
Well, read that sermon on the mount again, you will why he ended with...
WITH MEN THESE THINGS ARE IMPOSSIBLE (It is impossible to gain Access to God by Our Doings,) But with Him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
Also read the book acts Romans Thoroughly.
There's is therefore, Now No condemnation, for those WHO ARE LIVING IN CHRIST JESUS, FOR THE LAW OF THE SPIRIT OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS, Has made us Free, from the LAW OF SIN AND DEATH.
That chapter, if you read down, states clearly how powerless and how keeping those obnoxious laws leads us to Death.
Look this topic is vast.
But life in Christ frees you from Do's and Don'ts... Cus they are not what will take you to heaven.
Rather, your access to heaven is YOUR LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS... and it is not because of what you did, or didn't do. It is because of WHAT CHRIST DID.
The only we will do to access God, is to Die For Our Own Sins. And that is what Christ Did.
Hence...every price for your sin Has been fully Paid.
Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu I don't intend to spin this up.
Please read again o πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
Don't start that "Because of what Christ did Sermon and not what you did" it will end in tears o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Shebi Christ died for all Ni!?
Why won't everybody got to heaven nah? If your own part is not required ?
Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem Talking about processes, what are they?
I always use the reference of the Criminal that was crucified with Jesus.
What processes did he pass through?
Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem "For by GRACE are ye saved through FAITH; and that not of yourselves: it is the
GIFT of God: not of works, lest any man should boast." EPHESIANS 2:8-9
Maybe you need to start some Church where they thoroughly teach the scriptures, or start researching the scriptures.
Study to show yourself approved, as a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the words of truth.
If Christ needs our efforts to gain access to heaven...
He wouldn't have come down all by himself, he would have sent another prophet to give us more dos and don'ts, rules and regulations
He came to tear the veil, that religion places on our direct access to God.
Our part is to daily believe in Him, continue believing in him DAILY, DAILY RENEWING OF YOUR MIND IN CHRIST.
Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu please I don't want to explore that ground, it's deep πŸ™
But lemme tell you sir, the Bible is a prophetic Book, some aspects of it can be understood literally, some of it is a prophetic illustration, such is the case with Jesus and the criminal on the cross.
However, the answers you seek are in the reply of this repentant criminal to the unrepentant Criminal. Analysing that reply will give us the clear process he went through.
But you'd still get to find out when we get to heaven that "Making heaven" is in levels 😊

Donatus Nwachukwu
I can give you more bible passages.
God doesn't us to keep some rules to gain access to him
Nah nah.
The only Rule is Christ.
Christ is the begin, he is the author and the finisher OF OUR FAITH

Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem I know you are getting emotional about this right now.
Making heaven is not in levels.
Any man, at any level, from anywhere, that believe in Jesus as his Lord and Personal Savior Will be saved, whether you are baptized, prays ones or 100 times in a day, or you were the worst sinner, once you recognizes how helpless you are, and how you can't really access God with Jesus, once you genuinely believe in the finished work of Christ, you are truly saved.
Your part is to continuously abide in him through faith

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu 😊😊
Baba Calm down o.
The more you get to know Christ the more the rules oo πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
The only difference is that those rules are perculiar to you.
You see, this is where the word of Faith preachers did a bad Job. They told you Christ is the only Pre requisite (which is true) without telling you that when you actually get to know Christ he'd regulate you.
I believe you're very able to handle complex sentences, please take time to read through my comments again, maybe you'd what I as trying to say clearer.
When you do, you'd get to see my point that : People (Man of God) shouldn't tell you how you worship God, But only Jesus should.. but no how no how, Someone is doing some dictations,that's the rules I'm talking about

Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem I've never quoted any man of God sir.
I've only shown you clear Bible passages.
But, what I will do everyday is to continuously look unto Jesus, who is the author and finisher of our faith.

Donatus Nwachukwu
Trust you understand this is not an argument.
Rather we are learning. I've learnt your point, and I believe you've learnt mine too.

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu I know this was where we are headed ..
All good πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
If you say I'm getting emotional, no issues, we've not engaged thoroughly 😊
You don't think making heaven is in levels ? When they call Heaven "The bossom Of Abraham" Goan quote your bible to Jesus ok?
When eventually Reinhard Bonnke Owns a street in heaven to his name (Just an illustration o πŸ˜‚) Maybe take Jesus to your church for proper bible study ..
When you see the 12 pillars of the New Jerusalem in Rev 21 named after the apostles shaa Bring your verse o
When they "repay everyone according to their works" at the marriage supper, shaa Open a Bible study there ..
See that Criminal ? He made heaven no disputes, but at the marriage supper we shall see How his is rewarded..
Just make heaven fess
Less continue the Bible study there πŸ€—

Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem Please explain what I need to do to own a street in heaven??
I will appreciate if you back it up with bible verses.

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu wise man πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I added a disclaimer o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚said it was an illustration Biko sir

Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem We are still learning Sir.
What are the things I need to do as a believer to own a mansion in heaven?

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu is the streets in Heaven the only instance you read ?
Let's not bore people with notifications, we can continue on WhatsApp if you wish 🀷

Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu to own a mansion in heaven ?😊
Don't change the focus sir.
Beyond this I can't go πŸ™Œ❤️
Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem We started it here, let's finish it sir. I promise you, people won't get bored.
Just mention the things I need to do, to own mansions in level, or to become a big man in heaven.
Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu you're pushing me o πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I'm not in the mood o πŸ˜’
If you want us to talk, then go back and read my comment that you're trying to twist
Let's continue on the right foot ..
Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem Thank you very much, so this still brings us back to our starting Point...
All we have to do
All we will ever do
All we need to do
IS to believe in the finished work of Christ.
And to share the message of Christ with the lost world.
That's the only thing that Christ required us to do. That is the great commission.
Believe in the finished work of Christ, accept the gift of the salvation of Christ, believe wholeheartedly on the finished work of Christ and share the good news with others... That is it.
If you believe wholeheartedly and don't share the good news, you will still make heaven. You won't stay in anyones boys quarters o. Lol
I think with that it is fair to say that the body of Christ is too big to be confined into a religious body.
He didn't die to give us mere religion..
He died so that we may have life, and have it more abundantly
I just hope uncle Emeka Nobis will see reasons with us.
Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu damn bro!!
We've long ironed this part NAU, I don't like vain repetitions o..
You won't stay in anybody's boys quarters?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
See what this Grace junk has made you people?πŸ˜’
So proud and arrogant (another disclaimer - I don't mean your character o, I mean a Spiritual position of pride and arrogance that you're not seeing )
Someone of the stature you profess doesn't know that Paradise is called "Abraham's Bossom?
Like I told you, I'm not in the mood o, you need a thorough bi le study from a Sound teacher to help you understand this things ..
There are no second hand children of God o, But please, we all are not on the same levels oo, you will not like to hear now oo
"Jesus we know, Paul we know, who are you?"
I know it offends your grace doctrine 😊
But shaa calm down, so you can learn this on time.
Bright Chibuikem
Donatus Nwachukwu Please don't continue again, now I have seen you're bent on "Winning an argument" it's not my intention to continue this conquest πŸ˜…
Have a sound night rest, As we allow the Holy Spirit enlighten us the more πŸ€—
Good Night sir
Donatus Nwachukwu
So there's actually levels in being a child of God, how interesting.
Now you've talked of Paradise being Abraham's bosom, how nice too.
Well. Let's go back, search the scriptures and allow the Holy spirit to teach us all these things.
Donatus Nwachukwu
Bright Chibuikem as for calling Grace junk.. Well that's a topic for another day.
Aperaga Sesugh
Religion is your personal believe, you can be believe in Anything.
That's Fact.
SK Oloisula Fianko-Larbi
Christianity is the Religion called the church - those who have responded to the blood of Jesus as cleansing for ours and the power of the Holy Spirit that makes us children of God and eternal overcomers of Sin, Satan, and Suffering. Hallelujah! πŸ™‚
Irawo Drummer
True Christianity is a way of life.
Religion is a dogmatic way of life.
Emeka Nobis
Irawo Drummer which one is dogmatic way?
Irawo Drummer
Emeka Nobis dogmatic na to dey do follow-follow; rigidity without being objective and kind because of one's religion like what the Northern Nigerians practice.
Emeka Nobis
Irawo Drummer ah, I have learnt o!
Akalawu Jude
Irawo Drummer i have been reading comments. I give u a distinction. What we have are Dogmas. When you understand that Christianity is freedom from same Dogmas you start living the Christian way

Spiritus OwΓ³
Irawo Drummer I love your supplier(s).
Ehinomen Albert
It's an ignorant statement. Christianity is a religion.
Pastorein Udoakpan
Ehinomen Albert Depends on how you define and understand 'Christianity'
Ehinomen Albert
Pastorein Udoakpan.
James 1:27
Even the Bible describes it as a religion...
Akinola Aloba
Christianity is a religion in every sense of the word.
These are the 8 elements of religion:
1. Belief Systems. A grouping of beliefs that explain the universe and humanity; often called a worldview.
2. Community
3. Central Myths
4. Ritual
5. Ethics
6. Characteristic Emotional Experiences
7. Material Expression
8. Sacredness
Which of these does Christianity not fulfill?
Your religion is what the world sees. Its outward. Your spirituality is what no one sees. Inward.
I might be a closet Traditionalist but I'm a pastor in a church.
Emeka Nobis
Akinola Aloba kai mana.
I have been looking for a way to capture this list you stated here.
Emeka Nobis
Daniel Adeniyi see this.
Maple Tammy Dappa see this.

Maple Tammy Dappa
Emeka Nobis
It is one's view on the subject of God regardless of what that view is - authentic, imitated, or self-glorifying.

Uchenna Ani
Thank you jaray; let folks keep deceiving themselves that Christianity is not a religion.
Those who care to know should equally understand that Christianity is man's idea.
Donatus Nwachukwu
Please, sir, what rituals, did the Prisoner crucified with Christ perform, to gain entrance into God's kingdom?
Akinola Aloba
Donatus Nwachukwu was he a Christian?

Donatus Nwachukwu
Akinola Aloba Even Christ was not a Christian

Enechukwu Emeka Excellence
Sir, I believe every quote has a context. It is a popular saying that when a text is taken out of context, it becomes a con.
"Religion" may not be the appropriate word for the statement, when you look at it as solely a quote, from a "third person perspective".
Again, the Bible, which is the Christian manual, does not describe a believer as one who is into a religion. But we see in the Bible, a drift from religion to relationship (the old and new testament). The Bible describes religion as a doing to please God; a searching for a God; a yearning to be justified by a being. But "Christianity, it describes" as the coming of God to man; the searching of the criminal by his God; a declaration that the man is righteous, and no need to keep searching; the justification of a criminal; the stop of a search.
I like that these questions are brought up from time to time, on your TL. Keep blessing.
Emeka Nobis
Enechukwu Emeka Excellence what do you really think religion is?
Enechukwu Emeka Excellence
Emeka Nobis, a belief that there's a God i need to please or appease. That is my thinking.
Emeka Nobis
Enechukwu Emeka Excellence as Christians, isn't that what we do?
Enechukwu Emeka Excellence
Emeka Nobis yes, many Christians do that. But the Bible did not say a believer should please or appease God. Remember, it shouldn't be about the misunderstanding Christians have, but the bible's conclusion is there's no need for us to. That's the manual.
Paul Ominyi
Personally I believe Christianity is threefold:
First there is the religious aspect which includes our pattern of worship/communication with God, festivities like Easter/Christmas and rituals like communion/anointing (for Pentecostals).
Secondly is the lifestyle aspect which represents the doctrines that describes how we ought live/behave as Christians.
Third is the divine/supernatural aspect which entails the presence of the Holy Spirit in us as believers empowering us to live a Christlike life including the power to perform signs/wonders.
However, of all the three aspects, only the third separates Christianity from other religion. Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and the rest all pray to a 'god', day fast, they have a place/mode of worship and they all have behavioral doctrines; but I'm yet to hear of any other religion in which it's adherents have been able to perform any supernatural sign (healing the sick, raising the dead, etc.) 'instantly' other than Christianity (I'm not just talking about Bible claims but actual recent events).
Emeka Nobis
Paul Ominyi are you really sure Muslims pray to a god?
Have you made your research about supernatural occurrences in Islam?
Kazeem Abolore S I'd love you to share a thought.
Agwu Kesiena
Paul Ominyi nice submission bro
but talking of supernatural events, it happens "everywhere", even with our traditional religions
Pastorein Udoakpan
Agwu Kesiena Sure it does
Pastorein Udoakpan
Christianity as a lifestyle not religion makes it worth the belief. It's a lifestyle not practice of ritual or routine of some sort - you've got to go to church on a Sundays, you've got to pray, you've got to... you've got to...
All those pisses me off.
Sefiu Shitu
Emeka Nobis
Sir, the problem is that even Islam has this saying- that Islam is not a religion, it is a lifestyle.
And we believe we're even" more right" to call it a lifestyle than any other religion. Because our prophet came and lived a complete lifestyle, unlike Jesus that didn't experience something like marriage, etc.
And I've heard Hindus also claim that their religion is not a religion, it is a lifestyle.
Whatever you like, call your religion, it is still a view of God, the universe, and the understanding of the world beyond the physical.
What amazes me is that every religion, every doctrine or body of faith truly believes that their belief is the only RIGHT one.
Meanwhile, it's just a point of view
And when you look at things with a mind stripped off all forms of prejudices, you'll realize, there are no "rights" or "wrongs", only point of views
Kemi Lawal
Sefiu Shitu thank you!
Sefiu Shitu
Kemi Lawal
You're welcome πŸ™
Paul Ominyi
Emeka Nobis while I can't say I'm completely sure that Muslims pray to a 'god', I've interacted with a few of them (I'm currently learning a skill from a Muslim) and I know they talk about Allah the way we talk about God.
I've not heard of any supernatural occurrences in any other religion doesn't mean non has happened. It's only based on my experience; and thinking about it now I realize it's a wrong assumption as I have heard of supernatural occurrences wrought by Traditionalists.
I'm aware that the same way we believe in the superiority and sacredness of Christianity is the same way others feel able their religion, and personally I've been questioning some of my 'Christian beliefs'. The problem is that many Christians believe that questioning Christianity is demonic and heretic Antichrist, but without questioning I wonder how growth can take place.
Emeka Nobis
Paul Ominyi I'm glad you accepted ad wrote these words.
With such a spirit as your that accepts its shortcoming while on a quest, you'll do well.
Kudos, man!
Donald Okpa Jr.
Paul Ominyi
Truth be told. You're right
Paul Ominyi
Emeka Nobis thanks. But turning the question back to you, how are you sure that Christianity is the utmost or the best religion considering that others feel the same way about their religion as you do, and all (or perhaps most) religions seems to promise the same thing: a better, higher and more peaceful life.
Is Christianity not just a regular religion like others if viewed without prejudice or bias?
Would you have been a Christian if you were born and bred in a non-christian family or society but still had the opportunity of hearing about it?
Agwu Kesiena
Paul Ominyi imagine a book written over a period of a thousand and six hundred years..
most of the more than forty authors living in different era, most never met themselves
Yet the whole book has a single theme, Christ and His Salvation.
This is why i go with the bible.
In properly and painstakingly studying this book, we will come to appreciate Christianity and other religions better
Emeka Nobis
Paul Ominyi did you ever see me say it was the best or the utmost?
How did you arrive at that inference?
Paul Ominyi
Emeka Nobis for anyone to believe in a particular religion, it's usually because they believe that religion possesses something that others don't, and thus they tend to believe in the superiority of their beliefs. Perhaps your case is different, but I'… See More
Paul Ominyi
Emeka Nobis for anyone to believe in a particular religion, it's usually because they believe that religion possesses something that others don't, and thus they tend to believe in the superiority of their beliefs. Perhaps your case is different, but I'd still love to know why you're a Christian. (I'm aware that we all reserve the right to believe whatever; just asking out of curiosity).
Emeka Nobis
Paul Ominyi
1. I was born into a Christian family. If I were born in Afghanistan, I’d be a Muslim. If I were born in India, perhaps a Hindu.
2. I have struggled to hold it as superior as I keep questioning a lot.
3. I’m at peace with how the written words in Scriptures aid my grasping the cosmos as much as I can and guiding my everyday living.

Paul Ominyi
Agwu Kesiena have you studied the sacred texts of other religions and how they were written?
Agwu Kesiena
Paul Ominyi a few..
From my little research, none was written by over 40 authors and in such a long period (1600 years) and yet no contradictions
we surely cannot overlook that.
Sefiu Shitu
Agwu Kesiena
I love your observation though but in my opinion, I don't think this is enough to prove the superiority or even the veracity of the message of the text.
The argument is weak and here is just one reason
Is there any proof that each of these authors didn't have access to the previous author's teachings or doctrine, which could have influenced their version?
Agwu Kesiena
Sefiu Shitu correct question bro
Clearly some of the authors would have accessed previous texts by others, but a few didn't
Moses had no previous text, he wrote the first five books and some of the psalms
The good thing is the Qur'an attests to moses authenticity.
Benjamin Mogbo Ojo
Religion is man looking for God but christianity is God looking for man.. well in order to standout and dominate the globe we technically rejected the nomenclature 'religion'.
Emeka Nobis
Benjamin Mogbo Ojo who are the "we"?
Oyigu OnucheOjo Elijah
Christianity is a relationship that births sonship in Christ.
Mazi Ganihu Kalu
Emeka Nobis ask him again

Yahmyel Gracy
I marvel when they say that.
When Christians are filling a form where they require religious status don't they write Christianity?
Why don't they leave the space blank since it isn't a religion?
Esther Adebayo
Yahmyel Gracy Because we have to.
Perhaps there is space for better expression, I know many will go for that.
Pastorein Udoakpan
Christ was never a religious personality. Christians follow Christ. That's it
Pastorein Udoakpan
Religion was a term coined to describe all the Spiritual Faith around the world. Just like Economics is the term used to describe everything about trade, sales, entrepreneurship, etc. Just because I'm in the 'economic space' doesn't make me an economic person. Same with religion
Emeka Nobis
Pastorein Udoakpan who coined it?
Pastorein Udoakpan
Emeka Nobis We did
religion is an organization like catholic and orthodox. while Christian is a belief
Adiemea Obed
There is an explanation to this, I heard if from the first person who said Christianity is not a religion to me.
Religion is Man's search for God: man trying to connect with God and reach for him.
By this definition Christianity is unique,
It may be a religion when we define religion differently as many people have, but by this explanation Christianity is not a religion and I understand that perfectly.
Uchenna Ani
Is Christianity God's idea?
A scriptural explanation would suffice, thank you!

Adiemea Obed
Uchenna Ani Christianity as a name was derived from "Christians" which was given by men in response to People behaving like Christ.
The Name was not given by God and that shouldn't be a problem. That was how people chose to describe their experience.
But the Experience that made them call that name, the Idea of reproducing Christ everywhere is God's. This doesn't need me quoting Bible. I am sure you know it
Uchenna Ani
I love your sincerity that the name was given by men; unlike folks who keep telling us that Christ is the founder of Christianity.
Don't you think that believers should pick their identity from the Word (Christ), and not from the street?
Donatus Nwachukwu
Uchenna Ani Christ was not even a Christian. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ The reason it is not a religion.
Controversial Succesx
Donatus Nwachukwu
Christ cannot be a 'Christ'ian because he was the bedrock upon which the name was given

Controversial Succesx
Uchenna Ani
If Christ left us an open cheque, and we adopted a suitable name that obviously syncs with what we represent, why should we make a fuss out of it - or isn't 'christian' a suitable name?

'Gọzie-Eze Sylas
What is religion, Oga? Make it clear so we know how to respond
Emeka Nobis
'Gọzie-Eze Sylas start by opening your dictionary.
Do you have one?

'Gọzie-Eze Sylas
Emeka Nobis
'Gọzie-Eze Sylas have you opened it to check the meaning first?

Olusegun Israel
Christianity isn’t religion but there is religion in Christianity, James 1:27 if there be a religion in Christianity, it is the taking care of the widow, the poor and the marginalised

Drcharles Imogie
People choose to say things based on their understanding.
You can choose to say otherwise if you have contrary opinion.
The statement is not a Christian doctrine and as such is not worth debating about!
If we choose to debate about it , it is purely on academic ground .
There are core biblical doctrines and when we perceive error , it would be worth all the enegy to defend the Faith.
Omeh Onyema
In this generation every humans are looking for God for this same reason all religious set's are religion
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf
Emeka Nobis I Christianity is definitely a religion. I think the problem starts with language and overemphasis.
For instance, someone starts by saying "Christianity is not like the other religions" and after a while, it is morphed into "Christianity is not a religion". Then what is it? A business?
Original: θρησκΡίΞ±
Transliteration: thrēskeia
Phonetic: thrace-ki'-ah
Thayer Definition:
religious worship
especially external, that which consists of ceremonies
religious discipline, religion
Original: θρῆσκος
Transliteration: thrēskos
Phonetic: thrace'-kos
Thayer Definition:
fearing or worshipping God
to tremble
trembling, fearful
It's about the same way some started defining "the gospel" as "too good to be true" as the original meaning, which is not true of cause.
The original meaning was "reward for bringing good news" then it later became "almost too good to be true".
Emeka Nobis
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf coming from you on this, I'm absolutely elated!
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf
Emeka Nobis it is well sir. I am open minded. We seek truth only, not aligning to just to please people.
Paul make reference of comparing christianity with "the Jewish religion" and James describes Christianity as "pure religion".
Ogi Emeka, not everybody will agree with you no matter what evidence you bring, but that's OK. The Bible says we will come to "the unity of faith" and not doctrine.
Sometimes when someone ignorantly argues with me, I just tell them "you're right and move on". Wetin konsign me.
Some people don't even want to be called Christians that it's unbelievers that nicknamed the disciples/believers Christians.
Emeka Nobis
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf thanks so much, Sir.
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf
Emeka Nobis you're welcome sir. Blessings πŸ™πŸ½
JJ Williams
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf Emeka Nobis
Christianity is a life
We've been called into sonship.
Fear does not exist in this life
We love God not fear God..
I can give you alot of reference from the Bible.
John the beloved said perfect complete love casts out fear.
Apst Paul said God has not given us fear but love
Ma! The Bible also said The life I live,
You see, in Galatians Apst Paul warned about observing special ceremonies
Look at holy Communion, the modern church made it doctrinal
It happened only once
So it's an ordinance..
Christianity is sonship
We live the life of the son of God.
Being a child of your parents is that religion???
Christianity is Christ like life.
The God kind of life..
It's a reality of the life of God made available to mortal men through Christ..
Christ is not a deity
He is existence
He's Alive.
God help us!
Christianity sir/ma has gone beyond a system of religious beliefs.
It's a way of life (the God life)
Sir/ma Christianity is a Culture!!
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf
JJ Williams sir/ma
What are you talking about?
Emeka Nobis you see what I was telling you earlier? 🀦‍♂️

Emeka Nobis
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
Orjih Charles Chinwoke
Gwanzwang Ephraim Yusuf
Your deductions are sound, and coherent. Open mindedness is a level of maturity. I'm not surprised when people put their reasoning in their pocket to think with their emotions.
Well, even when you said it'll happen, it finally happened.🀣🀣

Michael Oyebanji
Being a member of a family is not same as doing Chores. Anybody (not family, like stewards) can do chores. Christians do religious things but Christianity is relationship with Christ. It is a spiritual family. Anyone can do the religious part without the relationship, and so many people do, but that is not Christianity. The literal interpretation of the word Christian is "like Christ". Doing church things is not what makes anyone like Christ.
Justus Nmezi
The kinda comments I have read here today erh... It's enough to write a book....
Someone should compile it and turn it into a book.
Emeka Nobis this is your department.
Just-Joe BabÑtúndé Olúwasèyí AdéọlÑ
When a way of life is institutionalized, its already a religion. As you know our way of life, is different from each other, picking one life pattern (Jesus) for all to live by makes it a religion automatically.
So I believe that, saying christianity (institutionalised by men) as a way of life is somewhat vague and very ambiguous. Let's not forget that religion means service to God. Whether you now bow to follow the dogma written in the bible or man in your pursuit for such service to God is part of the variables of it. Hence, I sincerely I believe christianity is a religion.
Who among the so called Christians are even practicing such a life, from the way the so called founder (Jesus) institutionalized it (which I believe he didn't)?
Almost None!
And the people who truly practice such life (Jesus Christ) do not want to be associated with same.
In all of these forms of religion, I believe breaking from such forms like Jesus and Paul broke out of Judaism to engage in a direct relationship with the Father. Relationship with the father by faith is the only acceptable way of life. So it doesn't now count what kind of religion you now associate yourself with, seeing that you now walk by faith. The opposite of Religion is Relationship, so such relationship is now what counts beyond any form of religion.
Beyond all of these actually is that, all forms of religion embedded in it the culture of the people. As we can see that Christianity is a blended culture of the jews, Roman, British and more. That's why you must either go to Jerusalem or Mecca as a deep sign of satisfaction of practicing such religion.
The day you come out of such you will connect to your environment and see how Holy your environment is and be full of veneration unto God about it... and you will begin to share the testimonies of your patriarch in this...
I stand to be corrected oooo
Interesting reads.
Benny James
Pls tell me what is religion
Emeka Nobis
Benny James lets start from the dictionary, can we?
Benny James
Emeka Nobis ok
Chukwuma Okwara
Christianity is a religion but it is more than a religion, it is not you following a deity but you living for Jesus Christ Philippians 1:21. It is being a living sacrifice to God like Jesus Christ Romans 12:1
Other religion follow their deities but are never living sacrifices to God.
Emeka Nobis
Chukwuma Okwara it is a religion, but more than a religion...
Ah, how do get this reasoning?
It’s like saying I’m a human being but more than being a human being...
Does that align?
Eseosa Osagie
Emeka Nobis Yes o... I'm more than a human being, sir πŸ™Œ.
I'm the Son of God.
Chukwuma Okwara
Emeka Nobis just like Jesus Christ is a human but more than a human that is how Christianity is in terms of religion. It is unique just as Jesus Christ is unique amongst humans...
Emeka Nobis
Eseosa Osagie enjoy!

Tony King
This thought has been in my head for years.
I just like been a realistic Christian
It's easier that day.
Emeka Kalu
I think, the problem here is more of semantics.
Christianity is a name of a religion. Nothing is wrong with this.
What we should pursue and crave for is deeper knowledge of God
Emeka Nobis
Emeka Kalu semantics and trying to be what it is not.
Emeka Kalu
Emeka Nobis Exactly sir
Victor Agboli Ifechukwude
When they fill forms, and get asked about their religion, I hope they keep this same energy
Onyebuchi Echezona
People like us that don't have strength for fight with just be reacting on the comments that we share same opinion with πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Victor Aina Pitan
In fact the word religion was mentioned in Bible books of James 1:26,27 Galatians 1:13,14
Acts 26:5
Uchenna Ani
Many of us here confuse these two πŸ‘‰ChristπŸ‘ˆ and πŸ‘‰ChristianityπŸ‘ˆ because we don't know what those two really are. Therefore, I wanna use this simple post for us to unlearn to learn truth πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
Contrary to the popular belief, Christ isn't Christianity and Christianity isn't who Christ is. Christ is the whole world's eternal life not Christianity. Christ---God become a human being called JESUS because of these two πŸ‘‰SINπŸ‘ˆ and πŸ‘‰ETERNAL LIFEπŸ‘ˆ. The mystery behind divinity putting on flesh was to wipe everything called sin out of this world and to give humanity--us eternal life who is himself πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Christ didn't bring everything called Christianity to silence other religions in this world πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ Eternal life who is Christ himself is what he brought only in this world and sin is what he only wiped out of this world. Everything called religion was brought in this world by men and that's why it has nothing to do with Christ nor his kingdom. What has everything to do with Christ and his kingdom is eternal life not Christianity. Truth be told!
Let me ask you this question, what is the the person of the Holy Spirit here on earth for...... What is his ministry here on earth?
Is he here for conversion...?? Is he here to convert people from other religions into Christianity.....??
Again contrary to the popular belief, the Holy spirit is not here in whoever believes for conversion. He's not here to convert people from ISLAMIC, ATHEISM or any other religion to CHRISTIANITY. The Holy Spirit is here to convince souls concerning God's purpose and love for them. He's here for salvation not for conversion πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™… He's after men receiving their eternal life who is Christ by the hearing of Him and that's why we're preaching him. Nothing else!
Christianity was my religion But I left into the kingdom of Christ for the gospel and thank God I did. And having come from there, I can tell you that Christianity is a worse religion of all religions. It is a terrible religion. Folks don't arrive there. They're always striving. Always doing something for God to do something. Pathetic!
Above all, the same way you don't confuse Christ with ISLAMIC, HINDUISM, BUDDHISM, ATHEISM, UNIVERSALISM should be the same way you shouldn't confuse CHRIST with CHRISTIANITY because the two aren't the same. What Christ is, is the whole world's eternal life to believe in and believing in him like sir Mcmanley Manley says has nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity. Because what Christ is, is eternal life and not Christianity!
I believe you have unlearnt to learn πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Emmanuel Nelly Akamagune
Uchenna Ani great post. You succeeded in telling us what Christ is but you did not tell all what Christianity is. Can you push on?

Controversial Succesx
Uchenna Ani
Christian simply means CHRIST-LIKE
so tell us why there is a Vs between Christ and Christ-like

Bright Chibuikem
Controversial Succesx Sir, the answer you seek, is in your comment already.
And in Antioch, the disciples were first called Christians. (Acts 11.26)
Jesus was long gone before they earned this title. "Christian" is supposed to be a title you earn when you embody the life of Christ. But in our case it's the reverse, You become a "Christian" then you begin to learn the ways of Christ. "Christianity" in our clime has a defective Structure that's why it's different from "Christ"

Uchenna Ani
Simply put, Christianity is man's idea and the biggest misrepresentation of Christ.
Aka, antichrist religion.

OzyJeph Anioji
What is a religion?

Richard Okere Jr.
Religion is "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." - Oxford
Although I am not a fan of using dictionary to explain spiritual things, by this definition, Christianity is the religious belief of Christians. But the most important thing is the goal of religion.
While the objective of most religions is to make "Heaven" by trying hard to impress their god, maintaining does and don'ts (most times Fear-Based practices). Doing is by their power.
the goal of Christian religion is first, so that you build a stronger relationship and fellowship with God through Christ, this will naturally transform you (character) by the power of the Holy Spirit. You're not trying to impress, but you're yielding your frailties so He can break and mould you Himself.
Secondly, so that you'll be a light to the world, with your character. That men will see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven. That you shall draw men to Him.
This is the difference.
Emeka Nobis
Richard Okere Jr. in all you still said Christian Religion.
The crux is that Christianity is a religion.
Play with semantics as we can, the definition is clear and the embodying attributes present.

Asogwa Anthony Chukwuma
Ask Daddy Oyedepo for proper explanation sir.I'm telling you that you will get a satisfactory answer.

Emeka Nobis
Asogwa Anthony Chukwuma smiles.
I should go to his office to ask?

Asogwa Anthony Chukwuma
Emeka Nobis ,get his book "walking in dominion" ,he did justice to that topic.
Emeka Nobis
Asogwa Anthony Chukwuma I’ve read it.
Asogwa Anthony Chukwuma you think he believes in him?

Mistre Kingdom
Summarise herewith, that the life he Christ, led was not in conformity to that of practitioners of religion. Who were they? Ofcourse, the Sadducees and Pharisees -the foremost Judaist religious division and practitioners of his time.
His arrival went directly against the tides of their religious practices and imbroglios and then laid a foundation for a life free of the encumbrances of religion. A life rooted in simplistic living that reverberates and sends echoes across all realms; physical and spiritual. It was a life style as it lacks form and ceiling rules.
It's formlessness is captured in his golden rule sermon and the Lord's prayer: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you; forgive us as we forgive others who trespass against us, respectively. He simply had no wig and gown nor the mace, which was a thing aplenty in religion.
He then gave us the lifestyle. To Live in the spirit consciousness and love God and all as it covers multitude of errors and be ready for the unknown at all times.
There is no religion here. If there is, call it Love.

Donatus Nwachukwu
Mistre Kingdom God bless you sir.
Esthery Ebunoluwa Comet
Mistre KingdomMistre Kingdom This. is. Apt!!! πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘Œ
Christianity is not a religion, it is a lifestyle!
Esthery Ebunoluwa Comet
God bless you Sir for this expository submission.

Emeka Nobis, has the right to post anything he wants wherever he wishes.
But, and Yet, (I mean yet in CAPITALs) posting things that seem to take away from the church, things that seem to diminish the image and public standing of the church doesn't portray you as a wholesome part of the church. I think that's where some people's reactions stem from, that perceived perspective.
I don't think Moslem or any other group of people come out to tear down their faith in this manner. Yet, we are all aware that much, even heinous atrocities get committed therein sometimes.
Though we gotta keep in mind that not everyone that hangs around the church is a believer.
To say I also go to Church, or I attend such and such meetings, or know so and so sounds much like uncle bubu telling Nigerians in 2015 before the polls that he loves Christians, that his personal aide is a Christian plus all the other shot stories that Pantimi is also throwing at Nigerians at the moment.
Emeka Nobis
Son OfFIRE how does this post exactly tear down?
Please show me.
And when you talk about Muslims, I follow quite Imams on Twitter and they do a lot to post about Islam, to the charging of many fundamentalists.
Amb Richmond Iyke Edoga
Son OfFIRE πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Not everyone that hangs around church is a believer. I love this one
Controversial Succesx
You are the reason people will never be like Jesus.
Yes, you and your lot are the reason people will never ask questions or understand what exactly they believe WITHOUT DOUBT.
Donald Karo
If someone sees a Ferrari and says wow! This is not a car, it's a machine. Obviously, it's a grammatical blunder because a Ferrari is a car.
But we can't call it a blunder if the person says, wow! This is not just a car but a machine.
Whatever anyone decides to describe Christianity as is fine to him but saying it's not a religion is a grammatical blunder.
And there's nothing religious or spiritual about making a grammatical blunder.
Sam Adeyemi once taught a message where someone saw in a vision a secular and a religious mind. The secular mind was already old/overused. While the religious mind was still brand-new/unused because it claims to feel everything in the spirit.
Sometimes in trying to catch Rhema, we just make blunders.
Orjih Charles Chinwoke
Donald Karo
So, you're trying to say your religion is superior than others, because you're a christian?
Remember, If you were born into a far Chinese family, Taoism, or Confucianism would've been your best and superior.
Open-mindedness could be the best.

Donald Karo
Orjih Charles Chinwoke I didn't say so. What I mean is, take it or leave it, Christianity is a religion. If someone wants to add to it, he can say Christianity is not just a religion. But saying Christianity is not a religion is completely out of it.
Orjih Charles Chinwoke
Donald Karo
Stanley David
To be candid and clear, there were many religions before Jesus came, but when He did, He didn't come to setup another religion, the world had way too many already. Religion was what the scribes, the Pharasees and others had before Christ came.
But none of these religions could give life, cos Jesus said I am come that we might have life and have it more abundantly.
There is no religion that gives life. And this life is in His son Jesus, He told us I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father except through Jesus. He came and died not for Himself but for the sins of the whole world, meaning He was the scapegoat. This isn't religion, and we aren't referring to a martyr.
Religion doesn't give life, Christianity gives life through Jesus Christ. Therefore Christianity isn't a religion, but in Christianity there is religion

Emeka Nobis
Stanley David your final paragraph made me chuckle.

Nemi Derefaka
Even atheism can be a religion. Anyone that says Christianity is not a religion is being silly

Pastorein Udoakpan
Nemi Derefaka What's Religion? A cult-like following of any concept. It can be an ideology, a philosophy, a belief(Christianity), Γ  tradition etc
Nemi Derefaka
Pastorein Udoakpan gbamsolutely
Caballus Josh Mascot
Christianity is a life style

Echeme Friday
Caballus Josh Mascot Is religion not a lifestyle?
Orjih Charles Chinwoke
One of the coated lies I've ever heard, even from the so called top men of God.
From the responses here, you can sense how confused the whole thing have affected a huge chunk of us.
Has the meaning of religion changed?
Why the denying and sugar-coating?
See the way we're paraphrasing, quoting off context, running around off reasoning, on what is just simple to figure out.
Open-mindedness is a form of maturity.
Why are we being sunk by unnecessary bias?
Victor Brightfuture Maxwell
Christianity is a lifestyle and not a religion
Echeme Friday
Let me ask us, what are we going gain if Christianity is not a religion? The Bible refer Christianity to as a religion. So, what's the fuse about?

Yinka Ola
I love the semantics going on here. Only Christianity is not a religion. Other religions are religions. Except the biggest religion in the world. Una like mental gymnastics o

Glory Wodautimiebi Lawani
Christianity is a religion end of the story.
Damilola Oguntoyinbo
Christians: Christianity is not a religion
Filing a form



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