100 Happy Birthday Messages to a Friend, Boss and Mentor

These birthday messages for a friend, boss and mentor are professional birthday wishes for the boss and birthday wishes and prayers for a mentor.

Best Happy Birthday Messages to a Friend, Boss and Mentor

Celebrating a Boss, a friend and a mentor on their special day is something we shouldn't forget. How can you forget to celebrate your own Boss on his or her special day. When you celebrate others, you for sure that you too will be celebrated. 

Thoughtful words to say a happy birthday to your dear Boss, should not be that which should give you stress. Just think of all the good things that your Boss is to you and make words out of it to say a big thank you to that Boss of yours who is not just a Boss but a mentor to you.

And if you lack the right words to say a big happy birthday to your Boss, here are thoughtful amazing happy birthday wishes and sayings for a wonderful Boss of yours.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages to a Friend, Boss and Mentor

For a true friend who is a mentor and Boss, here are birthday wishes for a respected person, heart-touching birthday wishes for the Boss and professional birthday wishes for the Boss. Christian Birthday Wishes for Grandmother

[1]. Our dear Boss, what a special day a birthday is! A birthday is a day to celebrate the previous years and it's a day filled with promises for what's ahead. So today I have a handful of wishes for you. I wish you a smile and joy. The kind that makes your heart happy and full. I wish you peace, comfort and quiet within, to help you walk your way through each day. I wish you some mystery and surprises, for they spice up and brighten life. I wish you the courage, to handle those days that whatever reason seem more complicated and harder to get through. I wish you hope that you will always realize there is a rainbow waiting at the end of every tunnel. And more importantly, I wish you love, for nothing else enables the heart to feel treasured or fills the soul with the promise that you matter to others. I bundle these wishes and give them with the hope that your birthday will be lovely. Happy birthday to our great boss. Many more fruitful years in good health.

[2]. Happy birthday to one of the most influential grandpas on earth. We love you, Sir. Wishing you many more amazing years.

[3]. Happy birthday to you Sir. I wish you God's abiding presence and protection. Keep making us proud. Shalom!

[4]. Wishing you many more beautiful and fruitful years ahead. Age gracefully. Happy birthday Sir. Many prosperous years ahead in sound and stable health in Jesus' name, Amen.

[5]. May you find fulfilment in all you set out to do. Stay blessed. Congratulations Sir, continued in impacting lives, Happy birthday to you. God blessed your new age.

[6]. Happy birthday Sir. You are a philanthropist. More wonderful years to come. Age with abundant grace and blessings. Age graciously in God's presence and knowledge.

[7]. Wishing you more beautiful years ahead. More grace to you our dear boss. Happy birthday Sir, may the good Lord continue to give you wisdom and the grace to be an inspiration to us all.

[8]. Happy birthday Sir. We celebrate you. You inspire and impact humanity. May God continue to protect you in Jesus' name. When I grow up I would like to be more like you sir

[9]. Happy beautiful and blissful birthday Sir. Wishing more wins, soaring higher in good health and the abundant grace of God Almighty. Congratulations Sir on your new age.

[10]. Happy birthday Sir. You are a source of great inspiration to me. Thanks for all you do for humanity. Have a wonderful year ahead Sir.

[11]. Wishing you many more happy years and celebrations. Keep shining boss and remain blessed. Best happy birthday and many happy returns of the day to you our one and only true boss of all the bosses.

[12]. Happy birthday Sir. Thank you for choosing to be different, to be a solution and inspiration to so many. In this new year Sir, healthier you, stronger you, wiser you, greater you and brighter you, in Jesus' mighty name. I believe in you!

[13]. We cherish your strong inspiration and entrepreneurship. You are a model to the World. Happy birthday my Chairman. 

[14]. Happy birthday, and celebrations, wish you all the very best in life. God blessings all through, the only great man I have seen, God bless your new age and keep you stronger than ever. Happiest birthday to you Sir. 

[15]. Happy birthday to one of the world's finest. We celebrate you today and always Sir. Happy birthday Sir! You are indeed a role model for the whole continent.

[16]. Thank you for inspiring a generation. Happy, happy birthday to you Sir. Age gracefully in good health, sound mind and prosperity.

[17]. More fruitful and fulfilling years ahead! On this occasion of yours, I say happy birthday to you and many happy returns. I celebrate you, Sir.

[18]. Happy Birthday Sir. I count it a great privilege to share the same birth date with you, Sir. I'm humbled. It's a rare privilege I don't take for granted. Happy birthday to our dear big boss.

[19]. Happy birthday to my great mentor. So much to write about you but time won't permit me. Appreciate you since you changed my story years ago. Enjoy your big day Sir.

[20]. Happy birthday, mentor, keep soaring high. I celebrate the grace upon your life. An icon in our time. May God bless you with a long life and as for prosperity it is sure, sure.

[21]. Happy birthday, boss. God's blessings more and more. Wishing you good health and more wealth to help the world.

[22]. The boss of the bosses. Happy birthday to you Sir and many happy returns. Many more celebrations to come. Congratulations Sir, more years ahead in good health and a relaxed mind.

[23]. Glorious happy birthday to you dear mentor. Thank you for all you are doing, Sir. Do age with more grace. Best wishes now and always!

[24]. I admire you so much. Happy birthday to the people's boss! Wishing you many more healthy years ahead. Congratulations!

[25]. Your labour on your children will continually bring you joy and peace. Happy birthday Sir. You inspire a lot of us who crave success through hard work and dedication. Again, happy birthday to the boss of the bosses!

[26]. Happy birthday to the number one boss and entrepreneur lifter. More grace, strength and longevity. Thanks for being such an inspiration.

[27]. Hearty congratulations Sir! You're a sure inspiration! Happy birthday Sir, age gracefully with more of God's blessings and protection upon your life.

[28]. Happy birthday and many more returns. Inspired keep inspiring. God's blessings will never depart from your dwelling. I celebrate you today and continue to impact your world.

[29]. Happy birthday Sir. More years to win in health and wealth. Our boss, with whom we are well pleased. Your dress sense is just impeccable.

[30]. The lives you have touched will remain grateful to God. Happy birthday, mentor. May God continue to preserve you for us. Greater work shall you continue to do Sir.

[31]. All I can say is thank you for the many lives you have impacted. Happy birthday my mentor. The real giant in our generation, I celebrate you, Sir.

[32]. Happy birthday anniversary and congratulations. The Almighty shall continue to decorate you with all the decorations of heaven in Jesus' matchless and most powerful name. Again happy birthday, the boss of bosses. More wins always, Sir.

[33]. Happy birthday to one of our generation's finest business aristocrats. May God continue to bless you, Sir. Congratulations Sir, you are doing well! Keep beaming the light for our generation.

[34]. God bless you for all you do Sir. You have helped a whole lot of youth discover purpose. More celebrations and wins Sir!

[35]. You’ve done more than you could if you’d walked alone. God is using you and we’re grateful to you for accepting such a task.
Thanks for the dreams you’ve helped build. Happy birthday, boss. May your youth be renewed like an eagle.

[36]. We wish you more vision and power to achieve more of your dreams. God's blessings continue to dwell upon you. Happy birthday Sir, higher, higher with long life and prosperity.

[37]. Happy birthday to the great boss, you are indeed a gift to this generation, wishing you so many more years in Jesus' name. Again, happy birthday to a great man. You are an inspiration and a shining example for all of us.

[38]. Happy birthday man of impact and an oracle of God's dimensions. Best wishes to a rare genius. May God continue to keep and strengthen you. Thanks for your support to see us live a better and more fulfilling life.

[39]. Happy birthday Sir. Thanks for all you do for humanity. Keep replicating God's grace. Blissful birthday to one of the most influential people, a man of pedigree!

[40]. Happy birthday Sir, may your years on earth be long, fruitful and peaceful! Keep shining, child of the sun! Absin, happiest birthday Sir, long life and prosperity in good health and riches.

[41]. May God continue to increase and enlarge your coast. Happy birthday Sir, keep inspiring the young minds that need to grow and help the world move to the best level.

[42]. Long life in good health and many beautiful accomplishments. The world is lucky to have you and wish you the best for many years to come. Happy birthday senior man. I can't forget your humble beginnings. You have come a long, long way. Kudos boss!

[43]. Happy birthday to you boss. Your records motivate and intimidate me. Many more happy and fruitful returns you've set a pace for excellence! You inspire me!

[44]. Happy birthday, mentor. May you live to witness many more returns in sound health and prosperity. Congratulations to a visionary 

[45]. Happy birthday, boss, I pray you to mark more of these in the coming years ahead. Grace and multiple grace is your portion in this next phase of your life, keep basking in the euphoria of His grace and abundance.

[46]. Your turnaround time to fly to the top is now. Happy birthday Sir. I wish you more grace, good health and many happy returns Sir!

[47]. You left a lifelong impression on my young old self! You are phenomenal! A role model par excellence! Remain mightily blessed. Happy birthday, boss. May the hand of God be on you. A ton of best wishes to you on your birthday.

[48]. May your days ever be Solomonised in robust health. Happy birthday, boss. You can not imagine the kind of influence you have over me. You're a trailblazer and a great inspiration.

[49]. Happy birthday to one of my models in the business world. You are an inspiration for real. May God keep and grant you more strength and blessings. I celebrate with you, Sir. Rock on boss! Blessed birthday bliss!

[50]. Your impact on the development of humanity can not be overstated, we are proud of someone like you. Always living by example. God bless you much more in Jesus Christ's name. Happy birthday our amiable leader, may your light never go dim.

[51]. A coach, a mentor, a Dad, My model and the biggest entrepreneur icon. I celebrate you as you add another year today. Happy birthday big Daddy.

[52]. Happy birthday boss man and wish you all the good returns with all the good work you are doing for humanity. An additional year with additional heights to climb. Happy birthday and cheers to your new age Sir!

[53]. Happy birthday, my mentor, who is yet to be privileged to meet, more wisdom Sir. May your age avail you more grace, privilege and opportunities to keep shining your light.

[56]. Keep breaking boundaries, Sir. Congratulations on attaining a new milestone in the land of the living.

[57]. Congratulations big daddy and role model. May you live long now and forever. May your heart, body and soul be filled with immunity over all sickness. May the joy and good life you offer society keep yielding bountifully. Happy birthday Sir.

[58]. Happy prosperous birthday. The great philanthropist of our time. God almighty will continue to guide and protect you to witness more years of your birthday in good health and prosperity in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

[59]. Wow! Happy birthday to a vitaliser, promise keeper leader, age with grace and more wisdom to your elbow Sir. Once again, happy birthday to the world's best leader. Stay blessed boss!

[60]. Happy birthday to my mentor, the Lord will continue to uphold you. Boss you are trying, keep it up. We are grateful to you Lord for your gift of love in our hearts for our boss. Thank you boss for showing yourself an example of what a Godly home should look like.

[61]. Happy birthday, boss. Love of Christ will never depart from your home. You have impacted your generation positively and meaningfully. Keep enjoying God's, unfailing love. More years ahead of you in Jesus' name.

[62]. We are proud to have you in this generation. More fulfilled years ahead in sound health in Jesus' name! Happy birthday, boss. Keep basking in God's grace and anointing. Your relevance in God's kingdom will not be lost.

[63]. Congrats and happy blessed birthday to our dearest boss, wish you many more years of fulfilment. We celebrate and rejoice with you. Enjoy your day Sir.

[64]. Happy birthday Sir. May the good Lord continue to uphold you. We can tell the level of your humility. May you always shine!

[65]. Good leader! Good example! God will continually increase you on every side. Happy birthday, boss!

[66]. Our gentle boss, it is going to be a glorious year for you and the family. Happy birthday Sir, keep living in good health. May God grant your heart's desires. Remain ever, blessed boss.

[67]. My family celebrates Sir. The Lord keeps you both on earth for a long time to finish your assignments in Jesus' name. Happy birthday Sir.

[68]. I respect you. I look up to you. And I strive to be like you because you are a true gentleman. If I can achieve and accomplish even 50% of what you have in your life, I will consider myself lucky. I just want to wish you lots of luck, good health and yet a lot of wealth. On this day, wish you a super birthday.

[69]. You are very special and that’s why you need to float with lots of smiles on your lovely face. Happy birthday, boss.

[70]. The greatest employee ever is wishing the greatest boss ever the greatest birthday of all. May God bless you with all the joy and happiness and everything in life except shouting! Happy birthday, boss!

[71]. Happy birthday, boss. You are not only the star but also a special personality because you help so many people behind but do not show up in front of them so! 

[72]. Many happy returns on this special day. All our best wishes go to you on your birthday.

[73]. Happy birthday. A day to celebrate the big boss man! Thank you for creating a safe and fun space for people to enjoy coffee, encounter the Lord and just feel the joy of this place. You have the heart of the father! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. If you see him today, be sure to wish him the happiest birthday!

[74]. To a man, I've come to love. A man with mental excellence and social understanding. A man with sound love for Chelsea (like sey dem dey do am like that). One of my No. 1 followers here on this blue app and even in real life. Thank you for all you do, boss! Boss, as you mark another year to your life, may sound grace, favour and God's undying mercies never cease from your life and household. Lines will fall in pleasant places for you. For today, e be like say na like that dem dey do am!

[75]. Happy birthday gallant boss. May this special day brings ceaseless joy, happiness, mercy, grace and favour in all your endeavours. Wishing you many fruitful returns Bro.

[76]. Happy birthday Sir. You have proven beyond words that love is all it takes to co-exist. You have demonstrated that by extending friendship and reconciling one another into one big family. I appreciate it now and always. Hey friends, help wish my boss a glorious birthday.

[77]. Today is my boss's birthday. Sir, you picked out of many multitudes to train and nurture, I still remember that evening I was so depressed about life because I don't know where help was going to come from and was thinking of suicide when you called me and gave me food to eat first and sent me on a journey that brought about the beginning of new things in my life. Oga Boss, you are many things in my life. I  have been impacted and you made me become a resourceful person. Thanks for all the training sessions and life lessons. I am blessed to be associated with you Sir.

[78]. Wishing you a very happy birthday. I wish you luck, courage and strength to continue your successful journey of life for many more years. Happy birthday, Boss!

[79]. Boss I am highly happy to see this day in your life, a day Mummy smiled and praised God for safe delivery prayer answered and when Daddy heard the news he said oh God and he waved his two hands in the air then he said what a great God, thank you Lord. The boss may the Almighty God be honoured and praised for another 365 days. Happy birthday, Boss. More grace in life. Wish you everything good you wished for yourself.

[80]. Happy birthday, Chairman. Sir, you are so special to us because you are responsible for all our success and progress. Without your help, we never would have reached where we are right now. We are really fortunate to be part of your team. Sir, congratulations to you. We wish you a happy life. Happy birthday, Boss!

[81]. Words can't fill it. Minds and hearts really understand it most. You're a blessing. You've uplifted others and the host of heaven shall bless you on this day and forever. Working under you has been the best option, business-wise you've improved me to be the best I can ever be/ Happy birthday to the best Boss on planet Earth!

[82]. It's my boss's day. Happy birthday boss I wish you more years ahead and endless blessings. Happy birthday, Boss!

[83]. Please friends join me to celebrate my Boss, the man that always puts smiles on my face. He's the Boss of all and all Bosses, he is plus one today. May the good God bless, keep and promote you in all areas of your life. Long life and prosperity I pray for you Boss. Happy birthday, Boss!

[84]. Happy birthday Sir. You're an unforgettable boss. I wish that answers should be given to your prayers. Happy birthday, Boss. I will forever remember and love you Sir.

[85]. Is better late than never. Happy birthday, Boss. You're indeed a Boss to all. Not only do you lend a hand, but also a sympathetic ear, a shoulder to cry on, a strong backbone, a brilliant mind and one of the biggest hearts around. Knowing you as a person was never a mistake. May you step up the ladder of success and touch new heights every day.

[86]. I facilitate with you on this special day of yours, I pray for God's blessings and favour on you. May this new chapter of yours bring new goodies to you in this remaining year and beyond. Live long and prosper. Happy birthday, boss.

[87]. Today is as beautiful as the other days. Instead of counting candles or tallying the years, remember your blessings as your birthday nears. Happy birthday to the brain and heart of our firm. The one who boosts our confidence and brings our team together to help us succeed. We all wish you to have healthy, wealthy, amazing days full of joyful moments. Not just today on your birthday but for the whole coming year as well. Let's cheer for more years!

[88]. Boss of all bosses. The most kind and generous man I have ever set my eyes on. You've inspired so many people to be the best they can be through your financial support, moral support and words of advice and encouragement. You gave everything selflessly just to ensure that people become successful in life. You have made a lot of positive impact in the lives of so many and you will forever be remembered and be celebrated for all the impact you have done on society. Happy birthday to the real boss among bosses. 

[89]. Today is your day boss and words alone can not express how grateful and indebted I am to you for all the things you have done for me. I join those celebrating you to celebrate you too and it's my wish that as stars of Heaven and sand of the earth are uncountable so shall your blessings from the Lord be uncountable too. More open doors to you, more connections to you and more money to your account. Happy birthday, boss. Age gracefully!

[90]. May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night. Happy birthday, boss!

[91]. Happy birthday Boss, the heavens will shower their blessings upon you as you celebrate this special birthday of yours, and so shall you celebrate many more years. Once again happy birthday to you Sir!

[92]. What a wonderful and notable day to celebrate my boss, may God almighty anoint you with fresh oil. Many more years of overflowing anointing increase as you help others to achieve their life purpose. 

[93]. Happy birthday, Boss. May you continue to break limits. May the host of hell always tremble at your presence. May the host of Heaven never stop backing you up and always be at your beck and call.

[94]. Happy birthday my boss. You are an inspiration. Your life remains a great blessing for many people. I'm among the one who is always blessed by your heart of kindness. Happy birthday Sir, age with abundant grace.

[95]. Happy birthday to you Sir. Long life with abundant health, deeper knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The Lord will increase your greatness and comfort you on every side.

[96]. Happy birthday, Boss. Your mission on earth must be completed, no power of hell or scheme of man will ever pluck you from God's hands.

[97]. Congratulations Sir, may God continue to strengthen you and promote you in all of your endeavours. Happy birthday to a great boss and leader.

[98]. Happy birthday my boss. Wishing you many more fruitful years in good health and wealth. May your life continue to flourish Sir. Congratulations!

[99]. The presence of God will continue to overshadow you and your family. More grace and greater heights shall be your portion. Happy birthday Sir. God will keep you and His face will continue to shine over you.

[100]. Happy birthday Sir, age with grace and supernatural favour. May lines continue to fall in pleasant places for you. You shall celebrate more fruitful years of health. Happy birthday, boss. May the anointing of God in your life never run dry.



Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: 100 Happy Birthday Messages to a Friend, Boss and Mentor
100 Happy Birthday Messages to a Friend, Boss and Mentor
These birthday messages for a friend, boss and mentor are professional birthday wishes for the boss and birthday wishes and prayers for a mentor.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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