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60 Happy Birthday Messages, Wishes and Sayings for January Born People

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for January Born People

January is the 1st month of the year. It is a unique month that started all other months. What a privilege to be born in January.  

When you are a January celebrant, it comes with it that sense of pride knowing that you are the first to begin other months. And if your friend is born in the month of January, it is a done deal that you shouldn't forget to wish such a happy birthday.

For that special friend of yours born in the month of January, you have here birthday messages for all the people that were born in the month of January.

Happy Birthday Wishes for January Born Brother

Here are some of the best happy birthday messages for a der brother who was born in the month of January. Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

[1]. Happy birthday brotherly, may God bless you wonderfully. More years to enjoy life.

[2]. Happy birthday Bro. Age with more and more grace. The Lord will exceed your expectations with greatness.

[3]. Happy blessed birthday of God's divine favour, good health, long life and prosperity all the days of your life.

[4]. Happy birthday to one of our own. May God continue to bless you and order your steps in life. Congratulations!

[5]. Happy birthday to you. Many more years with good health and wealth.

[6]. Happy birthday. God bless you and keep you healthy, strong and stand firm in your faith with the Lord always.

[7]. Happy birthday my friend and many happy returns with good things in life.

[8]. Happy birthday to you, enjoying the fruit of your labour, more good health is what I wish for you.

[9]. Wishing you many more years of abundant grace and happiness. Happy birthday and many more years ahead.

[10]. As you added another year, may His grace cover you along with good health and many happy returns

[11]. Happy birthday, wishing you good health and a sound mind, cheers.

[12]. Keep flourishing in every way, more celebrations ahead! God bless you for your new age.

[13]. Happy birthday to you and I wish you many more vibrant years to you.

[14]. Happy birthday. I wish you long life and prosperity, joy, happiness and an extraordinary miracle ahead. More money in your account, more favour and grace.

[15]. Enjoy your special day! Happy birthday, may your remaining years on earth be filled with all your secret heart desires and prayers for greater accomplishments.

[16]. Happy birthday and congratulations dear. Wishing you many more beautiful years filled with love and happiness. Enjoy your special day!

[17]. Happy birthday and many more years to celebrate in a good and sound mind. Enjoy your special day with lots of love, laughter and happiness. Congratulations!

[18]. Daily as you live, I see the goodness of God in all your endeavours. Glory to the name of the Lord. Happy birthday to a brother like no other!

[19]. Happy birthday brotherly, I wish you more blessed and fruitful years. My own brother, what else can I wish for my own? Continues to progress and enjoy the favour of the Lord.

[20]. Happy blissful birthday brotherly, may you continue to live in God's fruitfulness, protection and healthiness in Jesus' name, amen.

Best Happy Birthday Messages for January Born Sister

For a beautiful sister who is the epitome of pride, here are birthday wishes you can send across to make her special day feel amazing.

[21]. Happiest birthday my fashionista, greater you I pray, may God continue to honour your new age.

[22]. Happy birthday a pretty and industrious woman, God bless all your endeavours in Jesus' name.

[23]. Happy birthday dear, more blissful and beautiful years ahead. Age gracefully and many happy returns.

[24]. Happy birthday to our beautiful wife, I wish you a long life and prosperity in good health.

[25]. Happy blessed birthday beautiful sister, God bless your new age dear, best wishes ever!

[26]. You are lifted and highly favoured beyond your equals. Keep soaring and shining.

[27]. Happy birthday my adorable sis. May lines continually fall in pleasant places for you.

[28]. Happy birthday sweetie. May God decorate your life with more beautiful colours.

[29]. Happy birthday to her excellency. May the Good Lord guide and protect you and your beautiful family.

[30]. Wifey that is so cute, Happy belated birthday cutie, God bless your new age.

[31]. Happy birthday and many happy returns to the very beautiful first lady. Best wishes dear!

[32]. Happy birthday, mother. God bless you unconditionally.

[33]. Happy birthday sweet sister, many more years to celebrate in good and sound mind enjoy your day with love and happiness.

[34]. My darling sister. I missed your day. May God Almighty bless you and yours. Many many more celebrations!

[35]. Happy birthday dear Sister. Many more glorious years in perfect health, sound mind, joy and peace of God like a river. I also ask for new strength in you even as you start a new year today in Jesus' precious name. Lots of love my Sister.

[36]. Happy birthday Sister, God will continue to keep you, strengthen you and you shall finish well.

[37]. Happy birthday my beloved Sister. You will live the rest of your life with abundant joy, the best of health and a sound mind. 

[38]. Happiest birthday to our Godly and inspirational Sister. Wishing you many more blissful and fulfilling years in sound health. 

[39]. Happy birthday, Sis, you are a blessing to this generation. I join the host of angels in heaven and humans on earth to wish you a happy birthday.

[40]. Happy birthday to you beloved Sister. May God's grace continually uphold you. More glorious years in health and happiness. Congratulations.

Happy Birthday Messages for January Born Mother

For a sweet mother that was born in the month of January, here are some of the best happy birthday messages and sincere wishes for a mother to celebrate her special day.

[41]. Happy birthday our dear Mummy. May God bless your new age Ma. You are a Mother indeed.

[42]. Happy birthday Mummy. You will finish well in Jesus' name.

[43]. Happy birthday beloved Mother. God bless and continue to increase you on all sides.

[44]. Congratulations Mummy, may your days be long in good health and in prosperity, Happy birthday to a wonderful mother of many.

[45]. Happy birthday to you Mummy. Stay healthier and live stronger. We love you.

[46]. Happy birthday to you mother of faith. More of God's blessings.

[47]. Happy birthday woman of faith. We celebrate you, Mummy.

[48]. Happy birthday to you our darling Mum, may the grace of God never depart from you. More anointing and God's strength to you. Your new age is blessed Ma.

[49]. Happy birthday Mummy. More blessings and longevity.

[50]. Congratulations to our Mummy for witnessing another beautiful year with sound and wonderful health, God will continue to grant you long life and sound health in Jesus' name.

[51]. Happy birthday big Mummy, age graciously.

[52]. Happy birthday to my amazing Mother, you are a blessing to us. More of God's anointing upon you. We love you!

[53]. Happy blessed birthday Mummy, may the mercies of God continue to speak for you.

[54]. Happy birthday Ma, many more years in God’s goodness and greater heights in your life. Wishing you many fruitful years ahead with good health.

[55]. Mummy more grace of fulfilment in your life and ministries, I join the host of heaven to celebrate with you in your new era of blessings upon your life.

[56]. Happy birthday Mummy, thanks for standing in faith. May you see many more years in God's favour, mercy and abundance.

[57]. Happy birthday to our dear beloved Mummy. We pray for more strength and anointing. You will finish strong Ma.

[58]. Happy birthday Ma. God bless you real good. You’re a virtuous woman that continues to serve as a model of grace, humility, and Godly character. I wish you heaven's outpouring of His love, grace, and favour.

[59]. Happy birthday to you Mummy, the grace of God will be sufficient for you and your household. More strength, and new glory Ma'am.

[60]. Happy birthday Mummy, may your new age be blessed beyond measure. More of God's favour, mercy and grace, I wish you long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind. More grace Mummy and do enjoy your day.

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