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100 Happy Birthday Wishes to Twins Son from Friends on their Special Day

Best Happy Birthday Wishes to Twins Son from Friends on their Special Day

Nothing brings so much joy to the heart of parents when you are expecting after so many years of waiting. And the result, to the glory of God, are twin boys. A new generation, a double joy for all the pains of waiting. To God be the glory.

The joy of parents during their twins' birthdays is something that can never be forgotten. If you know what it takes after all hopes seem lost and the blessing of the Lord showed up within 24 hours. 

A miracle seed planted in hope and here they are a blessing not only to their world but to the household of faith. Let the drum beat begin. It is time to celebrate a friend's twin children. Here for that joy of celebration are birthday wishes for the twin son of a very dear friend of yours.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Twins Son from Friends

Celebrate the birthday of a friend's twins son with these amazing and wonderful birthday wishes for a dear friend of yours whose twin boys are celebrating their birthday. Birthday Wishes for January Born People

[1]. To the bundle of joy. All glory to God. I pray that both of you will continue to be a source of joy not only to your parents but to everyone that would come in contact with you. Happy birthday boys, may you always shine.

[2]. May your paths be made straight and lighted by the word of God. May you live to fulfil the purpose of God upon your life. Happy birthday to both of you.

[3]. I pray you both will fulfil your destiny and encounter God in His glory day by day. The Lord’s faithfulness shall show forth in all your steps and you shall not be weary. You are blessed and will forever be a blessing. Happy birthday lovely twins.

[4]. I join the host of heavens in wishing both of you God's unending grace and favour as you keep growing in wisdom and understanding. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you sons.

[5]. All glory to God Almighty. The nations are growing up daily, may the Lord place you above where your inheritances are. You shall fulfil destiny. Happy birthday to the new nations.

[6]. May the Lord bless, favour and lead your paths, grant you both wisdom and an understanding heart, perfect all your endeavours, and grant you longevity of lives in sound health. Happy birthday to you both.

[7]. Happy birthday to the two nations, may you grow in good health and divine wisdom. Longlife and prosperity. Greater heights to both of you.

[8]. Happy birthday to you my dear children. Long life is your position. May you continue to grow in God's wisdom.

[9]. The Lord continues to shower His blessings on you. The rest of your years shall be the best of your years. Enjoy your day twins!

[10]. May God continue to prosper you. Happy birthday God's treasure. Many more years dearie.

[11]. Happy birthday, boys. You will not falter or fall. You shall be great. God bless you both now and always.

[12]. Happy birthday to the twins! They shall excel in life in Jesus' name. The Lord has indeed done you well. Congrats. From glory to glory!

[13]. Happy birthday boys, the Lord will continue to shine on and around you. Have a wonderful day. You'll live to fulfil your destiny in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

[14]. Happy birthday to both of your children. Longlife and prosperity. Congratulations Mummy and Daddy, cheers!

[15]. May the good Lord cause His face to shine upon both of you. May we never have a reason to lament over you. Happy birthday, twins, God bless you both.

[16]. Happy birthday sons of God. Keep growing in favour with God and Men. May the Lord satisfy you with long life and sound health.

[17]. Happy birthday to you boys. Wishing you good health, long life and prosperity. Have a great day!

[18]. God's blessings upon you always. Happy birthday big boys! May the Good Lord continue to bless and keep you both as you remain a source of joy and light to the entire world.

[19]. Happy birthday handsome twins. Wish you the best in life. May God's purpose be fulfilled over their lives.

[20]. Happy birthday to you, indeed you are a blessing to your generation. God bless you and enable you both to do exploits.

[21]. Congratulations young gentlemen in the double. Happy wonderful birthday. Remain blessed. Thank you, Jesus! This God is too much! May the duo continue to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God. Cheer!

[22]. The glory of the Lord will continue to uphold you. The Lord will grant you the spirit of excellence. Happy birthday, God bless you both.

[23]. God is good! He has given you another year to praise Him. All His love and grace upon you. Congratulations and happy glorious birthday to you boys, may you grow in wisdom and knowledge of God.

[24]. Happy birthday to these amazing and lovely boys. May you continue to grow in wisdom and stature. May heavenly blessings rain on you both. Keep growing in God's wisdom, direction and grace.

[25]. Happy birthday to the big boys! Congratulations to Mummy and Daddy! Glory be to the Almighty God! The universe awaits your manifestation.

[26]. Happy birthday my handsome boys, the Lord bless you both on every side, continue to excel and enjoy unlimited glory, and sound health and you both shall fulfil your destiny.

[27]. Happy birthday to this wonderful and blessed son, I pray that God will remember you for good. Congratulations!

[28]. God bless your new age and continue to grow in God's wisdom, knowledge and understanding, you shall both fulfil destiny and be great in all ramifications of life. Through both of you, many shall be won for Christ. Happy birthday glorious twins.

[29]. Happy birthday, twins. Many happy returns. The Lord will bless you and make you great in your generation and beyond.

[30]. Happy birthday to you Godly children. You will be great, and highly favoured, you will fulfil destiny, and enemies will not have an iota of your life. Congratulations!

[31]. Happy birthday, twins. Both of you will live long and succeed in life. Great seeds are you.

[32]. Happy birthday to you both, may the Lord grant you speed amongst your pairs.

[33]. Happy birthday to the handsome twins. God's blessings always.

[34]. Happy birthday to both of you my lovely son. God bless your new age in good health, joy and wisdom.

[35]. Happy birthday to you both. Your purpose shall you both fulfil.

[36]. Happy birthday to you sons, may you both become greater, wiser and stronger.

[37]. Congratulations on the birthday anniversary of our dearest twins. May God keep you. May you excel in all your endeavours. Cheers!

[38]. Happy birthday to my twins. May God continue to keep and increase you both in knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

[39]. Happy birthday big boys. Continue to grow in the wisdom of the Lord.

[40]. Happy birthday, guys, may the Good Lord honour your days, mark you out for exploits and give you boldness to achieve great feats. 

[41]. Happy birthday dearest twin boys, grow in grace and shine for Jesus. God bless your age.

[42]. Glory be to God for continual grace in protecting and blessing you. Congratulations and happy birthday to my twin boys.

[43]. Is never too late to say happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you, my lovely twins. God bless your new age, you will continue to soar higher and higher.

[44]. Happy birthday sons of the Most High God. May you continue to age with grace and may God cause lines continually fall for you both in pleasant places. Cheers!

[45]. God in His infinite mercy shall continue to preserve your life to experience many more breakthroughs. The enemy has long lost his grip on your life.

[46]. Wishing you a very happy birthday twin son. May hope and optimism be your strongest allies in the journey of life. I'm wishing you all the good things in life. May you continue to shine. Happy birthday to both of you.

[47]. Happy birthday, twins. Wishing you all the best in life and may the Lord continue to bless both of you with good health, happiness, simple and blessed life. I love you siblings.

[48]. Happy birthday to my favourite twins. May God fill both of your lives with double blessings and wish you two a very brighter life ahead.

[49]. Happy birthday guys, more life, more God's blessing and wisdom I wish you guys.

[50]. The candles are lit to make your wishes. I say a big happy birthday to both of you. Wishing you guys all the best, success all the way, and many more days, weeks, months and years in return. Soar high guys.

[51]. You two shall grow old and excel as you guys added another year today. Happy birthday to the twins. Have a blast!

[52]. Happy birthday to you both! You are so handsome. I wish I can have one, Happy birthday once again sweethearts.

[53]. Happy birthday to you dear.  I wish you guys a long life and prosperity. May God grant your heart's desires.

[54]. Happy birthday to my favourite twins. Wishing you both long life and prosperity. Good health, favour and all the good things in life and may God grant all your heart desires. Enjoy your day.

[55]. You’re the best thing your parents brought in pairs, who fight with each other but are still unable to leave without each other. Happy birthday, twins.

[56]. Wishing you both a very exquisite birthday to the coolest, brightest and most happening twins! I wish you a double merry happy birthday. Enjoy your day!

[57]. Wishing a very happy birthday to you twins. We are lucky enough to have you both in our life. May your life get filled with never-ending happiness. Happy birthday, twins.

[58]. Happy birthday to our little twins. You are the source of happiness and headache, the one who completes the life of Daddy and Mummy.

[59]. We are so thankful that God gave us handsome twins like you. No birthday wishes, greetings or messages can express how much we love you. Thank you for making us happy every day, my prayer is that God will continue to bless you, guide you, protect you and grow as loving children in good health and wisdom. Happy birthday, we love you so much.

[60]. We loved you before you even entered the world. You're our biggest blessing. Our super adorable twins. Happy birthday to our cute little boys. You are the most important thing in our world. A momentous birthday for us all. Sweetest birthday wishes to our twins.

[61]. Happy birthday my heavenly twins! Happy birthday my super outgoing twins! May the Lord continue to light your path with His abundant love.

[62]. May God replenish your coast! Happy birthday to our twins. God's grace to excel. Congratulations!

[63]. Happy birthday my cute twins, you guys are blessed. Continue to grow in God’s grace and wisdom.

[64]. Happy birthday twins, may God continue to bless, guide and protect the both of you.

[65]. Happy birthday, guys, I pray that our Lord continues to shine His light on you both. Cheers!

[66]. Happy birthday Dad and Mom double blessings, may your new age be blessed. I wish you both many more beautiful years ahead.

[67]. Happy birthday to the twins you all are blessed. Again happy belated birthday to you adorable guys. Wishing you an abundance of grace, blessings and supernatural favour in your chosen career.

[68]. Happy Birthday our lovely twin boys! May your paths shine brighter and brighter! May God continue to bless you.

[69]. Congrats boys. Happy birthday. More grace unto you and the entire family. May God guide and protect you as you grow up to your new age.

[70]. Happy birthday to my dear handsome Prince pair. May your future continue to be joyful and bright. I love you both very much.

[71]. Happy birthday, guys. I am sure Mom and Dad blew the roof on this. Blessed are you.

[72]. Congratulations, wonderful twins. Kudos to the double strikers. It's not easy. Remain blessed and favourable among your equals and your contemporaries 

[73]. Happy birthday to you, and many more years ahead with good health, mercy of God will follow up with your family and the protection of God will guide you, twins.

[74]. Happy birthday to you both, may God continue to bless you. Age with massive grace. You are highly blessed with 120 years ahead of you.

[75]. I celebrate with your family over all God's goodness upon your lives. I know and believe that the Lord has already positioned you for greatness. Happy birthday dear twins.

[76]. Happy birthday little Princes, many more years of fulfilment, God's grace and academic excellence. You both are blessed in ramifications. I love you all.

[77] May God bless you both and may God reduce the energy you both use to look for my trouble. Happy birthday, guys!

[78]. Happy birthday to you both and many more years of happiness together in joy and happiness.

[79]. Happy birthday handsome boys! May God bless and keep you all to celebrate many more wonderful birthdays!

[80]. Happy birthday to the Italian army force. May you continue to grow in God's wisdom and protection.

[81]. Happy birthday sweeties, may God bless you with wisdom and excellent Spirit in Jesus' name.

[82]. Happy birthday handsome twins. You both will be a wonder to your world.

[83]. Happy birthday to you two, you shall fulfil your purpose in Jesus' name.

[84]. Happy birthday to you both. May the presence of the Almighty be with you both always in Jesus' name. 

[85]. Happy birthday, twins. Greater you in Jesus' name. Wishing you Godspeed, prosperity and favour.

[86]. Happy birthday cute twins, may God keep and protect you all. More great years ahead.

[87]. Congratulations to you both and happy birthday, wishing you many more years to celebrate in good health and happiness.

[88]. Happy birthday to my handsome cuties. May God bless you both as you shall age graciously.

[89]. Happy birthday to our twinny. Love you cuties. May God bless you and yours!

[90]. Happy birthday to the Princes. God bless your new age, wisdom, good health and prosperity is yours in Jesus' name.

[91]. Happy birthday lovely twins, May God bless and keep you. A double blessing is yours, grow and shine.

[92]. Happy birthday twins, continually grow in grace, wisdom and knowledge of God, you both will surely fulfil God's purpose in Jesus' name.

[93]. Happy birthday to the most wonderful twins, your days on earth are blessed already.

[94]. Happy belated birthday to you my lovelies. Sending you lots of love!

[95]. Happy birthday to you both, wishing you all the best in life.

[96]. Happy birthday beautiful twins, may God uplift you in Jesus' name.

[97]. Happy birthday to you both! God bless your new age, congratulations.

[98]. Happy birthday, twins. May the Lord bless your new age, and may your later years be greater than the former in Jesus' name.

[99]. Happy birthday to the best twins in the world. God will continue to keep and strengthen you in good health.

[100]. Happy birthday to my wonderful twins, God will satisfy you early and give you life abundantly.

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