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50 Inspirational Good Morning Prayer Messages and Wishes for Family and Friends

Best Good Morning Prayer for Family and Friends

The wickedness in this world is something that we need to pray for protection. When God protects you, you are covered indeed. Praying for your friends and loved ones should be something that we should do. A simple text message with words of prayer for protection for your friends and family members would go a long way to make that person happy.

The word of God says pray without ceasing and when you pray, be rest assured that our Heavenly Father will answer.

These good morning prayer messages are powerful morning prayer sayings, wishes and messages for the people you love.

Good Morning Prayer Messages, Sayings and Wishes for Family and Friends

These amazing and wonderful good morning prayers are prayer messages for today for protection that you can send to a dear friend of yours. God who made you who you are today will never allow your enemies to ruin your life. You have no problems, God is always on your side. God has won this battle for you. Best Morning Devotion for Today on I am the Light of the World, Dancing as a Form of Worship and Cast the First Stone

[1]. Our Heavenly Father God is there for you, He will continue to take control of everything that concerns you and grant you divine protection and guidance, more wisdom, knowledge and no matter what those around you have planned against you and your family will never prosper.

[2]. God is on your side. You will triumph in all and it will end in praise. May God deliver you from the hands of wicked people. God will always protect you.

[3]. Who can say yes when God says no. The Lord shall preserve and protect you. The Lord will keep you out of all troubles and give you lasting peace to enjoy what He had given to you. Fear not, victory is yours.

[4]. I pray that God Almighty will shield, save and protect you from the hands of the evil ones, God will forever show Himself Mighty in your life.

[5]. It is indeed well with you. Whom God has blessed no man, I say, no man shall harm your untouchable blessed soul. No evil eyes will see you and your family are divinely protected.

[6]. May God continue His divine reign over you. May God protect you and keep you safe and disgrace your enemies. God will continue to strengthen and may the Mighty hand of God shield you and your family members from unfriendly friends.

[7]. God will disgrace your enemies, those envious of your wealth and health, God's fire will consume them. Keep going higher above your enemy. You shall jump and pass them all by the grace of God.

[8]. Heaven will continue to secure and protect you. Just remember God in all your dealing and have a right stand with Him. God's protection now and always.

[9]. May the Almighty crown you with His shield. The Lord of Israel defends thee always. And may He be forever by your side.

[10]. May God continue to order your footstep, and may the presence of the Lord envelop you, I pray that the Lord grant you long life to eat the fruit of your labour.

Praying together builds our spiritual muscles. We gather here as a family and join our faith with yours in prayer that whoever or whatever that wants to bring you down will not prosper. God's protection is upon you and your family. No evil will befall your household.

[11]. God's grace, mercy, favour, blessings and protection will never depart from you. May you live longer than your parents in health, wealth and wisdom of the Almighty.

[12]. God will continue to protect and guide you in all your day-to-day activities. God will never forsake you and will always bless you for the good things you do for others.

[13]. You shall conquer all your enemies. May His grace envelop you. Nothing will happen to you. You are an inspiration to our generation. More blessings.

[14]. May God build His wall of security and protection around you and your family. God will grant you victory at last and God's presence will always go before and after you.

[15]. You are divinely covered with the blood of Jesus. No weapon of the wicked shall bring you down.

[16]. You are always covered with the precious blood of Jesus, I pray may the Almighty God continue to protect you, preserve you and guide you, no evil will befall you, as the mountain surrounds Jerusalem so shall God surround you with the pillar of cloud, if it's happening at the front, you will be at the back, if it's happening at the back, you will be at the front in Jesus Mighty name I pray, Amen and Amen.

[17]. God's protection and guidance to you in all your endeavours. Who God has blessed no man can course and because God is for you and your household no man or power can be against you. May God help you.

[18]. I pray may your heart desires be granted. It is well with you and your household for God Almighty will be your protector and no weapon fashion against you shall prosper.

[19]. Be rest assured that nothing will happen to you. I mean nothing will happen to you without God revealing it and when it's revealed, know that it's settled. Do not be afraid of anything, just believe in God and trust Him, He will fight your battle and you will hold your peace. It's well with you in the morning, afternoon and at night in Jesus' Mighty name, Amen.

[20]. May the mercies of God speak for you. May the Lord frustrate every device of the crafty that their hands shall not perform their enterprise in your life and that of your family.

His grace will always be sufficient to you, He will never shame you. God will always put your enemies to shame and will give you the faith to face every challenge of life.

[21]. The Lord God will never sleep nor slumber. He will always protect you and your household. God's uncommon grace shall be your potion. The protection of God will not cease in your home. You are blessed and you will remain blessed. It is well with you. No evil shall befall you.

[22]. Christ in you, Christ before you, Christ after you, Christ above you, Christ below you, Christ around you. Who God has blessed no man can touch, the grace in you will disgrace all your enemies because Christ surrounds you. 

[23]. You're shielded and protected by God. Every plan of the enemies is frustrated. The Lord is your strength. May God guide you and your family, no weapons form against you shall prosper.

[24]. In this remaining year, Ngozi shall follow you. Ifeoma will never leave you, Ijeoma will take you out while Chioma will lead you, Chinwendu will give you life, Chibuso will be in front of you, Chinenye will give you your heart desire while Chigozie will bless you, Chinasa will answer your prayers, Chidinma will never depart from you. Chisom will follow you around, and Ogechi will wait for you. Mmesoma will show you mercy, and Ifunanya will always be there for you. Onyinyechukwu will supply all your needs, Nkechinyere will never allow you to lack, Amarachi will favour you and you will carry Ekene to the Lord. May God bless you, your entire household and all that concerns you.

[25]. Every man that is set to destroy you, will meet the judgment of God. May God be your shield and buckler, He will fight your battle for you. Praying for God's protection, intervention and grace for you always.

[26]. God is with you, no matter the situation you will come out strong. God will elevate you in all you do. God's grace is sufficient for you. The Lord is your Shepherd. It doesn't matter what the enemy plans, you are more than a conqueror. God Almighty will stand by you always.

[27]. You are coming out bold and courageous as always, you shall sing and dance the song of victory. No evil shall befall you. God will see you through. God's protection upon your life and your family.

[28]. No weapon formed against you will ever prosper. God must surely frustrate the devices of the crafty against you so that their hands will not carry out their wicked enterprise. God is the greatest, He knows the best for you.

[29]. Every day you sleep and wake up is another opportunity. I always thank God for you, forget the rest, give thanks, God will do it, more blessings, more grace, more love. God will continue to bless you beyond your expectations.

[30]. You are lifted above every obstacle. They will try but as a child of God, Isaiah 7:7 says it will not stand, it will not come to pass. Who is he that will say a thing and it comes to pass when the Lord has not spoken. Be strong in the Lord.

Whoever God is with nobody can be against such a person. You are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. May God's presence go with you always. No weapon formed against you that will prosper because you're God's signature.

[31]. May the Lord keep and preserve you, no evil eyes shall see you.

[32]. My prayer for you is, your enemy will never succeed, they will try and fail, God will continue to protect you and your family and enlarge your coast more and more. No plans of the evil one shall come near you.

[33]. Under the umbrella of our Lord Jesus Christ, I hide you, no weapon fashioned against you will ever prosper. You and your family are already covered with the blood of Jesus and your wealth will continue to wax stronger.

[34]. May the Almighty God deliver you from the den of bloodsuckers and thieves. The Lord keeps you, protects you and honours you greatly. You're free by your faith.

[35]. Father Lord, we thank You, we say glory be to your name, we thank You for the gift of life, thank You Lord for the going out and coming back safely of your child. God will continue to protect you from evil once.

[36]. Our prayers will always be with you. We love you so much. This is our nature, no man changes it. Receive grace to conquer.

[37]. God is with you and you will always conquer in every difficult situation. No evil will befall you nor shall any plague come to your dwelling place for God has given His angels charges to watch over you day and night.

[38]. May your oil never run dry. Nothing good will die in your hands. Money will meet money in your hand. Continue to enjoy grace. God is with you, you will triumph over it.

[39]. They will always try, but they will never prevail against you. More grace and strength. God will always see you through in all your ways, no weapon formed against you shall prosper, and enemies will not succeed over your life. May God see you through this trying time.

[40]. God will always protect His people. May His grace and divine protection never depart from your life.

You will never walk alone, Almighty God will surely be your protector and guidance. You are already blessed and you will remain blessed.

[41]. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, relax, your God is in control. Just keep your two hands clean, the God of your children will fight for you. May our God keep and protect you and keep you safe from the hand of evil ones.

[42]. God will definitely show Himself in your days of trouble. They will be trials but God got you. Their evil plots will always fail. Who God has Bless no man can curse. Triumph always in Christ's name.

[43]. God in His infinite mercy will continue to strengthen you and protect you. No evil will befall on you. You will be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is well with you.

[44]. God is with you and He will not allow any evil to come upon you and your family, for you are covered with the blood of Jesus. May God save you from an unfriendly friend in Jesus' name, Amen.

[45]. May God Almighty protect you and be with you anywhere you go. God will provide for you and your family. Say yes to the righteous it shall be well, so therefore I decree it shall be well with you.

[46]. God is always with you and there is nothing the devil can do about it. You're blessed and nothing will stop your advancement.

[47]. You are born to win, you are born to reign and you are born for greatness and you will continue to win and reign, many shall surely gather together, but not by you, whosoever shall gather together against thee will fall for thy sake. Your going out and coming in is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and so shall it be.

[48]. No man can bring you down because God places you there, and continues to walk in His way. God will always protect you against the plans and plots of your enemies.

[49]. You will live as a victor over every battle in your life. God that makes you a blessing to your generation would not depart from you.

[50]. God will always be with you, the agendas of the wicked towards you will not work. Always remind yourself that you have been through a lot in life and you will surely come out victorious and stronger and wiser. You are a lion, don't forget that. Our God will fight your battle for you, you will overcome any trials that come your way.

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