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15 Secret Things Every Woman Wants in a Man that You Need to Know

Best 15 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man

Women are really not hard to understand if only you would listen to their love language. What makes a woman away from you is the fact that you refuse to understand what makes her feel sensual. 

If you as a man could keep your head down and learn about the little things that make a woman happy, then you are in for a big deal of surprises that would forever make her love glow for you like nothing else.

Guys, get in here and scoop these secrets about the little romantic things that most ladies like but guys seem to ignore without realizing that such are what build a better relationship and a sure way to the heart of the one you love.

15 Secret Things Every Woman Wants in a Man

These secret things a woman wants from a man are actually the hidden things about what a woman wants in a man physically, what a woman wants from a man in a relationship, a summary of what every woman wants in a man and a list of qualities I want in a man. Happy Birthday to Twins Son

[1]. Mushy text messages. Hug from behind. Feet massage. Holding of hands. Compliments go a long way. Your undivided attention.

[2]. Pray with me. Tease me. Tickle me. Hold my hand. Gossip. Watch me sleep and tell me when I'm awake. Surprise me, even if it is chewing gum. Tag me on romantic or vital information that has to do with businesses, marriages, food, pastries etc on social media. Be a little or more of this and watch me wake you up with love letters every morning.

[3]. Romantic touch. Holding hands while walking in a busy place. Calling of sweet names. Admiring me.

[4]. Buying goodies home. Giving me a morning kiss before leaving the house. Sending money to spoil myself. Gisting. Hanging out together. Assisting me in the kitchen.

[5]. Arrange my hair if the wind scattered it without my knowledge. If we're walking together, don't walk past me or stop to greet every human passing. Just wave at them and move. Give me a chair to sit on before you get yours. Be my stylist from makeup to the dress and to the shoe. Buy me jewellery and perfume. Help unzip my dress without me asking. And most importantly, compliment my outfit.

[6]. Send money without being asked for it. Pray into my day existence (early call prayer). Encourage and support my little effort. Give me some good surprises. Give me attention (pampering, massage, sending money).

[7]. Shopping for me no matter how less expensive or affordable that dress is, I'll appreciate it a whole lot if he buys it himself for me.

[8]. Praying with me especially when I go through some difficult phase in life. Texting and saying you love me unexpectedly. Calling me some funny name like a big head. Holding my hands. Hugging me when I'm upset.

[9]. Little compliments like, You smell good, baby. Your hair is beautiful. Video calling just to see my face. A text message at any time of the day, asking how my day is going. Public display of affection. Tease me on how I look when I do something or sleep.

[10]. Unexpected credit alert. If we are trekking or we are about to cross the road just hold my hands and don't allow me to cross it makes me feel protected.

[11]. Entertaining me with little gossip while I am cooking. Praying together. Playing games. Policing me. Surprise gift.

[12]. Communication. Surprised visit. Pet names, Advice and some words of encouragement. Support and attention. Surprising me with gifts. Sending SMS.

[13]. Hold my hands. Kiss on the forehead. Throw compliments at me. We take a walk and you hold my hands. Surprise packages. Communication and encouraging words.

[14]. Romantic text message. Calls. Playful time together. Weekend hangout together. Ordering your favourite meal and sending it to your place of work.

[15]. Don't be too bossy. We play together. We gist together. If I am angry, pet me. If I'm wrong, correct me peacefully. We pray together. We discussed things that will benefit us, especially business and we shared job ideas. Send me a gift no matter how small it is. Don't hide things from me. You don't dare call me names.

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