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100 Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs, Quotes and Wise Sayings about Life

Best Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs, Quotes and Wise Sayings about Life

Una good morning, abi good afternoon or good night. Abeg all this one depends on which side of the world wey you do. This na to bring you happiness. I mean wetin go make you smile and come dey laugh like person wey win jackpot. Like my people say, problem no dey finish for this world. Make you take small money out of that your saving take jolly yourself.

Anyhow sha, we bring you greetings from the countryside. My people, this na we better collections of Naija pidgin quotes and wishes sayings of our senior men. If you want live long, make you learn to make smile your daily friend. Like I said, problem no dey finish for this world.

Make I drop this one like rainfall, my country people. Oya make you enjoy these we Nigerian Pidgin proverbs and wise sayings of our elders' wey you go take learn wisdom.

Naija Pidgin Proverbs, Quotes and Wise Sayings about Life

Inside life, make you hustle o. If you be dey look for better day wey go put small smile for your face, you better gather here to laugh as we serve you fresh collections of Naija proverbs and wise sayings wey be wetin you fit quote and also send am to your friends and loved ones. You fit make mistake come also send am to your enemy.

[1]. Na lack of trust dey bring exam for school ooo, you teach me I understand, you asked me I say I understand, the next thing you set exam make I write.

[2]. Water no dey, water no dey, canoe dey move.

[3]. No matter how cow take sick, dem no fit sell am for the same price with goat.

[4]. Pikin wey use Agbada take start guy, go talk wetin e go wear wen e old.

[5]. They no dey tell old woman to close her leg because no one knows where she dey breath.

[6]. Pikin wen dem carry for back no know say road far well well.

[7]. Woman wey dey find pikin no dey wear pant sleep.

[8]. The best time to slap a king na when fly dey em cheek.

[9]. The patient dog nah hungry go kill am.

[10]. It's a small world nor mean say you fit from Naija trek go London o.

[11]. Why giving yourself groundnut when you have cough?

[12]. Pikin wen nor know e mama boyfriend na him dey call am uncle.

[13]. E deh clear pimples, e deh clear black spots, na so bleaching cream deh take start.

[14]. E go better e go better make Igbo man over stay for Lagos.

[15]. Na over confidence na make February no complete.

[16]. Woman wey see problem no dey hold breast run,

[17]. Weda robe tie goat or goat tie robe na the same thing.

[18]. Smoke and rabbit can never be friends.

[19]. Big belle no be big man no mean say all the slim men dey healthy.

[20]. Pikin wey strong go strong not until them name am Samson.

[21]. Party dey for compound, no be for dog wey no see bone eat. 

[22]. Escort me escort me na so slave trade take start.

[23]. Because say you dey stay for upstairs no mean say na you near God pass.

[24]. Bird way perch for robe no go day at rest neither the robe go day at rest too.

[25]. Person wey marry fine wife and person wey plant mango for local area na the same problem them get.

[26]. Zobo wey enter glass cup na red wine value be that now.

[27]. The rain wey beat you today fit wash your car tomorrow.

[28]. My people talk say the sweetness of bone is beginning of poverty.

[29]. Person weh naked nor dey chuk hand for pocket.

[30]. Na until rain stop before pesin wey carry umbrella know say na load e carry.

[31]. E go better, e go better, no be for person were dey sleep from morning to night.

[32]. No matter how antelope big reach, if he go meet goat for house them go still kill antelope leave goat.

[33]. The thing wey you see say God forbid,na em be another person prayer request.

[34]. Na small pikin wen wash he hand clean dey follow elders eat.

[35]. Na the walls of house wen e cracks na him make cockroach enter house.

[36]. Na the sow (injury) wen e dey body make flies dey trace body.

[37]. Dem no dey use the picture of pesin wey no get front teeth do toothpaste advert.

[38]. Life dey like race sometimes you win, sometimes you Man U or you Arsenal.

[39]. Person wey e get fine woman get the same problem with person wey e plan sugarcane for corner of the road.

[40]. Na person wey never see wahala dey use English pray.

[41]. An elderly man does not eat e fellow elderly man.

[42]. Pikin wey get one cloth no dey play inside rain.

[43]. Person wey dey naked na him know the value of pocket.

[44]. Na person wey carry firewood wey ant dey to him compound na him call lizards to come dance for him domott. 

[45]. Saying more grace or I tap from your blessings to Yahoo boys na because they never scam you of your business, school fees and house rent money.

[46]. Student wey read na him dey serious but student wey pass na him know book.

[47]. Den say jellof rice wey dey for bottom of pot today fit dey on top cooler tomorrow.

[48]. Chicken no dey cry for night, if e cry for night dem go kill am chop.

[49]. Person wey hungry catch no dey fine scissors to use cut indomie spices wey em teeth dey available.

[50]. Na who wake up dey remember dream.

[51]. Na over confidence na him make February no completed.

[52]. E go better e go better make Igbo man overstay for Lagos.

[53]. The rain wey beat you today fit wash your car tomorrow.

[54]. If tree no fall anoda tree no go grow.

[55]. Person wey dey use gas cook beans nayi EFCC suppose to dey carry.

[56]. Clab for Jesus no be for one hand person.

[57]. Woman wey see problem no dey hold breast run.

[58]. Tree wey no fit support you wey you rest on am e no fit kill you when e fall on you.

[59]. The time wey Ashawo take dey know wetin she do herself na for old age. 

[60]. No be anybody wey close eye together with you dey sleep o.

[61]. Wetin old man see ontop tree if pikin climb hill and mountain e no go see am.

[62]. Waitin old man sit-down dey look small pikin wen climb up no go fit see am.

[63]. From mum's breast to girlfriend's breast from girlfriend's breast to wife's breast. Will our men ever grow?

[64]. Weda your mama dey sell food, if you no work, she go tell you clearly say you no go chop her food and you no go sleep for her house.

[65]. No food for lazy man abeg.

[66]. Na person wey never sleep with mosquito for night dey think say him no fit make a difference because he small.

[67]. Person wey dey owe landlord no dey cook with curry o.

[68]. Person wey trek today, fit buy car tomorrow.

[69]. Person wey naked no dey put hand for pocket.

[70]. Na from clap them take dey enter dance.

[71]. Na pesin wey no get problem dey pray with correct English.

[72]. Na pesin wey sapa never hold na im dey use spoon eat. 

[73]. Na person wey no know lizard dey send lizard to go plant groundout for farm.

[74]. Person wey drink herbal medicine wey no squeeze face fit kill person.

[75]. Woman wey dey sale food no fit born lazy man.

[76]. One road no dey enter market na im make tailor dey sell tuwo for night.

[77]. Na sturbon fly de follow dead body inter grave.

[78]. Man wey dey use sugarcane do walking stick go chop am one day.

[79]. Because say lizard dey shake him head no mean say everything dey alright.

[80]. What an elderly man sat down and saw. Claim the tallest mountain in the world you can't see it.

[81]. You no get strength no be the time she tell you honey close the door and off the light.

[82]. Aeroplane day fly for air no mean say e no go first wait before em take off.

[83]. No kill yourself, life na gradual process, you go surely make am.

[84]. Dem nor dey use morning dey know bad market nor be for okpormiliki joint.

[85]. New broom dey clean house well, well but na the old broom na e know all the corner wey dey house.

[86]. Person wey dey smoke weed no dey carry lighter joke!

[87]. Pig tell him children say make them no worry big mouth go reach everybody.

[88]. Pikin wey talk say him Papa no build house go soon know how e dey go.

[89]. Pikin wey say him Mama no go sleep him too no go sleep.

[90]. Better soup na money kill am.

[91]. Na wetin goat see for night dey make am chop mouth till day break.

[92]. Pikin wey get big head no mean say him senior him Papa.

[93]. As day dey break na so akamu dey strong.

[94]. Even for inside Darkness, hand know mouth.

[95]. I dey hungry, I dey hungry, no be for person wey im Mama dey sell food.

[96]. Pesin wey them dey flog mpkuru miri cane no dey put smile for face.

[97]. A guy who never witness heartbreak dey save girl number with sweetheart.

[98]. If one moto no go your destination another one go go.

[99]. I no gree I no gree na e make fly follow dead body enter grave.

[100]. Person wey use em head break coconut, no go follow chop am.


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