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Top 15 Reasons Why You are Having Marital Problems

Best Reasons Why You are Having Marital Problems

Relationships are complex, beautiful, and sometimes baffling. They weave together the threads of two individuals' lives, experiences, and emotions, creating a tapestry that is uniquely their own. When two people decide to commit to each other in marriage, they embark on a journey filled with promise, hope, and love. However, beneath the surface of this beautiful union lie complexities and challenges that can test even the strongest bonds.

When two individuals come together in marriage, they bring with them their unique backgrounds, expectations, and vulnerabilities. Despite the deep love and commitment that initially bind them, marital problems can arise, casting shadows over the once-bright landscape of their relationship. Whether it's communication breakdowns, unresolved conflicts, or external stressors, these challenges can leave couples feeling adrift in a sea of frustration, hurt, and confusion.

In the face of marital problems, it's essential for couples to delve into the underlying reasons behind their struggles. By understanding the root causes of their challenges, couples can begin to untangle the knots that have formed in their relationship. Through open communication, empathy, and a willingness to confront difficult truths, couples can pave the way for healing, growth, and renewed connection in their marriage.

Top Best Reasons Why You are Having Marital Problems

Marital problems can stem from a myriad of sources, including unmet expectations, communication breakdown, financial stress, emotional distance, trust issues, and differing priorities. These challenges are natural and inevitable in any relationship but can be overcome with patience, understanding, and commitment. By addressing the root causes of marital problems and working together as a team, couples can strengthen their bond, deepen their connection, and create a fulfilling and lasting partnership. Vital Signs Your Relationship May Be Struggling with Codependency and How to Heal

Unmet Expectations

One significant factor contributing to marital problems is unmet expectations. We all enter into marriage with certain hopes and dreams, whether consciously or subconsciously. These expectations often revolve around roles, responsibilities, communication, intimacy, and support. When these expectations aren't met, resentment, disappointment, and conflict can brew. It's crucial for couples to communicate openly about their expectations, listen to each other's needs, and find common ground.

Communication Breakdown

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, yet it's also one of the most common areas where couples struggle. Poor communication can manifest in various ways, including misunderstandings, arguments, silent treatments, and emotional distancing. Many factors contribute to communication breakdown, such as differences in communication styles, unresolved conflicts, and external stressors. Couples can overcome this challenge by actively listening to each other, expressing themselves honestly and respectfully, and seeking professional help if needed.

Financial Stress

Financial strain is another prevalent issue that can strain marriages. Money plays a significant role in our lives, influencing our lifestyles, goals, and sense of security. Disagreements over spending, saving, debt, and financial goals can escalate into serious conflicts if not addressed constructively. Moreover, financial stress can exacerbate other marital problems, leading to a vicious cycle of tension and discord. Couples must work together to create a budget, set financial goals, and prioritize open communication and mutual respect regarding money matters.

Emotional Distance

Over time, couples may find themselves drifting apart emotionally, leading to feelings of loneliness, disconnection, and alienation. This emotional distance can result from various factors, including unresolved conflicts, lack of intimacy, individual growth, and external stressors. It's essential for couples to nurture their emotional connection by spending quality time together, expressing affection and appreciation, and being vulnerable with each other. Building and maintaining intimacy requires effort and commitment from both partners.

Trust Issues

Trust forms the foundation of a healthy and thriving marriage. However, trust can be fragile and easily broken, whether through infidelity, deceit, or betrayal of confidence. Rebuilding trust after it's been damaged requires honesty, transparency, and patience. Both partners must be willing to acknowledge their mistakes, take responsibility for their actions, and demonstrate genuine remorse. Rebuilding trust is a gradual process that requires consistent effort, communication, and forgiveness.

Different Priorities

As individuals, we all have our own priorities, values, and goals in life. However, when these priorities diverge significantly within a marriage, conflicts can arise. Whether it's career aspirations, family obligations, or personal interests, couples must navigate the delicate balance between pursuing their individual goals and supporting each other's dreams. Compromise, flexibility, and mutual respect are essential in finding harmony and alignment amidst differing priorities.

Other reasons of why you are having marital problem by Dayan Masinde as shared on My Desire Relationship and Marriage Facebook page are.

The moment you profess love for someone, challenges will come to test if you both are serious about it. Love must be tested to see if it will withstand the fire. Can your love stand the test of time?


Nothing strips you naked like marriage. In marriage, you will discover things about each other that already existed or that you acquire as you progress. These discoveries sometimes will be ugly. Can you two be naked and unashamed? Can you be loved for who you truly are?

3. EGO

Ego will lead to fights and arguments. Ego is what is keeping many couples from solving their issues quickly, from seeking help through therapy, from acknowledging wrong, from listening to the other side and compromising


Perhaps you two married whilst in two different seasons. Maybe you were in the season of bringing up a family, your spouse was still in the season of looking around and having fun. Or maybe you two started in the same season of building a family and along the way, one of you entered a different season such as feeling lost, feeling broken, loss of work, depression, self-doubt and it brought disjointment. Or maybe you both suffered the same tragedy such as the loss of a child; one of you healed faster but the other is still in mourning making you two not connect. Be patient and always accommodate each other 


Sometimes God will allow you two to go through some difficult times to reveal to you that He is your Healer, Provider, Redeemer, Counsellor, Unifier 


When God has marked you two for a purpose, such as to impact society, to help other couples, to lead people to financial breakthrough, to teach others about parenting; God will allow you two to go through some uncomfortable experiences to teach you and equip you. Our struggles are often an indicator of our purpose. Once God helps you both to stand, you will help others stand. Don't give up


Often times when marriage is going well and smooth, it is easy to get comfortable, to get filled with pride or become lax; trouble will come to wake you both up and to keep you grounded and humble. Always maintain a posture of humility or life will force you to be teachable 


Marriage can easily make your faith weak or make you less spiritual as your focus is on your spouse and children. As you veer away from God or maybe even turn your spouse to your idol determining every aspect of your life, God will shake your marriage to get your attention. Fix your eyes on God no matter the state of your marriage


If there are some aspects about each other that were not dealt with during courtship, in marriage you will have to deal with them no matter how difficult. Relax, this is for your good if you manage this well


Muscles grow stronger when pushing against an opposing force; similarly, your marriage will grow stronger as you two learn the art of using storms to improve your marriage


The enemy doesn't like healthy families. Healthy marriages lead to healthy individuals, fulfilled purpose and healthy societies. He comes to steal, kill and destroy your marriage. The enemy will throw issues at you and even work on your flesh to sow discord and disunity in between you two. You both will attack each other after years of unity. Don't take the bait. Don't let the enemy win


Every couple has the little foxes that come to ruin the garden. For some, the little foxes are in-laws, others it is sex, others it is friends, others it is the phone, others it is finances, others it is the ex; identify your little foxes and keep them from ruining your love


Sometimes the reality of marriage is different from our expectations. We hurt because of expectations not being met. If you two manage your expectations well and you treat each other well, you might shape your reality close to your expectations as possible. Complaints only make the reality more sour


You two are different genders, different personalities, with different perceptions, from different upbringing. Because of this there will be friction from time to time. But when you learn to hear each other out and try to understand each other's perspective, you two will make it


Sometimes you two will make a mountain out of a mole hill simply because you two lack knowledge. This is why couples that have been together longer and gone through all manner of challenges are not scared of issues anymore. They have acquired more wisdom on how to handle things. Seek knowledge, it will help you two see that the problems you are facing today, are manageable.


Marriage is indeed a journey, one that encompasses a myriad of experiences, emotions, and trials. It's a path filled with highs and lows, moments of sheer joy and unforeseen challenges. Amidst the twists and turns, it's easy to lose sight of the initial spark that brought two individuals together. Yet, it's precisely during these trying times that couples must remember the foundation of love and commitment upon which their union was built. This recognition serves as a guiding light, reminding them to navigate through the storms with resilience and determination.

Understanding the underlying reasons behind marital problems is crucial for fostering growth and healing within the relationship. Rather than viewing obstacles as insurmountable barriers, couples can approach them as opportunities for deeper connection and understanding. By cultivating honesty, empathy, and unwavering determination, couples can confront issues head-on, forging a path towards resolution and reconciliation. Through this process, they not only strengthen their bond but also lay the groundwork for a more profound and enduring partnership.

Ultimately, a healthy and thriving marriage is a product of continual effort, communication, and mutual growth. It's a collaborative journey where both partners strive to support and uplift each other, facing challenges hand in hand. As couples navigate the complexities of married life, they must remember that growth often arises from adversity. By embracing this mindset and committing to the journey together, couples can cultivate a relationship that withstands the test of time, enriching their lives in ways they never imagined possible.

FAQs on Why You Are Having Marital Problems

1. Why do conflicts often arise in marriages?

Conflicts in marriages can arise due to a variety of reasons, including differences in communication styles, unresolved issues from the past, conflicting expectations, and external stressors such as financial strain or work pressures. These conflicts can escalate if not addressed promptly and constructively.

2. How does lack of communication contribute to marital problems?

Lack of communication is a common underlying issue in many marital problems. When couples fail to communicate effectively, misunderstandings can occur, needs may go unmet, and resentments can build up over time. It's essential for couples to cultivate open and honest communication to address concerns and strengthen their relationship.

3. What role does trust play in marital problems?

Trust forms the foundation of a healthy marriage, and its absence can lead to significant problems. Trust issues can arise from past betrayals, dishonesty, or lack of transparency. Rebuilding trust requires honesty, consistency, and a willingness to work through issues together.

4. How do external stressors impact marital relationships?

External stressors such as financial difficulties, work pressures, or family conflicts can place strain on marital relationships. Couples may find themselves overwhelmed by these stressors, leading to increased tension, arguments, and feelings of frustration. It's important for couples to support each other and find healthy ways to cope with external challenges.

5. Can marital problems be resolved, or are they a sign of irreparable damage?

While marital problems can be challenging, many couples are able to work through their issues and strengthen their relationship. Seeking help from a therapist or marriage counselor can provide valuable support and guidance in resolving conflicts, improving communication, and rebuilding trust. With commitment and effort from both partners, many marital problems can be overcome, leading to a stronger and more fulfilling relationship.

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