100+ Idan Trend Meaning of the Latest Nigerian Slang

Here is the hilarious and funny meaning to Idan trend meaning of the latest Nigerian slang that will make you laugh out loud.

 Best Idan Trend Meaning of the Latest Nigerian Slang

If you are looking for information about the meaning of the Idan Trend and the reasons why Idan is popular on the internet, this article is the one for you. We shall talk about the definition, history, and significance of the term "Idan" in this column. There is no denying that the Nigerian slang "Idan" has been acquiring a lot of popularity. To give you thorough, in-depth information on it, we made the decision to produce an article. Let's explore this viral trend in detail and get to the bottom of it. You must read this article through to the finish and remain on this page. Look below by navigating to the bottom of the page.

With its distinctive connotation, the phrase "Idan" has been making news on Nigerian streets and social networking sites. Idan is a slang term that, according to accounts, originates from the Yoruba language and means "magic," but it has taken on a new connotation in Nigerian streets. In the part that follows, we've discussed the motivations behind the Idan trend, revealed the origins of this slang phenomenon, and discussed some intriguing ideas associated with being an Idan. Check out the next section to learn why it is popular in Nigeria.

As previously mentioned, the word "Idan" is a product of Yoruba. According to the data, the majority of Nigeria's ethnic group speaks Yoruba. Idan means "wonder" or "magic" in Yoruba. But with time, it became a slang expression. It represents someone who appears to control things in a magical or unusual way. A sign of respect and affection, the slang term "Idan" is now widely admired and used on social media in Nigeria. 

Idan Trend Meaning of the Latest Nigerian Slang

"Idan denotes magical moves, especially when they don't anticipate you coming!" Why is Nigeria seeing a trend in it? Idan is most frequently used on TikTok. When someone calls someone "Idan," he or she is unmistakably expressing that they are the pinnacle of strength and authority. People have been using and discussing the phrase in great numbers on social media since it carries a great deal of respect. In addition to TikTok, persons are often referred to as Idan on Twitter and Facebook. Here are Nigerians' funny meanings of Idan as seen on Facebook.  Nigerian Pidgin Proverbs, Quotes and Wise Sayings about Life

Yoruba people speaks in parable and they make use of hyperbolic expressions alot. Disecting the meaning of "Idan" could mean many things, depending on the antecedent, atmosphere and the occurrence. The word literally mean, magic. However, it could be used to mean so many other things either positive or negative. It could be used as a word to give accolades and as well as a representation of shaddy characteristics/feature of a person, thing or place. "Idan", could mean surprises as well as an exciting moment in a character of either a person or thing.

When Idan was born, he drove his parents home.

Idan means something magical. But in street terms, it means someone who is extremely smart and can manoeuvre around many things without being caught. They are so smart and streetwise.

IDAN has no meaning. IDAN has no explanation. IDAN cannot be described. IDAN cannot be defined. IDAN doesn't start from anywhere, it's somewhere that start from IDAN. Finally, IDAN is IDAN. Read from top again.

Idan no dey explain anything.

When IDAN speak he doesn't tell lies. It is the truth that is wrong.

Idan no dey pay school fees na school dey pay am.

IDAN is a Yoruba word which means Magic. It's a trending slang that can be synonymous to words like - odogwu, Oga, Baddest or Bigman. It's often used in a prideful expression. E.g. IDAN no dey join queue for bank, na bankers dey queue for IDAN

Once idan was bitten by a snake, two days later the snake died after days of excruciating pains.

Idan once missed school two days in a row, later on these days were called Saturday and Sunday. 😌

They say it's something or someone that does magic or extraordinary things. Gen Z no dey pity person. 😭

When opportunity knocks on IDAN's door and he's not around, opportunity waits patiently till whenever IDAN returns.

IDAN is the Yoruba meaning for Magic. But can also be referred to as a Boss.

The sun makes hay while idan shines.

Idan can be the more you look, the less you see.

Idan doesn't wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. The light meets Idan in the middle.

Idan no tall but idan success and money long pass skyscraper. 

IDAN doesn't lie when he speaks. It is the truth that is wrong.

Nothing dey impress idan normally na idan be impression. πŸ€£πŸ€²πŸ™

When Idan hear say “nothing lasts forever”, he went to defeat nothing now “Idan last forever”.

If IDAN visits you, then you are the visitor.

Dem no born opportunity well to come once for idan.

Idan doesn't care about your opinions shaa. Your opinions worry about Idan. They are conscious of Idan.

IDAN has no meaning.
IDAN has no explanation
IDAN cannot be described.
IDAN cannot be defined.
IDAN doesn't start from anywhere, it's somewhere that start from IDAN.
Finally, IDAN is IDAN.

No one can define IDAN, it defines them all.

Idan doesn't do things to impress people nau, it's people that do things to impress Idan.🀌

Idan wei get doings enter service late when it was about to end, naso Pastor start all over again from beginning.

Idan does not need to be sweet. Na sweet be idan.

Idan no dey impress anybody.

In Yoruba, Idan means “wonder” or “magic”. But it has transformed into a slang term over time. It symbolizes someone who manages matters in seemingly magical or unique ways. Now the slang term 'Idan' is widely admired and used on social media in Nigerian as a token of respect and admiration.

IDAN no get belle but IDAN dey always deliver.

If IDAN look your babe, you don turn ex be that.

Idan no dey fail exam, na the question no correct.

IDAN no need to sweet, na sweetness dey find IDAN.πŸ˜‚☑️

Armed robbers attack Idan and they got rob.

If you wan advice ldan na you go listen attentively.πŸ‘Œ

If IDAN no understand, na the explanation dey beg idan because idan no like stress.

Doctor dey take paracetamol for idan headache.😁

Idan no like sweet things, na sweet things like Idan.😁

IDAN trend no dey sweet people, na people dey sweet IDAN trend.

I think you have to be Yoruba to get the humour. The thing no get exact explanation.

Idan no dey go airport. Aeroplane dey come carry Idan for house.

Idan no send wetin you think, na you still come worry about idan.🀣

Idan is not sweet because Sweet is jealous of Idan.

Idan will cancel a meeting and then punish those that didn't attend.

Don't laugh around Idan because Idan has no teeth.

IDAN bin hear say nothing can kill him, so he tracked down nothing and killed it.

Idan does not beg to be liked, you go like idan last last ni.🀣

When Idan fail exam, na lecturer dey rewrite the paper.

If you no be Idan, then e no go fit sweet for ya ear.πŸ’€

Idan dey read book, but na book dey understand.

Idan no get pen for phone, but idan dey always write✍️. 

If you borrow Idan money, na you be the debtor.

Idan nor fit dey sweet for you, na you suppose dey sweet for idan.

When IDAN stares at the mirror, there will be no reflection. Cos there can never be two IDANS. πŸ€πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

If IDAN get accident. Na him dey treat doctor.

IDAN no suppose sweet, IDAN na sweet on its own.

Idan is a sage that defies normality. E.g. if Idan chop food, na the food dey gain nutrition.

If you send IDAN your account number, na you go still credit yourself.

Idan came to class late, the teacher punished other students for coming early.

If Idan likes your boyfriend/girlfriend, you're already an Ex.

IDAN no dey trend, na trend dey IDAN.

If you trend, na IDAN go popular. If Idan consume sugar and sweet, na woman wey de sell agbo go suffer jedi jedi.

If idan toast your babe automatically you are already her ex.πŸ˜‚

If idan go school, na the school de acquire knowledge.

Idan is an embodiment of power and authority which cannot be grasped by mere mortals. One who earns the title of IDAN, must face tribulations and turbulent times and still survive. IDAN should not be addressed as what but as who, where and how because IDAN my friend is greatness in human form.πŸ™‚

When idan enter the exam hall late, lecturer apologize for coming early.

Na peer pressure dey succumb to idan, idan no dey succumb to peer pressure.πŸ˜‚

IDAN no get Skincare routine but IDAN dey DAN.πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚

When IDAN REACH 18 years na IDAN parents move out.

When IDAN wash hand, na the water dey clean.

IDAN is the Oga pata pata of them all, idan doesn't live on Earth, idan lives in Nigeria.

IDAN no dey find Sweetness, na Sweetness dey run follow IDAN.

IDAN is the one who looks at the mirror and there's no reflection because there can never be two IDANS.

"There's light at the end of the tunnel' no be for idan, because for idan, the tunnel dey run on solar energy from the begining.

When idan reach 18 yrs, na im parent pack out.

If idan visit you, na you be visitor.

Idan dey make sun while the hay shine.

If idan smoke,na the Canadian loud dey high.

If Idan get Court case, e no de go court. Na Judges de come em house come judge the case.

Idan na pain reliever. Idan no dey sweet person na you go make idan sweet.

IDAN no supposed get wahala sha because trouble na IDAN duty call.

IDAN no dey trust anybody because him sef na betrayal.πŸ˜‚

Idan miss school for two days. Them later call these two days Saturday and Sunday!πŸ₯±πŸ₯±πŸ₯±

Where Idan dey write exam, na Idan dey give invigilator extra sheet.

Opportunity comes but once, no be for Idan.

Idan no be preacher of love.

If idan look himself for mirror, e no dey see reflection, idan can not be two.πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

IDAN collect loan from Palmpay, na Palmpay kon pay back IDAN Las Las.

Opportunity no dey come once when idan no dey, e dey come back again.

Idan enter class late, lecturer vex come tell the class to kneel down for coming early.

IDAN no dey ever late, na the time no dey correct.

Idan has no meaning but to me it simply means confusion raised to power 2.

If Idan borrow money from you, na you dey owe am.

If idan visit your house you go become visitor in your house.

IDAN no fit cast because if IDAN cast LASLAS na everybody go chop breakfast.

IDAN no say e no sweet na people say IDAN sweet.

IDAN is not a guy name, it is bahose of the indabosky.

If Idan read book na the book go get knowledge.

Idan no dey go for success and na success dey look for idan!

If idan get carry over na the lecturer dey write am.

Idan no dey pay bride price, na dash them dey dash idan wives.πŸ˜†

If opportunity knocks once and idan no dey around, idan go come back and knock again.

Who are you to challenge the sweetness of Idan? Idan no suppose sweet you na you suppose sweet Idan. You no suppose chop Idan na Idan suppose chop you.

Idan bought Airtel card, loaded it on glo sim as MTN and used it to call as Glo.

Opportunity knock for Idan, Idan no dey, opportunity come wait.

If Idan want cross road nah driver dey look left and right.

IDAN no be trend but IDAN the trend.😝

Idan no dey pay for bills, na bills dey pay Idan.

Idan no dey hustle for money, na money dey find Idan.

Idan has short legs, short legs begot Idan.

If idan read book πŸ“– na the book dey gain knowledge not idan. πŸ˜‚

IDAN no go funny for person wey be IDAN.

For those asking what idan means.πŸ‘‡idanπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I: Idan
D: Don't
A: Act
N: Normal

For IDAN, the sun will make hay while IDAN will shine.

When them born idan na idan do naming ceremony for him parents.

IDAN no tall, but e get coca cola bottle shape.
If Idan send you money na you dem go debit and na idan them go credit.

Idan no get meaning na meaning get idan.

Idan no dey go hospital. Idan na medicine of all medicine.😏

Idan no dey admit. Cus idan no get pride.

If idan come ask for a woman's hand in marriage, na the woman go pay bride prize.

If Idan fail course for skool, na the course lecturer go write the carryover.

If Idan collect loan from Palmpay, na Palmpay go pay the loan.

Only IDAN can understand you, you cannot understand Idan. πŸ˜‚

IDAN 101 Examination: INTRODUCTION TO IDAN. Idan made a post about Idan, na Idan still dey comment. Everybody must not be Idan, but Idan is everybody. Define IDAN... 🀸🀸

Idan came late to class, his teacher apologized to him for begining the class early.

Idan can never be sweet cause Idan is not honey and honey is not Idan.🚢

An IDAN is not created nor can it be destroyed, but IDAN can be transfered from one individual to another.

IDAN doesn't stay in big big mansion, big big mansion _________ (complete the rest IDAN don't like to talk much).

If idan credit you na you go receive debit alert.

Idan no go school but he dey celebrate NYSC @ 50.

Na Idan dey arrest police for crime were em commit.

Fact about IDAN πŸ˜…πŸ™Œ. Idan no send you message as Idan no dey send person message.

IDAN no dey pay rent, na Landlord dey pay him.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

IDAN no dey read, when IDAN do exam the book gains knowledgeable.

04 : IF IDAN slap you, na you go apologize.

When IDAN download an app, the app accept his terms and condition.

If opportunity come and IDAN no is not around, opportunity go wait for IDAN.

IDAN no dey explain things, na the person wey ask go explain.

IDAN no dey catch feeling, he no dey love.

To be IDAN you have to go through alot.

IDAN no dey check results.

For IDAN to follow the rule he has to create his own rule.

IDAN no dey do talking stages.

IDAN no dey find love na love dey find IDAN.

IDAN no dey go date, na straight lo.

If IDAN visit you na you be visitor.

If you feature IDAN no be you get song.

IDAN no dey fail exam.πŸ”₯

IDAN no dey contest election but na him dey win.

IDAN no dey beg who e offend. Na the person dey beg am.

IDAN is not a comrade but everyone calls it comrade and he is also the senior brother of VAWULENVE pro max.

Idan no dey go airport. Aeroplane dey come carry Idan for house.

If Idan get carry over, na the lecturer go rewrite that paper.

When Mark Zukaberg create facebook he send Idan friend request.🀣



Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!: 100+ Idan Trend Meaning of the Latest Nigerian Slang
100+ Idan Trend Meaning of the Latest Nigerian Slang
Here is the hilarious and funny meaning to Idan trend meaning of the latest Nigerian slang that will make you laugh out loud.
Lovely Messages – Spreading Love, One Message at a Time!
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