30 Hilarious and Funny Quotes about Understanding a Woman that Will Make You Laugh

Best Funny Quotes about Understanding a Woman

Learning to understand a woman is something you will have to do as a man for the rest of your life. There is no perfect formula to marriage, that of a relationship and understanding a woman. All you need do is find out the one that works for you through experience and adapts to such one. 

If you keep complaining and wanting your relationship to be like that of your friend or someone you admire, you might sincerely fail in building yours. Model your relationship towards understanding the one you love. When there is trust from both ends, then be sure that you will develop a better understanding of each other.

To want to understand a woman is like trying to drive a needle down her eyes of Carmel. Just live it t that, women are the easiest yet so difficult to understand. You know their heart is filled with emotions. Women expect you to decode the decodable.  

Best Funny Quotes About Understanding a Woman

Here are funny quotes and sayings about understanding a woman. If you truly wish to understand who a woman actually is, then you need to read these funny quotes about understanding a woman. Advice for Love Problems about Keeping Your Bestie in a Relationship
[1]. The gender that doesn't understand their selves, to begin with, doesn't need to be studied.

[2]. Women are the 10th wonders of the world, all men must forget about their lives and focus on how to understudy a fellow human.

[3]. No need to study women. Just keep learning and unlearning and relearning. It's a cyclical journey to understand a woman.

[4]. Understanding women is a waste of time. Just marry your problem and put a smile on her face. 

[5]. How can you understand the gender that was created while you were asleep?

[6]. There is no book for it just don't overdo things simply.

[7]. Front and backward reasoning is the key that unlocks their peace and pleasure.

[8]. Always and only argue with a woman to help her win. Women win all battles.

[9]. Even if she is losing, just make her believe she is right and winning.

[10]. The great question that has never been answered and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my years of research into the feminine soul, is: ‘What does a woman want?

How can you understand a creature that was created while you were asleep? 

[11]. Nevertheless understanding my gender should be an insatiable need for you men. Keep being updated otherwise you miss it.

[12]. When they say they don't like a thing, find another way of presenting the same thing to them, that's the real meaning of romance.

[13]. A necessary evil, can't live with them, certainly can't live without them.

[14]. We actually like what we say we don't like but we do not like to let you know that we like it so that it won't appear as though you're doing us a favour. 
[15]. It's more fun when we pretend we don't like it.

[16]. While Adam was asleep a controversial human was made.

[17]. Believe me, women are very difficult to understand take this from me that's a woman too. There's a book called "Everything men know about women" - it's a book of 120 BLANK pages. It has more the 30 Editions. A thousand copies have been sold. The more you read the book, the more you come to your senses that there is absolutely nothing you understand about women.

[18]. When we say "leave me" we don't mean it. If she gives you a reply like "I'm fine". My brother doesn't leave her like that. There is more to that 'I'm fine". We don't even understand ourselves sometimes. 

[19]. That kind of book to understand a woman does not exist. Such understanding is like the British constitution - it is not written. Period!

[20]. The manual is the lady herself. Every lady comes with her illustrative manual. Just open your eyes, mind, and brain to read between the lines, before and after the lines.

In women, NO could mean YES, and vice versa. They are brain resetters for my gender.

[21]. We matter too much. When we say we don’t want it again sometimes, means we want more. This my gender, in fact, we are unpredictable. When your thought is over, that’s when we start. Kudos to all exemplary fathers and potential men out there. You guys are really trying and enduring a lot from us. Much respect for you all.

[22]. Women are new every morning. Of the increase in the uncertainty of their actions and surprises, there's no end.

[23]. When she says stop it means don’t stop and when she says don’t stop she means don’t stop.

[24]. Don't try to start understanding women so you will not end up like Solomon. Solomon tried and ended up with 700 wives and 300 hundred concubines; he finally gave up and started asking God for wisdom.

[25]. You can’t understand women. They understand themselves that’s why they don’t live together for long.

[26]. We can't understand them because we were asleep when God was creating them.

[27]. My gender is quite difficult to be understood. No book can actually explain the behaviour of women, just try to understand your own woman our case is different individually.

[28]. Very amazing set of creatures. I love and respect them a lot. But it takes special grace from God who created them to actually understand and live happily with them. Respect to all Women. They are doing a fantastic job for us all.

[29]. A woman means the opposite of her objections. But, if you aren't in the spirit of a man, you may never approach her the right way, even if you understand this trick. There are levels to understanding us. 

[30]. An author tried to write a book about understanding a woman but he died in the process of writing the first chapter. An autopsy showed that he attempted the most challenging task in the world hence he got choked. No one has tried to complete the book since then. 


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