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150 Advice for Love Problems about Keeping Your Bestie in a Relationship

Best Advice for Love Problems about Keeping Your Bestie in a Relationship

Bestie, the all saying best friend. Do you really need a best friend to keep your relationship going? Should there be a best friend or there shouldn't be a best friend. Bestie, it all depends on who is actually your best friend. The definition of bestie could be the other way around, either it is for good or for bad.

This post is advice for love problems in keeping a bestie within your relationship. I was jejely taking a walk on social media when this got my mind from a Yen with these words. 
"I have been arguing with my girlfriend for over a month now to cut off her male bestie due to how insecure their so-called friendship makes me feel. 

In the three months we've dated, she's never slept over at my end and will always call him to pick her up even as late as 2am to rather go and sleep at his place. 

Just last week she played with him as partners against my brother and me in a game and shockingly kissed him after they won. She claimed it was a brotherly kiss and that it was something they usually did. 

She also says I should be ready to accept her decision because her bestie was there before I came and he'll still be there for her in case our relationship ends. 

She looks at him in the way I want her to look at me and always seems to prefer being around him whenever we're in the same environment. I really love this girl but I don't know how long I can tolerate this guy in our relationship."

What do you think is going on here?  If this was you, what would you do? Or what advice would you give to this brother about keeping this kind of relationship. Even when he saw the sign, love still blinded him to want to love further. To love is to be committed, and for me, this is just a waste of time. Well, I shouldn’t talk too much, see quotes and reactions from comments to this advice for this love problem.

Best Advice for Love Problems about Keeping Your Bestie in a Relationship

[1]. As a lady with a guy, you can have a bestie but tell him to watch his back when walking. Not all guys tolerate that. —Ken Opoku Kusi

[2]. How can a female have a male as bestie when aside from her guy/husband?... #NOTE: Our marriages don't last long partly because of how this generation befriends the opposite sex. Per my research, 95% of friendship with the opposite sex ends in sexual advantage. —Kofi Atta Djan

[3]. Your indecision in this matter is a sign that you are going mad. How can you be asking for advice when this is a straightforward decision to take; flee from this relationship. —Theophilus Nabare

[4]. My brother calms down, don't worry at all. I mean don't stress yourself, kindly dress like a ninja whenever her bestie comes to pick her up. This is advice to you. The end result, you will kindly thank me later when the relationship finally collapses. —Felix Femax

[5]. My brother, I am also a lady, leave her she is dating him. Is either she told her bestie you are her family. —Obaa Adjoa Addox

[6]. You're the real bestie... While the bestie is the real boyfriend. —Isaac Saint

[7]. Awww, I feel your pain. You better let her go. —Daniel Koomi Atimieku

[8]. It's not going to work with both of you so just move on. I have a female bestie but I don't even go out with her to the extent of kissing. Your happiness also matters bro. —William Kumfo

[9]. Let her go for your own sanity. —Mibue Mercy

[10]. In her list of priorities, her bestie is way high above you. If I were you, I'd leave them, and find and love me. You don't need much energy around you. Protect your integrity, your mental health and your heart. MOVEEEEE bro!! —Cyril Alando

[11]. Continue to tickle yourself and laugh in the name of love. She’ll kick your heart like a football. —Solomon Tatuoro

[12]. They are in a relationship and you're just a side guy, wai. —Maame Akosuah Boatemaah

[13]. This bestie thing. Masa leaves her because I don't trust that bestie stuff. —Gertrude Konadu Nyarko

[14]. My brother doesn't stress yourself, just quit and focus on a better life wai, is true she doesn't like you and what is going on between them is not just a bestie matter. —Bhanana Lopez

[15]. Say after me, "I am a mumu man. I need to be used as a bomb". With all these signs, you want us to tell you what to do. —Bra Kweku Saide Effect

[16]. This one too you have to ask? My brother broke up with her. Let her continue with her bestie such nonsense, you don't have to beg for love nor do you have to be pitied. —Swanky Queen

[17]. She's a very well-trained wife material now. After all, she's telling you to be ready ahead of it. Girl well-done wai. —Ogbe Georgina Akpetiyo

[18]. You need spiritual delivery, it's clear that you've been charmed and the funny side of it is that your head is no longer working. —Yushawu Musah

[19]. They are lovers. My guy wise up before it is too late. —Margaret Oppong

[20]. You need to move on. May God deliver us from this kind of foolish love. —Nana Yaw

[21]. This guy deserves some leashes before he learns sense. —Vascony Asare

[22]. Don’t worry the real movie will be out soon, that’s just the trailer. —Samson Bhabadhoura Samuel Moiwah

[23]. The lady is simply in love with her bestie but fails to admit it. Kindly let go of this relationship. —Ara Bee

[24]. Masa they are chopping each other, so forget her Koraaa. The besteei is enjoying more than you and sees you saying you love her, bro move on with your life. —Mariam Ibrahim

[25]. You are being taken for a ride. They use bestie, bestie stuff to do things behind you. Shine your eye. —Aba Justina

[26]. Simple, she loves another person and plays with your feelings, please move on. She's going to break your heart very soon bro. —Alfred Anthonio

[27]. God have mercy "uporus" (in akrobetos voice). This guy should put emotions aside and use his head oooo. —Dziafa Innocent

[28]. This sounds to me like a boy or a little child in his first relationship. —Anwar M Sadat

[29]. Do what your heart tells you, my brother. If indeed you love her and want her as a wife, stay but if this is just a relationship thing then walk and look for another. As long as she is not married to either of you she will play the game with you both until one is bold enough to ask her hand in marriage by taking the step and not words. —Manasseh Delawrence

[30]. My brother broke up with her because she enjoys her bestie's present more than you. —Estelle Manhyia

[31]. My heart, your main function is to pump blood but if you deviate and fall in love. Then you are on your own. —IamJaekae Mohammed

[32]. I don't think she loves you and is ready to settle with you. With all the signs you've seen tell you that the girl has a wired agenda and you find issues with the guy because you love the girl but the main issue is the lady. Just run for your life. —Priscilla Praise

[33]. What again do you want to see as a red flag before you realize she's cheating. —Bright Akwagyiram

[34]. Do you see that cold feeling you experience when you fall in love? That's common sense leaving your body. You better drop that and go look for your common sense biko. —Corbbie Nii Laryea Adjei

[35]. Lol sorry o, ya dating yourself... Even if the bestie was there before you, if she really loves you, she will prefer your company more and reduce how close she and her bestie are if she can't cut off. —Dïmma Uzomah

[36]. Besties nowadays are not safe. If you're in a relationship or courtship your girlfriend or boyfriend should be your bestie in everything, please. —Mzs Krystal

[37]. Why are you subjecting your heart to so much agony and torment? Is she the only woman on earth? You don't need this kind of energy, yeah! Move on! —Phil Nana Kwesi

[38]. I don't know anything, only you know what you are seeing. Maybe you are the only person in the relationship but for this girl, she loves another. Nonsense bestie. —Abdul-Samed Ibn Amoana

[39]. Even in your presence, they kissed, so you can imagine what they are doing behind the scenes. Run for your life. —Quabena Ofori

[40]. You are the bestie and he is the boyfriend period. —Bridget Zakli

[41]. You don't have to even think about it for once koraaa.... Flee from a broken heart before it catches you. —Micky Junior

[42]. I just don't know what you are still doing in that so-called relationship. —Simóñ Prínçip Kwaku

[43]. This is the reason why most relationships don’t work nowadays. They love their so-called besties more than their partners. —Gazanation Wan

[44]. One day, one day the lion will feed on his master, just leave her for her bestie period. —Nana Bronzy

[45]. Just leave her to marry her bestie. He would still be his bestie even if you are married to her. Just leave her to go. —Maxi Mix

[46]. Tell her about your worries and if she is not ready to make you happy then move on. —Praise Cafui Agbo

[47]. If he is choosing a bestie ahead of you, what are you still doing in the relationship? Masa go your way wai. —Kwesi Newman

[48]. Masa you for shining your eyes. The script is clearly written. —Nyarkoa Abena Adepa Anim

[49]. Wait, they'll fight one day and she'll be yours but for now, you are on hold. —Ametefe Saviour

[50]. You are still in the school of love. You will soon graduate and there you will now become a man. —Hypolite Nasung

[51]. Brother, run before you end up raising someone's babies, this is so clear she has been honest with you at least. —Ricch Remedy

[52]. Quit waii. Before you end up crying. A broken heart is real. Have said my path. —Kwame Zigah

[53]. Eeei, you have seen this and you are still in the relationship? My dear run for your life o. We no want to hear “I’m broken I need advice biaa” or what a shock. —Awura Adwoa Akomea

[54]. Leave her if you value your life because they are playing with your heart. —Kelly Do More

[55]. My dear in the presence of the bestie you are her cousin. —Nhanha Yaa Asantewaa

[56]. Fool yourself by giving yourself to unnecessary girls, go out there and also pick one to make her your bestie and see that nonsense will not stop. —Abdulmajeed Yamma

[57]. Bros flee. A red flag with big danger is ahead. They are surely items with good benefits. Guard your heart against total breakages and damage. —Daniel Nanakow Mensah

[58]. This goes to prove that "men have two brains" the one at the bottom and the other at the top. In normal science, the top is supposed to control the down but in this case, I think the bottom is controlling the top. —Addo Constant

[59]. There are so many ladies out there... Just take heart and move on... You can't keep hurting yourself bro... It hurts to pretend to be alright... —Gasty Fiifi De Snr

[60]. My dear please both of them are in love with each other but they don't want to accept. Please let them be wai. —Vanessa Oubougasam

[61]. Just forget about her and move on. —Bibie Asantewaa Jackson

[62]. Leave bro!!!!... You should have done this for a long time. —Joycelyn Charles Raymonds

[63]. Fleeeeee my brother... It's disheartening and dangerous. Your life is in danger. —Sampson Owusu Gyinaye

[64]. Just package your life well and ask her to choose one you or her so-called bestie. —Victor Asante

[65]. Your body is out of this battle, only your soul is crying in vain. —Dorleagbenu Bani

[66]. As I always say there's nothing on this earth called bestie... Bestie is another way of saying dating. And also a strategic way for ladies to have more than one boy. —Yaw Azara Aidoo Prince

[67]. The worst feeling is when something is killing you inside, and you have to act like you don't care. —Samuel K Acquah

[68]. Massa though it's not easy to forget about the one you truly love but try to be a man and advise yourself. —Tijani Uthman

[69]. She's crushing on his bestie. —Selina Arthur

[70]. They are friends with benefits. —Chantel Mary

[71]. Be there and be fooling all in the name of love. See mumu! —Bright Daniel Jormeku

[72]. Hahahahaha… he is chopping her right in your face... she doesn't respect you at all. —Superbody Kingdavid

[73]. Masa you have sleep but your legs dey outside... Run for your life. —Ezra Sarfo Isaac Asumadu

[74]. The biggest red flag for me is bestie stuff... once I hear that thing... that’s all lol... no matter how much I want to be with her. —Dennis Amo

[75]. Receive sense in Jesus' name! Find a bestie too and do what she is doing with her bestie with your bestie too and see her reaction. If she's ok with that, my brother, move on with the bestie but if she gets jealous, then she wants you. You can then tell her to leave the bestie and focus on you alone. —Bettina Ofei

[76]. You are the bestie and the other guy is her man wai. —Jangil Brown

[77]. This reminds me of that song... my bestie, my bestie, my bestie, my bestie, my bestie heeh. —Believe Enyonam Dake

[78]. Forget love and run for your life. —Bra Qwecy

[79]. Another breakfast getting ready to be served. This guy go chop breakfast. —Calvin Kuufaar

[80]. Eii do you need advice on this?? It is very clear my brother you're not the one. Move on with your life. —Diana Kassim

[81]. My brother quit before you run mad o, a girlfriend who loves to be with her male bestie more than you the boyfriend/fiancee is sarcastic. —Kofi Himans

[82]. You paa, what advice do you need again, is a sign to let you be aware that what you are seeing will definitely seem the same unto the marriage so why do you waste your precious time on it. —John Essandoh

[83]. Hmmm, this bestie stuff eh. Their friends will benefit, just let her back off young man. —Priscilla Ofori-Atta

[84]. Oh, she will change, relax, they are just friends. —Julius Martey

[85]. You besides guy, my friend, don't be blinded by that thing called love. —Daphine Akosua Nyantah Agyare

[86]. My brother, please run for your life ooooh. —Harunaba No Corruption

[87]. Keep tolerating her until your eyes make it clear. —Ladynash Eyrams

[88]. Broken hearts go reach everybody na. —Yakubu Abdul Ganiu

[89]. If it were me I would also introduce my bestie to her. This won't be a problem at all, as her bestie is in to pick her my bestie will be in to console me. —Sampson Neequaye

[90]. SMH. SMH. I just don’t know what to tell this boy. If he were to be my little brother eeeh… eehhh… hmmm let me limit the vawulence talk before I go to Facebook jail. —Atick Yakubu

[91]. Let her marry her bestie. —Esther Mensah Sylvia

[92]. When fools fall in Love... —Grandson Tchevi

[93]. The guy chop am before and them dey feel them a self waa so better walk away. —Abena Sika

[94]. Hahaha, this is comedy... anyway since you love her continue. —Abdulnuru Wumpini

[95]. There is no relationship bro. —Timothy T Wussah

[96]. Don't stay cool. You are all brothers to her. You will soon understand who the real owner is. —Atah Quofi

[97]. Have a bestie at your own risk. —Maxwell John

[98]. She likes the bestie guy... Did you say they kissed? —Naa Adjeley Kuma

[99]. Could it be a payback, maybe you did her some and she wants to see how you will feel about it. —Gornah Albertina

[100]. Give her some space, pretend to be uninterested and watch her reaction. —Michael Danquah

[101]. Is better you die single than to hound her for a relationship. —Density Nana Tweneboah

[102]. That nonsense thing called bestie is out of my dictionary... mttwww bestie my foot. —Pretty Fafa

[103]. Leave her... total disrespect, you are rather the third person in their relationship. Be wise! —Krussbatch Kuku

[104]. Brother, just give your life to Christ. —Qwaku Asare

[105]. Terminate the relationship. Don't give your heart to fools. —Eric Kwabena Amponsah

[106]. They are in a relationship. Please back off. —Adelaide Amartey

[107]. Football match is going on. My dear wise up okay and stop fooling yourself. —Catherine Anyenor

[108]. Which one is the bestie thing koraaa. Your partner is supposed to be all in one. —Revelations Robe House

[109]. My guy run for your life. —Kirk Frempong Bright

[110]. You need no anything, she sees you as the last common option. —Abubakari Baba

[111]. It is better now than later... Let her go to where she feels okay. —Derrick Smith Mezil Afful

[112]. I guess you are running mad because you already know what to do my brother. —Taadiboy Genesis Blåq

[113]. Mr Man, you are the bestie and they are dating. —Lovline MhaYhaa

[114]. Use all your life savings to sponsor their marriage. Abi your head knocks. —Henry Naanyere

[115]. Bestiee, bestiee he’s chopping oo, so leave them to enjoy wat they started before you came. —Araba Uno

[116]. My guy, forget everybody, follow your heart. —Osei Constance

[117]. Just flee from this relationship, or you take a lady as bestie, you do me, I do you. —Jonas Kelvin

[118]. Do you think he's her bestie? You're actually the bestie. —Bra Kwasi

[119]. You need to see a psychiatrist for treatment. You are sick. You really need to go through thorough guidance and counselling. —Moses Akunyam

[120]. Your start wasn’t nice I think you allowed it, they could have played at your back without your notice. Me, I’m uncomfortable when I hear BESTIE. Had it been me, the question I could have asked her would have been shot at the early time of everything. YOUR BESTIE OR ME? Period!!!! —Mcwills Spartan Jnr

[121]. Ahhhh!!! Like seriously. She told you all these and you're still there saying wetin. If you like dey der. Massa! Leave emm make she carry herself go somewhere. —Jefter James King

[122]. Leave her for her bestie and move on in search of another reliable lady. —Sheikh Dauda

[123]. That guy is a wall of Jericho you need to break it first before you can then enter Jerusalem. —Abdul Basit Fuseini

[124]. Indeed love is blind. —Ami Yayra

[125]. You have even been told He was there before you and you are still loving her. Continue loving her legend. —King Kwaku Zindube

[126]. They are trying to add a third wheel to a bicycle. I just wonder how it will function. —Khapital Kay

[127]. Ma guy what are you waiting for la, can't you see she's completely a wife material abeg look sharp and do the needful before it too late yoo... if you like take my advice. —Bismarck Brooklyn Bruce

[128]. So at your age... 70 years old man oo... them teargas you. I ga ebekwa anyam anyamooooo. —Ikenna Obidollar

[129]. Continue doing what you started if you hate yourself... —Ellywonder Yaw

[130]. What is wrong with some you guys kwraaaa mpo aa, wo gyimii woho aa wose LOVE, my guy stop hallucinating and make the BROTHERHOOD proud wai. —Roy Manuel

[131]. Looks like the two teamed up to achieve something great using you. —Selassie Kwame

[132]. Masa the lady go break your heart oo na shun am koraa before it's too late. I've seen some before. —Eric Nii Tetteh

[133]. Krakye keep her. She's a loving lady, if not you wouldn't ask for advice. —Nana Quophi Baffour

[134]. Me, I will not leave you but before she realizes she has been replaced. —Yaw Asamoah Frimpong

[135]. What is your problem? Also pick a bestie and you will see the difference... —Washington Foli

[136]. Why do you want to force the unenforceable, think bro. —Bertha Adjei

[137]. King Solomon come with your wisdom and judge this case. —Confidence Guonaa

[138]. Ha, so you still believe that it's just friendship? Chaii, lemme walk pass err. —Ashaiman Beyounce

[139]. I don't understand the whole show. But lemme ask, are you are a man or lady? —Pe Bu Jay Achuliba

[140]. There a man goes again trying hard to ignore a deep-coloured red flag. —Perlas Nanayaw Addo

[141]. Signs and wonders... flee. —Ephua Mitchmill Quayson

[142]. Wei... gyimisem sei... God is even angry with you for being in a relationship like dis. —Oñe Døn

[143]. Hahaha, my brother, do you need a prophet to tell you wat to do? —Bridget Nyadanu

[144]. Ma friend ma friend! Go and sleep. What you're saying nu, does it go your mouth? —Nuru-Deen Danjuma Fuseini

[145]. Wow the guy is a real man indeed. —Evelyn Sarfo Mansah

[146]. Keep her... wife material 1000 yards. —Anderson Steve

[147]. I think there's a hollow in some people’s brains. —Mubarak Ali

[148]. As for me I got my bestie erh ago neck am. I don't tolerate that nonsense. —Adams Fifi Johnson

[149]. Drink aboniki tea and sleep. You don't have any problem. —Anane Wisdom Cike Mawulolo

[150]. I've experienced it before, I was mad all the time, but God being so good! I overcame him! My advice is, if you genuinely love this girl, don't let me tell you this. —Nickey Mennz

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