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7 Inspiration on Love Walks in the Call to Worship, My Encounter with a Music Minister

Love Walks in a Call to Worship, My Encounter with a Music Minister

I remembered staying in the same hostel with him during one of our convention meetings at the Redemption camp years back. The unique voice that exalts the glory of the Lord, you can't but recognize this gift of a melodious voice. Worship I would say is part of him. When a man loves to worship, you can't take the presence of the Almighty God from such a person. And Brother Derrah Ohallem is a man born to worship and gives the glory to the One who is and still to come.

Seeing him grow through worship in the teen Church would let you know that to every glory there is a process and that process is the progress that brings growth. Derram is Apostolos, a Music Minister and Pastor’s Lovewalk

Lovewalk! Like he said, there are many things I love about Lovewalk. And I'm not sure which is my favourite but I will try to list some. I feel one of the things I really love about Lovewalk is how we can come the way we are — no restrictions or rules and be sure that every message points us, not to our weaknesses — but to the Father who has loved us, and given us his power. I also really love these beautiful people of God and how unique they are. The one thing you will find they have in common is they don't easily fit into the norm or system. I love it!  One other thing? The supernatural is so easy and effortlessly available in our midst. We know he has loved us and given us himself, so we constantly leverage on the work of the lamb slain, and power is always the result. Effortless POWER!! Oh, and I love that I have the special honour and privilege to lead this amazing move of God. I Pastor at Lovewalk and I love it! Indeed, Pastor Derrah is called to win men, train them and send them!

Just a few days back, I had to draw his attention when I saw him. I stumbled on his Facebook page and sincerely, I never knew he has grown this far. How a little seed can grow towards becoming an Oak tree in the process. Here I am wishing for the time and chance that this vessel of honour would grace the world stage singing and worshipping the only true God who is His source of inspiration.

A word of encouragement I passed out. I told him I like what I saw on his page. You are in the right direction. Keep pushing, keep growing and within a short time, the world will hear of you. And in all of your engagement, don't forget the days of thy little beginning.

Best of Love Walks in the Call to Worship, My Encounter with a Music Minister

These words of inspiration are worship songs about loving one another, what to say when leading praise and worship and worship songs about loving your enemies. And if you are looking out for what you say before calling to worship? What do you say when leading worship service? What does a call to worship mean? how can we encourage the congregation to worship? What is the purpose of music ministry? What are the qualities of a music minister? How do you handle a praise and worship team? How do you grow in music ministry? What to say in a call to worship? What does a call to worship mean? What does the Bible mean by walk in love? or How can you show your love by walking with God? These and many more answers you would find here from the deep words of motivation by the vessel whose life is a call to worship. Praise and Worship Prayer Points with Bible Verses to God Almighty

[1]. When I'm not going to minister someplace else, I teach in a teen's church. That is where I serve. I sing and teach with as much zeal and skill as when I'm on the big platforms. Dear music minister, have roots in your local church.

[2]. Many times when God wants to do certain things in our lives, he leads us to a place where we are totally dependent on him, a place where we are alone with him. Just like Jacob before the encounter that changed his name, many of us will have to come to a place where there's no one else to trust but God. Only then can we see certain things without 'outside noise' influencing our training process.

[3]. When we pray, we sink deeper into the glory that is already ours. When we pray, we see the visions of God for us. When we pray, we allow God's word to find expression through us. Pray!

[4]. Romans 8:15. For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

[4]. When we worship here, there is no fear. When we worship here, there is no cajoling. We hide nothing before him, for he is the God who sees all. We leave our flaws as well as our crowns, and we behold his goodness. All else fades away!
[5]. YOUNG MINISTER? STRUGGLING WITH CRITICISM? READ THIS: The thing I really love about being anointed and sent by God to carry the gospel is that YOU CANNOT STOP A MAN WHO IS SENT!! It doesn't matter who doesn't like you, it doesn't matter who thinks you are arrogant and boastful, it doesn't matter what lies they cook up, or who looks down on you. As long as you focus on your work and heed God's voice, you cannot be shut up or hidden! The fire will burn bright and attract the people that you have been sent to! Just FOCUS! It doesn't matter who doesn't believe your message. It doesn't matter who thinks you're unqualified. Just keep going! All of heaven backs you up! Stay with the message and flow of the power! Train men and commit the same message to them! Stay within the scope of your gifting and graces. No comparison! Don't try to compare or copy someone with a different set of instructions. Stay focused! RUN, SOLDIER, RUN! THERE IS YET LAND TO BE POSSESSED!

[6]. Revival is not when people are slain in the Holy Ghost in our meetings. THE BELIEVER IN CHRIST IS THE REVIVAL. (Constantly walking and growing in the truth he has heard.) This simply means that revival is first "personal" before it is "collective."
[7]. Your boast against demons isn't that you prayed and fasted. It's that JESUS caused havoc in hell and brought hell under our feet!

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