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Top 50 Praise and Worship Prayer Points with Bible Verses to God Almighty

Powerful Praise and Worship Prayer Points to God Almighty

Talking about the prayer of praise to God Almighty, the word of God through praise and worship is one of the ways we can evangelize to win souls into the kingdom of God. When it comes to worship, the prayer of worship and adoration is one way to bring the presence of God down. 

Like we long to worship in the beauty of His Holiness, the worship day for worship is finally here. We trust God for the massive harvest of miracles and souls. 

In getting any of our praise and worship programmes to come to its realisation, these prayer points to glorify God are some of the prayer points we can undertake for some days to pray and seek the face of God concerning the programme.

Powerful Praise and Worship Prayer Points to God Almighty

These prayers for praise and worship programmes are worship prayer points with bible verses, prayer for the worship team before service and prayer points for choir ministry. As we begin the countdown to our praise and worship programme, let us take time out to pray and depend on the Lord for all we desire to attain in the programme. Words of Motivation with Praise and Worship Encounter with a Music Minister and Leader

[1]. Thank God for calling us out of darkness to light. 1 Corinthians 1:25-28

[2]. Thank God for His mercies and grace to us. Ephesians 2:8-9

[3]. Thank God for choosing us for His glory. Colossians 1:27

[4]. Thank God for making us fruitful all around. Genesis 1:28

[5]. Thank God for His power bestowed on us. John 1:12

[6]. Thank God for His ministry of reconciliation and intercession He gave to us. 2 Corinthians 5:18, Revelation 5:10

[7]. Thank God for answered prayers. Psalms 34:15

[8]. Thank God we cannot labour not in vain. Isaiah 45:19

[9]. Thank God for the abundance of supplies. Philippians 4:19

[10]. Thank God for the grace to start and finish well and all else. Philippians 1:6

Let us take time out to pray for the sure mercies of God.

[11]. It's of His mercies we're not consumed. Once again let's thank Him who is rich in mercy. Lamentation 3:22-23 

[12]. Let's thank Him for His mercies to prevail over judgment. James 2:13

[13]. Let's plead for His mercies wherever we've erred in planning this program. Psalms 19:12

[14]. Let's plead that in His mercy, He draws men to Himself through the praise and worship program. John 12:32

[15]. Let His mercies prevail over whatever Satan can use as a stronghold against us and God's glory in the programme. John 14:30

[16]. Let His mercy that endures forever cover our sphere of program influence, frustrating all satanic objections. Joshua 1:3

[17]. Let His mercies reign over all who shall be ministering and over all the equipment and appliances functionalities. Philippians 4:13

[18]. It's the Lord that shows mercy. Let the weather be favourable to us. Daniel 2:21

[19]. Let His mercies set the lawful captives free. Psalms 103:8-9

[20]. Let His mercies renew the vigour and strength of every minister and worker to serve Him acceptably. Isaiah 40:31

Let us approach the throne of grace for help.

[21]. Heaven will not raise stones while we’re here to serve Him. Matthew 3:10

[22]. Unity of purpose and vision for all ministers and workers. Psalms 133:1-5

[23]. Fresh utterance and zeal of God on each minister and worker to serve beyond the programme. Psalms 69:9

[24]. Lord, give us hearts of little children, to love and forgive each other and serve rightly. Matthew 18:3

[25]. Genuine love of God manifests in the discernment of spirits on each minister and worker to run with Heaven. 2 Corinthians 18:5-6

[26]. Let each minister and worker also be blessed unto encountering Christ afresh through this programme. Philippians 3:10

[27]. God bless each minister and worker and makes them a blessing, through whom overflowing resources (spiritual, material, financial, human) for the programme and all of the Church programs are provided. Zechariah 1:17

[28]. Oh, Lord! Add abiding souls to Your Kingdom through this programme. John 15:16

[29]. God’s grace and help on each minister and worker to follow up the new souls. Act 18:23

[30]. Holy Spirit, make our Church too small for this harvest of abiding souls. Isiah 54:2-4

Let us continue to approach the throne of grace as we pray for open heavens.

[31]. Father, for Your name’s sake, open Heaven upon us for the praise and worship program and every program of the church. Revelation 3:7

[32]. Turn the hearts of the unbelievers to Yourself. Jeremiah 32:27, Proverbs 21:1

[33]. Let Your angels be on assignment over each one participating and give us a secure and peaceful environment for the programme. Psalms 91:10

[34]. Every demon's buying-and-selling, distractions, loss of focus or presumption are silent in every life. Matthew 18:16

[35]. Let our ministrations reach men and women in the simplicity of language and clear understanding, nothing missing, having a life. John 6:63, Malachi 3:10

[36]. Holy Spirit, Your work begins, Your work complete. Philippians 1:6

[37]. Holy Spirit, give us the right songs for Your prepared hearts, which cannot return to You void. Psalms 40:3, John 16:8

[38]. Make each minister and worker Your channels of blessings indeed, with signs and wonders following their lives and declarations. Isaiah 44:26

[39]. Let the light of Your countenance shine on us. Numbers 6:24-26

[40]. We possess our environment for Christ. Psalms 2:11

We rejoice and are glad in Him who answers prayers.

[41]. Let’s thank Him, the author and finisher of our faith because He has never lost a battle in our lives, even over the souls of persons that shall come for the programme. 1 Samuel 17:47

[42]. Let’s thank Him because He’s for us, so, nothing can ever successfully stand against us as we march on to the programme. Romans 8:31

[43]. Let’s thank Him because all power belongs to Him, including the territorial powers of the environment shall work in our favour. Matthew 28:18 

[44]. Let’s thank Him because His counsel alone shall stand during the programme. Psalms 33:10

[45]. Let’s thank Him for the new names that will be written in Heaven as a result of the programme. Revelations 20:15 

[46]. Let’s thank Him who never forgets our labour of love, to reward faithfully. Especially, our prayers and services in His name are not in vain. Hebrews 6:10

[47]. Let’s thank Him who can do all things, including unprecedented miracles out of the program, also quickening each worker and minister to be on time. Philippians 4:13 

[48]. Let’s thank Him for the continuous flow of His anointing over the pastorate, minister and workers, to fulfil His purpose in this end time. The Lord should frustrate every error in our preparations for the programme technically and otherwise. Philippians 2:13 

[49]. Let’s thank Him for restoring His love in the hearts of ministers and workers to show forth His praise while also protecting each one from evil spiritual reprisal attacks. Luke 10:19

[50]. Let’s thank Him for making alive the spiritual gifts in each worker and minister as well as sustaining the same with the fruit of the Spirit. Romans 8:11

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