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100 Best Quotes about How Long a Relationship Should Last Before Marriage

 Quotes about How Long a Relationship should Last before Marriage

Every relationship should be the one that should bring good tidings at last. There is no need for you to begin what you know that the end is disastrous. Getting into a relationship with anyone, there are things to have at the back of your mind, age should be considered also and the spiritual well-being of the people involved.

Mutual trust should be considered and the attitude of those involved should play one of the major determining factors in building the rightful relationship.

When considering marriage, a lot is involved. Marriage, as it is said, is for companionship. But getting to that stage to say I do, one may begin to ask how long should you date before marriage. For me, if there is understanding and trust and considering the age of those involved, it is something that should be done within not more than a year.

Inspiring Quotes about How Long a Relationship Should Last Before Marriage

These quotes about the length of a relationship before marriage are quotes about the average length of a relationship before marriage and how long you should be engaged before marriage. Happy birthday Wishes to Boss

[1]. Once you understand your partner and are well convinced that you can tolerate, forgive, and appreciate one another and see one another as best of friends, you can go ahead. Three months is enough for a relationship to last before marriage.

[2]. When your genotypes are compatible. It can be a day, months or even years, just do what works for you.

[3]. There is no set time. Once there's a mutual understanding and you both find yourselves compatible. You are good for marriage. Don't turn someone's daughter into a lord of the rings, if you're not ready for marriage, just let her be. 

[4]. If you are really ready to marry, you can meet a girl and in one month you will already see a wife in her.

[5]. It depends on if God has actually designed that person for you. 

[6]. Some people dated for 10 years, got married, and in the next two years, they got divorced. Some dated for a year got married, and for 20 years plus, they are still together. Do what works for you.

[7]. It's not a matter of time or how long. Once there's mutual understanding between the spouses. You are good for marriage.

[8]. 15 years to be able to understand each other resoundingly.

[9]. Within 3 months in a relationship, both of you should know what you want, if you both want to get married fine or if you want to keep rolling it’s up to you.

[10]. Before you say yes let’s date, use one month to know the guy or girl and make them your friend. If you do that, they wouldn't be able to hide their character once you build that friendship but if you come directly asking them out their character will be hidden forever.

[11]. To have a long-lasting relationship,  you should understand that romantic love is just an aspect of love that sustains the marriage, self-sacrificing love should develop, and then they are good to go.

[12]. Do what works for you because in this marriage and relationship thing, the advice you'll give to 'A' might not work for 'B'.

[13]. It's not how far but how well. You can't know everything at the dating stage. Some got married within 6 months and had the best of it and some dated for 10 years and it still went wrong.

[14]. It's not a matter of how long. But it is good to get to know your partner just to avoid "please hide my identity". Some people pretend and hide their true characters. Both parties need to know if they are able to bond for life.

[15]. You can date for like 7 months so it all depends. But the one you thought would have led to marriage can take you more than 5 years to know that you are not compatible.

[16]. The moment you think about a relationship, always think about marriage. Everybody that enters school also thinks about graduation.

[17]. Within courtship, introduction and wedding should take around 8 months after you met.

[18]. When you get to know very well that person and you found what you are looking for despite the flaws and you are so sure this is the one and above all you love that person so much that you will do whatever it takes and you can't hurt that person even when the person is hurting you, you know the definition of love. 

[19]. It is not even advisable to go into any relationship without marriage in view.

[20]. Marriage is made in heaven by God Himself. This is why people are adjoined to pray while searching. Time is immaterial. Even maturity or mutual understanding plays a remote role. I have come to understand that despite all these marriages survive through thick and thin, abuse because of His grace. Whether you believe or not God has a place in marriage. Human factors count but little.

I don't think there is a time frame to a relationship before marriage. All that is required is compatibility, mutual understanding, trust and on what ground the relationship is built.

[21]. Understanding each other, having tolerance and forgiving hearts are what you need to make a relationship work.

[22]. Only the Lord knows the real person, you can date for 15 years and still get divorced after marriage. Marriage is managed, if you can't manage your partner, you will end up in divorce.

[23]. Everything depends on both levels of maturity. Compatibility is the first thing. Not how long but again, it only depends on both levels of maturity.

[24]. 5 years to study the partner, 1 year to serve the partner, if he/she passed well, you then marry. But if there's a carryover you can give him/her extra 2 years.

[25]. Define your relationship from the start. Where are you guys heading to? If it doesn't have a purpose then it's for fun.

[26]. It really doesn’t matter how long. Anytime she fit mess in your front and you fit mess in her front and you both wash it down with laughter.

[27]. The duration doesn't matter, what matters is the grace of God and direction. You can never fully understand your partner till the end of time. Pray for grace.

[28]. The main reason for engaging in a relationship is for marriage unless maybe you are thinking otherwise. So it's okay to say that you should start thinking of marriage the very first minute you start dating her. It's now in the dating process that you'll evaluate her type, character and personality and if you feel you guys are perfect for each other then walk her down the aisle.

[29]. Who says you need to marry if you are both happy with what you have. No shade to marriage but why are we always focusing on marriage? Marriage has nothing to do with love, a lot of people aren’t married but are happier with one another than many married people. Let’s focus on happiness and achievements and if and when you think you want to get married, go for it. If you choose not to get married, so be it! It’s your business, your choice!

[30]. With prayers when the right person comes, even one month is enough to get married. It's not about how far, it's about how well. For those planning to study someone, bear in mind that you can't even know a person completely without living with them.

When both parties' financial stability is tested and trusted. And when both partners are mature enough to know that the relationship will lead to marriage and also when the both mind has come into agreement.

[31]. Whenever you are convinced she/he is the right one. And the moment both genders understand each other.

[32]. It all depends on your readiness, if both of you are ready to make a home, why not, not how long or short marriages work, it all depends on both understanding. It could last for a year, which includes both courtship and marriage ceremony.

[33]. Marriage will come if it wants to come, even if you stay or date for 5 years if the marriage doesn't want to come it won’t, so 2 days is enough. Besides when Adam woke up from sleep was when he started calling Eve his bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. You need to understand that marriage is for better or worse whether 5 years of dating or 2 days of dating is still better or worse. Only choose wisely!

[34]. When the couple is physically, financially and spiritually ready.

[35]. It is not how long you got to date because you can’t know one another totally even if you date for 10 years it does not guarantee you a successful marriage and if you marry 2 weeks after meeting also does not say you would have a failed marriage, what matters is friendship, commitment and love between two in the perfect heart.

[36]. There's no timeline for it. Do what works for you and the person involved. Some people date for 5 years and end up in a disaster in marriage. Others date for a few months and spend a lifetime together in peace.

[37]. It doesn’t have to have a time frame as to when it should last, just march to the best that you hear in your soul.

[38]. Most people don’t believe in long-term dating, because I have seen couples who dated for about 8 years, two years in marriage and end up divorcing naturally most women hide some of their attitudes it’s normal they gradually expose it once they got married, as told in the olden days during the era of our forefathers there is nothing like dating, once you see a lady and develop love towards her next thing is go meet her parents and do the normals. And they lived peacefully and happily compared to the present ones. So it’s not how long you guys date each other so far there is love, tolerance, understanding and money, you guys are good to go.

[39]. Just pray God gives you your own, even if you observe each other for 10 years before getting married, you can get married and divorce one week later.

[40]. No actual time or period because love is a beautiful thing. You can get married in a short time.

[41]. In this generation, the man is financially stable and the woman is emotionally stable.

[42]. It's not a matter of how long it lasted but what both of them learnt from each other to know how the journey of being man and wife will be.

[43]. Define the kind of relationship before you start, I don't do let's see how it goes. You guys must not even date.

[44]. Intimacy and maturity determine. Everyone's chemistry is different because what favour Mr/Mrs A might not favour Mr/Mrs B.

[45]. There's no formula. Just do what works for you. And above all follow your heart.

[46]. When you and your partner have gotten to know each other very well and have learned to accept each other's excesses and nonsense, boom then you both are ripe for marriage.

[47]. When you are sure that you can handle her weaknesses when you are sure you can handle his weaknesses. Marriage exposes more of his weaknesses and her weaknesses. So if you can't handle it or have the wisdom to manage it, then better quit before you start.

[48]. I don't know exactly how long it takes but I think it's wise to go through all 4 seasons getting to know and understand someone, their character and values. 

[49]. As long as you are waiting for the ensuring peace of mind within you. There is no stipulated time frame. You can meet someone today and feel the connection of peace within you that this is the right person. Go ahead and do the needful and get married. There is no point in waiting. If later, why not now.

[50]. Honestly, there's no specific time. It depends on the individuals involved and how prepared they are. The important things to look at are mutual understanding, compatibility and financial stability for both parties. There's life after a wedding. Love isn't enough.

[51]. Not every relationship will lead to marriage, it also depends on the love and understanding between the two persons.

[52]. If you both are prepared to embark on the journey, it doesn't need any time frame. If you want to stay together, you don't have to time it.

[53]. Not how long but do it when you are both ready.

[54]. As long as you feel comfortable to marry the person. And ready financially and mentally.

[55]. As long as you are well convinced that you can tolerate him or her.

[56]. It is not how far it is. It also depends on individual differences. There is a difference between dating and courtship. It must be a close relationship to master each other.

[57]. I’ll go for two years. So that no matter how she hides that character, I must see it one day when she will display it. Then I’ll decide if I can cope with it in marriage or not. Trust me no one can pretend over one year without displaying his or her real character knowingly or unknowingly.

[58]. Marriage like it is said, na every Malam with he kettle what work for A may not work for B.

[59]. Time in a relationship doesn't determine a successful marriage.

[60]. It’s not about how long a relationship lasts, it’s all about how mature you both are. If you are both mature and comparable to go into marriage then you can go ahead.

I think people should have a purpose for dating. Relationships are investment, you don't invest in people and leave them. Date with a purpose!

[61]. Thinking of marriage? Before the onset of the relationship. I mean why will you date anyone without thinking of the possibility of marriage? Marry when you are ready, no pressure.

[62]. You know your soulmate when you meet them. You all can date for a year or two and marry only when you are sure you can handle or manage those imperfections you are seeing.

[63]. It could be weeks or months. Long relationships hardly survive the troubles that come with them. Learn from each other in marriage, after all, learning is endless.

[64]. It shouldn't be a matter of how long, but how ready and compatible they are. How well do you know each other before contemplating marriage? Is it inside the marriage you want to start discovering hidden characters, attitudes etc? That's the essence of dating. But a year of dating is good before taking the next step.

[65]. When you realize you both are not getting younger. There's no standard period of time. Whichever works for you. You move.

[66]. No particular time. The duration of dating doesn't determine a "happy ever after" in marriage. Some people married after a few months and lived happily ever after. Some met for a few weeks, got married and are having a blissful marriage. While some even dated for years, and enjoyed good courtship, their relationship crashed after marriage. Some were cohabiting for years, but after marriage, things fell apart. The true colours were revealed. What I think is, the man (who is usually the person who proposes) should follow as his heart leads. No matter the time or duration, he should marry when he feels. No rushing in marriage or the person will rush out too.

[67]. How long isn't necessary, but how fast and well you understand each other is what is necessary.

[68]. No manual for marriage, do what works best for you.

[69]. People date for years and still get divorced a few months after marriage, others just a few months of dating, yet they have a solid marriage, number of months or years doesn't matter, once there's mutual understanding and compatibility, you're good to go.

[70]. This does not deal with the years at all. It all boils down to understanding yourselves and most importantly loving each other.

[71]. Na who say relationships dey last, if you don't want to marry don't start the relationship. Some relationships be like say dem they study medicine or law.

[72]. Love is not enough. Where love fades. Interest built in. We should be thinking of marriage before the relationship starts. Marriage should be the basis of the relationship.

[73]. As long as I love you and we understand each other no matter how short the time may be.

[74]. The Moment you realize the shoe fits in perfectly, you lace it up. Not by how long but by God's grace.

[75]. It begins before the relationship starts. The major reason for a relationship is marriage.

[76]. No minimum or maximum limit. It depends on the couple to be understanding and make a decision. But that does not mean they should live a couple's life for years and call that dating and keep hoping to be married one day. They should have a purposeful relationship.

[77]. How many books and other people's ideas would you need to live your life? Don't live your life with people's suggestions.

[78]. For as long as you can understand and know your partner then marriage is sure.

[79]. As long and short as you are comfortable with each other, tolerate each other's excesses.

[80]. As long as you are ready to spend forever with whoever you are with.

[81]. No date is designed for that, hence both are mature and understand how far marriage is, that is all.

[82]. No number of years is required. Date and when you guys are ready, get married!

[83]. There is life before marriage and love after marriage. Love before marriage is often an illusion.

[84]. Between 1 day to 6 months. Anything more may be dangerous and heartbreaking.

[85]. Depending on your intimacy. 1 month before the love bundle finishes.

[86]. For as long as one of them will have the understanding to know that he/she is no longer getting younger.

[87]. 4 years, so that at least you can get a degree in studying each other, if it's not enough to add two years for masters. 

[88]. I think 3 years except you people are just wasting each other's time. That’s why relationships are not for kids.

[89]. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to relationships, that much I know.

[90]. It’s not how long that matters, it’s the mutual understanding between the two of them about what they both want and when they want it.

Marry immediately when you are ready, what are you waiting for because I don't get people these days, they keep saying they must date or study with each other for like 2 years, are you people doing a national diploma?

[91]. He must court you properly, spoiled and pampered for at least 2 to 3 years before you talk about marriage.

[92]. When you have the conviction. There is no set time. But at most 4 months. What is there to know again? In one month you should know already if you will marry or not.

[93]. Just do what works for you, it can take days, weeks, months or years.

[94]. Marriage isn’t what you determine from how long you both have dated. It’s not a joke, especially when the kids start coming. You need to be ready mentally and most importantly financially.

[95]. When both parties are convinced they are compatible and can cope with each other’s excesses. Finance is important too.

[96]. There is no set time for that but at least 6 months should be enough for a man to know that she is his wife or not. And if not your wife please allow her to go rather than tying her down.

[97]. Immediately your spirit convinces you. No time to waste. Both parties should know what they want and also it depends on the level of maturity between you both.

[98]. Tolerance is the most important thing in a relationship. No specific time frame for a relationship once you are cool with the person, you can go ahead.

[99]. Before you even start the relationship you should think of marriage. Once the purpose is not known, they said abuse is inevitable. If marriage is your goal, then you should start observing your partner when the relationship starts.

[100]. I have seen a relationship for 3 months before marriage and it's still lasting and enjoyable but I have seen a relationship that reaches 4 years and the marriage wasn't up to 3 months. 

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