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Unique 15 Mindset Renewal and Words of Motivation about Health and Wealth

Best Mindset Renewal and Words of Motivation about Your Health, Wealth Creation and General Wellbeing

These mindset renewal words of motivation are something so amazing. I followed him on Facebook and also went through his write-ups which are so inspirational and educating. I initially didn't give so much attention to him person but with time through his deep-rooted and down-to-earth mode of communication, I could see that he was a man given deep insight into the study and one who is so passionate about his conviction. 

It was someone whom I follow on Facebook that further brought his attention to us through one of his posts. Wow! So someone else was also watching the remarkable strategies for promoting good mental health from the gifted doctor. Now, what am I waiting for? I needed to visit his timeline and do what needed to be done. Here is what Kel has to say about him.

"Celebrate this man always. You may not know the impact he’s making in the lives of African youths like me, but I tell you, in the next few years, this man would have raised many billionaires without doing any monetary giveaway. Whether you hate him or like him, make his page your favorite place on this blue app. Thank you Sir Charles Awuzie for your relentless efforts in helping us see and think better." - Kel Armstrong Amobi

I am talking of no other person than Dr. Charles Awuzie, who has contributed so much towards seeing to it that we the youth have a renewed mindset and for humanity to live a better life. Dr Charles is the CEO at Gemsbok Group, a Software Engineer, CyberSecurity Expert, Tech StartUp CEO and International Speaker on business, technology, reformation and leadership. He lives in South Africa but is originally from Nigeria. He holds a university degree in Biochemistry from Abia State University, a Diploma in Information and Communications Technology and several Certificates in Business Management, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking and yes, Theology.
Here are important links to understanding his business journey.
[1]. A web hosting company -

[2]. Freelancer platform -

[3]. Energy storage brand -

[4]. Offers the following services through our partnership with Cisco -

[5]. You can access the Sahara Skills Pitch deck here -

[6]. Currently working with a great team at -
And you can check him out on his official website

Without wasting too much of your time, here are some of the best collections of inspiring and motivational write-ups from Dr. Charles Awuzie which are words of encouragement towards making us live a renewed lifestyle. 

Encouragement and Renewal of Your Mindset Words of Motivation about Your Health, Wealth Creation and General wellbeing

There is no going back, these positive and inspiring words of encouragement with practical life experience from the good doctor are all you need for a life of transformation towards good health, creation of generational wealth and your general well-being. For your delight, here are direct words from Charles Awuzie that will inspire you beyond your imagination.

[1]. Health should be your Motivation for Wealth

The MAJOR reason why you work hard should not be to buy a house or a car and compete with your friends - it should be to afford a healthy life.
Health should be your motivation for Wealth.
I taught my father this lesson recently...
He is sick too - old age-related. I had started some renovation for his home earlier. Then I discovered that he was extremely sick, and I decided to stop the construction and focus on his health. He felt my decision was not right. He told me he is old and needs to fix his house before his death. I said, "NO, health comes before the house". So I started sending money for his health. Guess what? I Iater learnt that he was diverting money I was sending for his health to the house and some he gave to prophets who promised to cure him permanently.
I got angry and told him that I won't send any money until he realizes that health is more important than a house. He learnt his lesson and now I'm finishing up the house and focusing again on his health. I didn't suspend the construction because I didn't have enough money to do it, no. I needed to TRANSFORM the mind of my father to place more value on his life than anything else. I achieved that. Now he cares for his health and also understands that No prophet can cure him.
Most of the things I share here with you are realities in my own family... I come from a very humble background so I know what poverty can do to the mind of people. Poverty will make you value material things over your health, relationships and peace of mind. Poverty can make you risk your life just to buy material things which are not worth your life. Poverty will make you place a lower value on your life and place a higher value on material things.
If you are in a condition where you place your business, job, buying a car etc over your health - you have a poverty mentality.
Africa is ravaged by the monster called poverty.... 80% of our people make poor life decisions because of the monster called poverty... We don't marry for love, we marry because we want an escape from poverty... Our education is not based on passion but on how LUCRATIVE the skill is... Everything we do is an expression of our poverty mentality... TODAY SHOULD BE THE LAST DAY YOUR POVERTY DETERMINES YOUR DECISION.
When I asked you to buy Transhuman Coin and forget about it for the future, I was trying to teach you how to invest in the future of your health. But many Nigerians took early profit because of the poverty mentality. It's still not too late to buy and hold - that project is all about Life Extension.
Boko Haram and UGM can kill 20 people in a day and nobody blinks an eye because where there's a nationwide poverty mentality, nobody really cares about human life. YOU MUST START CARING ABOUT HUMAN LIFE FROM TODAY.
Tell yourself that you are making money for one major reason - to afford good health at all costs for you and your loved ones. Whatever you buy or do should be to keep you and yours in good health and quality life.
BLACK LIVES MATTER shouldn't be a racial statement, it should be a personal economic statement. Because of poverty, most Black people do not value their lives until the police kill them then we chant BLACK LIVES MATTER.
Transform your mindset today and Think like you are rich.

[2]. Know Your Health Risks
How much do you know about your body?
Do you know the diseases you are more prone to developing based on your family history, work environment, medications you consume, daily routines and lifestyle.
I know I have a higher risk of developing an eye problem because I have dry eyes. So what do I do? I get my eyes checked out every year by a specialist.
I know I have a higher risk of kidney failure - because of my autoimmune disorder... So what do I do? I get my Kidneys monitored regularly by my doctor.
This is not LACK OF FAITH as many religious people may tag it - this is INTELLIGENCE. You need to be realistic with your health. Know your FACTS and you will make INFORMED decisions.
Stop treating symptoms... Fever, pains, headache, itchiness, nausea, stomach pain etc are all SYMPTOMS of an underlying disease. Something is causing your temperature to rise - don't focus on your temperature, focus on finding the hidden cause.
If something is causing your stomach to ache, don't focus on getting a quick relief - find out what is causing your stomach to ache.
Brain cancer can cause migraines. Don't focus on using paracetamol to numb the migraine, get to the root of it.
When you discover a disease on time, your survival rate will be higher than when you discover it very late.
This year was my best year ever - I took time off work etc to discover my health risks. I know exactly what I should avoid and what I should eat to live longer. I know my risks and I am doing my best to minimize their occurrence. I have taken DOMINION over my health through knowledge. Dominion in any area of life is not a product of prayer, it is a product of knowledge.
"For lack of knowledge (not lack of prayer), my people perish."
What do you know about you?
How much do you know about your health?
It's time to wake up and take Dominion over your health.

[3]. No Futuristic person, government, business or movement will ignore a 3 Trillion Dollar market.
#TranshumanCoin is our closest entry point into this market.
The Crypto market will never fall like the Ponzi Schemes of Nigeria so instead of putting your money in Ponzi Schemes, invest in crypto... Even when the price dips, be sure that it will go up in a matter of months - sometimes weeks.
NB: This is not a piece of financial advice. Do your own research.

Best No Futuristic person, government, business or movement will ignore a 3 Trillion Dollar market

[4]. Ignorance is the major cause of death, poverty and diseases... Not witches.
My greatest blessing in 2021 was being accurately diagnosed.
I have been sick all my life but I didn't know what the hell was wrong with me. My biological mother has been sick all her life and thought witches were after her life. After my diagnosis, my mother opened up to me that her own mother became sick at age 40 and lived sickly until she died in her 80s.
Two of my uncles (a pastor and a soldier) died from complications of autoimmune diseases without knowing it. My mom again once believed enemies killed them but from my diagnosis which is genetic, she now understands that ignorance is the witch.
I have been eating the wrong food all my life because of ignorance... As someone with an autoimmune issue, I shouldn't eat foods that contain Gluten like Bread, Noodles, Wheat based pasta, vegan burgers etc. Rice and Red meat shouldn't have also been on my table. Soda drinks, Cow Milk etc should have long been banned from my fridge..... Unfortunately, these were the kind of Foods and drinks I've been consuming and unknowingly poisoning myself.
My years as a religious leader who prayed thunderous prayers didn't heal me because PRAYER CAN NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM CREATED BY IGNORANCE.
Now I have been properly diagnosed…
I am completely in charge of my body now…
I now only eat ORGANIC, non-Gluten, no preservative food…
And to be honest, I am alive again... I am on my way to complete recovery.
The many years of my ignorance have caused damage to my lungs etc but with time, my organs and tissues will heal.
Every sickness I've ever suffered can be traced to my autoimmune disorder - including a recent heart attack etc.
My ignorance would have cost me my life...
Already, some people were blaming my haters for launching spiritual attacks against me lol ... Africans are extremely superstitious.
I bought a new home, a new car and was constructing another house one month before I got sick. So those around me said Envious enemies were fighting me... That was the dumbest thing I endured this season. I always ask "Why don't these witches attack the real wealthy people like Elon Musk... why do they only have the power to attack smaller boys like me?" Do you know the answer? Ignorance. We are VICTIMS OF OUR OWN IGNORANCE.
I am calling Africa and the superstitious communities out of their superstition... Wake up, people.
I have stripped my life open for you all to see, observe and learn. I have not hidden my pains or fears. I've also not hidden my breakthroughs and transformations.
Your disease, poverty, pain, stagnation etc will not be solved by religious activities... Never. Stop patronizing native doctors and fake prophets. You don't need them. You need information. It takes INFORMATION to make progress. Seek for information.
Be informed about your health... Be informed about your ancestral medical history... Get to know your ancestral genetic truth - you are a branch of your parents and grandparents... Seek information about financial systems... Don't look away from Crypto or emerging technologies... Seek to be informed lest you live and die in one spot when you could have soared like an eagle.
Ignorance is the major cause of death, poverty and diseases... Not witches.
My greatest blessing in 2021 was being accurately diagnosed.
Be inspired by my journey and you wouldn't have to make the mistakes I made. That's the essence of these vulnerable posts.

[5]. How Africa Solves Problems Vs How The Rest of the World Solve Problems
I love Africa... I am African. We all love Africa and love compels us to seek for Africa's transformation.
I am also a praying man... While my spirituality may not be anchored on any religion or belief system, I have maintained a very beautiful and recently private spiritual harmony - experiencing oneness, love, peace and humanity within.
So don't get me wrong... I am neither against prayer nor Africa. I am only against Superstition conveyed in the box of religion or traditions.
Now take a look at the pictures attached here...
Meditate on the mindset of the people in both pictures...
Both groups are seeking for answers...
Both groups are seeking for solutions...
But only one group has consistently provided solutions to humanity by exercising their intelligence...
The praying group CONSUMES the solutions PRODUCED by the non-praying group.
Does it mean that there's something wrong with prayer? No. But it does mean that something is wrong with the Superstitious belief that prayer will solve Africa's problems created by mental laziness and political wickedness.
Prayer or meditation should be your means of exercising your PERSONAL spirituality in your private space... In fact, Jesus instructed His disciples to pray in SECRET. Prayer should be as private as sex - both are considered moments of intimacy. Keep it private.
When you gather, exchange ideas, thoughts and imaginations.
I expect very low-minded religiously confused fellows to attack me, and call me names but guess what, they will type their comments using a device created by creators and not prayer warriors.
Remember, I love Africa... I have prayed more than many of you too - as a pastor who has pastored thousands of people. But the TRUTH MUST BE TOLD - Africa's Superstitious connection to noisy public prayers has not solved any problem and will never solve any problem. A good example is the daily public prayers made in different temples for the country called Nigeria - none has worked because prayers aren't supposed to solve problems that INTELLIGENCE should solve.

[6]. Solving Generational Problems of Rheumatism
We called it 'ROMANTISM' - the correct word is Rheumatism.
We treated it with Priton, an old antihistamine.
Many of us have experienced this 'Romantism' but not many of us are aware of the other issues associated with our 'ordinary Romantism'.
My biological mother had (still has) 'romantism'... But she didn't know that her 'ordinary romantism' is actually an autoimmune disease which affected her quality of life, placing her on sick beds with various complications which she blamed on demons and witches until I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune condition with almost exact symptoms as my mom's.
Now I'm educating my mother about Lupus, Sjorgrens and Rheumatoid Arthritis from a basic level. I am luring her into a deeper understanding by constantly mentioning what she's used to 'romantism'. It's a teaching strategy where the teacher lures the student from the 'known' into the realms of the unknown. My mother knows she has 'romantism', just like many of my Nigerian readers here know that they have 'romantism' - but what my mother doesn't know is that her life-long 'romantism' is my newfound Autoimmune Disease. She understands a little about Genes and I'm helping her to understand that no witch is trying to kill her or myself, but our genes are responsible. I'm letting her know that there's also a new branch of science called Gene therapy and that I'm playing a global role in the emergence of gene editing championed by Transhumanists. She believes Transhumanists are anti-Christ and promotes 666 lol.
But we both realized that I share the same symptoms with my mother - we are both sensitive to sunlight. We both itch. Her joint pain is definitely worse than mine - probably because the disease called ageing has taken a toll on her fragile body. She is gradually coming to terms with the reality that she has lived with an autoimmune disease all her life without a proper diagnosis - no thanks to a failed Nigerian Healthcare system. My mom didn't have a quality healthy life - she actually thinks she has the best life because she's 247 preaching the gospel as an evangelist. But I know what a quality life is - maybe because I now have access to a certain level of wealth and know the difference between a good life and a not-so-good life.
Well, I wished I grew up with her... It wouldn't have taken me so long to understand what was wrong with my body. My mother who raised me was never sick but the mother who birthed me with whom I shared minimal time with had a very sickly life - and I am glad that I am helping her to regain her strength even at an older age.
Lesson: Know your genes... If your family members start dying young, don't run to prophets or witch doctors, do blood tests, talk to members of your extended family and you will surely find the missing link. Once you find out what the problem is, you will be able to manage the condition, have a better life and live longer. All the health complications I've suffered including a recent heart attack (Myocardial Infarction) can be traced to something that is traced to another and that originates from the autoimmune disease. Do you get it? 
If you or your loved one have what Nigerians call 'Romantism', don't use antihistamines to numb the itchiness, seek a deeper understanding of the condition. The last stage of an autoimmune disease like Lupus is KIDNEY FAILURE. This explains why we have many kidney failure patients in Nigeria who may never know that their own antibodies attacked their own kidneys because of their undiagnosed autoimmune disease.
People in better countries have lower kidney problems than in Nigeria. This is a topic for another day.
My name is Charles Awuzie and I am intentionally solving generational problems.

[7]. Our Resolution As Transhuman Coin Holders…
We will prolong human life through genetic engineering just as we have successfully prolonged the life of a worm by 500% through genetic editing.
We will be part of the team that will take credit for curing ageing.
We will print organs and safely replace failed Kidneys, hearts etc with freshly Minted organs.
We will create one of the world's largest biotechnology companies operating in the Metaverse.
We are not looking back on this assignment because our own lives depend on successful research.
The Transhumanist Shop is going to launch in days - hopefully, someday, this shop will sell 3D-printed human organs.
I am most grateful for my medical challenges - without falling sick, I wouldn't have found my purpose in life. Expect multi-million dollar investments in the coming months from my friends and myself as we network with the best brains to solve humanity's worst nightmares.

[8]. Every day you wake up, THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE...
I didn't say 'your future'...

I mean THE FUTURE of everything...

You can never feature in the future you haven't pictured.

If you are in Tech, Imagine the future of technology...

If you are in fashion, Imagine the future of fashion...

If you are a Healthcare provider, imagine the future of Healthcare...

If you are a politician, imagine the future of voting and policymaking...

If you are a farmer, imagine the future of agriculture...

If you are a teacher, imagine the future of education...

To imagine means to capture an idea with the camera of your mind. People with great imaginations rule the world.

See something in the future that nobody is seeing yet...

If you are part of the Transhuman Coin Project, imagine the future of the coin you are holding.

Don't limit your imagination to your current situation...

Imagine beyond your circumstances...

The future belongs to those who see it.

Keep your eyes on the future - the future of everything.


[9]. The Difference between Religion and Spirituality

The Best  Difference between Religion and Spirituality

[10]. Beware of Ponzi Schemes...
Nigeria has seen the rise and fall of Ponzi Schemes in recent times and I believe I should add my voice to not only warn against Ponzi Schemes but to help founders of potential Ponzi Schemes to restructure their business model for the sustainability of their businesses.
According to Investor dot gov, "a Ponzi Scheme is an investment fraud that pays existing investors with funds collected from new investors. Ponzi scheme organizers often promise to invest your money and generate high returns with NO RISK.
With little or no legitimate earnings, Ponzi schemes require a constant flow of new money to survive. When it becomes hard to recruit new investors, or when large numbers of existing investors cash out, these schemes tend to collapse."
As usual, I like to use Nigeria as a case study...
Most unregulated investment companies in Nigeria are Ponzi Schemes in the making. Their founders may have the best intentions but the Nigerian investment market is quite informal, unregulated and largely uninsured. The founders of these investment companies are also unrealistic by promising huge returns to investors in an epileptic economy. Most of these companies set themselves up for failure by giving the impression that there is NO RISK involved in investing with them.
Remember, the founders may have the best vision, honest motives etc but their system has been set up for failure from the foundation.
If the founder doesn't hire professionals to help change the system, align with regulatory authorities and Re-engineer the business processes and contracts, it's just a matter of time before the scheme will collapse. This is an ABSOLUTE fact.
I have provided business intelligence to at least two Nigerian investment company founders. One of them flew all the way to South Africa to meet with me. I sat down with him for two days and helped him transition his company from a potential Ponzi scheme to a compliant organization and he has peace of mind today. So I know what I am talking about.
If the founder of a non-compliant investment company also exalts himself as the Lord and King of the company without a higher board of directors who exercises oversight on his activities, the founder, being human with absolute power in his company will self-destruct. Most Ponzi Schemes founders destroy themselves without the help of the government. Bear in mind that the bigger the Ponzi Scheme, the more it attracts government regulators who may conspire to bring it down. So that's also a huge risk an investor should bear in mind when dealing with unregulated firms. Don't go emotional when a big ponzi scheme starts getting backlash from society and the government. Don't say things like "When we were small, you didn't care but now we are big, you want to pull us down". No. This emotional blackmail will not work in your favour.
Here's my personal principle as Co-Founder of several businesses...
I have never run any business without giving more power to a board and holding on to just as much power as is necessary to make my vote count. This has helped me to be accountable and responsible. I have also avoided conducting business outside what the law provides. This is the safest way to do business - you will have peace of mind while growing.
As millions of Nigerians lose millions of Naira in Ponzi Schemes, I encourage everyone to DYOR. Stop rushing... Stop the desperation. Calm down and STUDY. My biggest frustration is when someone tells me "Charles I want to invest 20 million in your business" and when I ask them if they know anything about Tech or Cisco, they will say No. How can you invest in my business when you don't even understand what my business does?  First, take your time and ask me what we do, ask for papers etc. Study. Learn. If it is something you understand and have passion for, INVEST. That's how intelligent investors invest.
Even in crypto, I only invest in projects that resonate with my vision and passion. That way, I withstand the wind of dip time and resist the temptation of cashing out too early.
I hope this series of teaching helps a beginner somewhere.

[11]. How To Deal With Loss In Investments
Before Covid-19, my family's investment portfolio was in Greens... We were soaring in several million (not Naira).
Then Covid-19 hit, and in one day, we lost 40% of our wealth. More wealthy people lost more. In a sober email, our financial adviser told us that the global economy has never seen such a loss since World War 2.
It didn't move us... I shared the tips here. Search the post I made about it.
We instructed our financial advisor to move 40% of whatever was left to foreign markets and that enabled us to buy into businesses we wouldn't have afforded if it wasn't for Covid-19.
The real estate industry was also hit. We sold off two properties at a very low price (at a loss actually) and invested the proceeds of those two properties in one solid property.
Several months later, our main portfolio has bounced back - thanks to our bet on the emerging technologies market. Remember I also cried here about losing 50% of our bitcoin portfolio, well, bitcoin bounced back and hit new Time Highs and our tears have turned to joy. Thank God I didn't sell out of panic when I lost 50% of what I invested.
(for those trying to link the blockchain to PONZI schemes, you are simply ignorant... Crypto has its risks which is the volatility and thus should never be your major investment portfolio... But cryptocurrency when rug pull proofed is a safe place to lose and profit from what you are able to lose. The best is to throw in what you can lose and keep living your life, check after one year or 2.)
Why am I saying this?
If anyone promises you that you won't lose money when you invest, they are dishonest and will definitely disappoint you. This is my major problem with Nigerian fake investment businesses - they raise the expectations of their investors without letting them know that investments can have bad days and later have good days. This is why their investors go to the extreme when bad days come.
Every investment I've ever made in South Africa, America etc, had a clause in the contract that explains the risks and nobody promised us more than 8%.
What most of you guys in Nigeria are investing in or running is called PONZI SCHEME... It may not blow up today but it will surely blow up someday. It's not because the owners planned to blow it up, it's simply because they lack the intelligence, lawful authority and financial structure to fulfil their promises over a long period of time. I'm willing to help any owner of an investment company who is humble enough to seek for wisdom on how to bulletproof their business against crashing. I have the secret.
This Feel-good-investment mentality is the same mentality that most Nigerian Crypto traders bring into crypto - the PONZI scheme mentality - borrow money and invest, wait for 50x profit and cash out. You cash out so much that you care less about the project. All you want is. Short-term profit and your mind have been messed up that you no longer think long-term.
An experienced investor EXPECTS LOSS. And if there's no loss, an experienced investor will run away because the system is rigged to fool the market.
There's no Billionaire investor who hasn't lost a part of their wealth but they didn't lose it to PONZI schemes. They lost it in GENUINE projects which also have the potential to make profits in the future.
A lot of people think that wealthy people do not lose money - well, it is poor people who don't lose money because until a seed is buried in the ground (lost) over a period of time, it will never germinate. Imagine waking up to know that 40% of your millions in foreign currency has been wiped out by Covid-19??? I went through that but I gave it time and today, the portfolio is in green again.
Stop investing in things where the risk of loss is not emphasized.
I've been in business for many years, and nobody has ever cursed me for losing their money in my businesses... This is because I am honest enough to share the risks with everyone I do business with. In fact, from the way I will present my business, you will think I'm demarketing my brand but no, I'm actually just being honest.

[12]. This is the disconnect...
Being sick exposed me to the wall between science and medicine... The good thing is that I became more informed/enlightened about new science trends before my hospitalization so to some extent, I had very high expectations.
Like Liz Parish noted, I observed that "Science is accelerating at the speed of light —we have successfully decoded the human genome, cloned human stem cells, and started growing replacement organs. But medicine is standing still, obviously held back by a slow government-controlled approval process that required years of trials and millions of dollars."
Science has given us answers to most of our health problems but medicine is yet to grow into the realm of these scientific breakthroughs.
Liz Parish, Gene therapy patient zero, flew to Colombia, out of the reach of the laws of her own country, to get over 100 injections to delete ageing from her body. I do hope to host Liz Parish on The Intellectuals someday soon.
There are two ways to break the wall between advanced Science and slow medicine -

[1]. Decentralize food and drug approval systems globally.

[2]. Or watch people boycott the system and buy the solutions from dark web scientists.
Already, major scientific solutions are sold on the dark web. I believe that there's already an underground well advanced scientific network that solves chronic diseases like HIV, Cancer, ageing etc. The government is missing out on taxes from these underground procedures. The government must understand this - The rich will go the extra mile to find solutions to the health problems of those they love or themselves.
If half of the solutions science has made available get approved by the authorities, the world will have less pain and fewer funerals.
Question: Have you tried to imagine a blockchain-based decentralized FDA, NAFDAC etc?

[13]. Work Hard When You Have Strength…
Because a day shall come when you will have little strength left in you.
A few years ago, I operated two offices - one in the South of Johannesburg and the other in Cape Town. I used to fly between both cities twice in one week.
I was younger... Stronger... And quite driven.
Those were the days I built everything that is sustaining me today when I have to work in moderation.
For two months, I didn't work - I was sick and fighting for my life but I was still making money. How? Because I sowed seeds of hard work when I was strong.
Even the holy book instructs us to plant in the dry season against rainy days. This is the greatest wisdom for young people.
Invest today...
Some investments should be forgotten... Don't be in a hurry to cash out... I wish I could say this enough. Just dump it and move on. That's what I did. Today, even if I stay without work for the rest of my life, I will still afford to live happily without stress.
Work hard now that you are strong... Invest in projects with the future and forget it. Nobody knows tomorrow.

[14]. In the Metaverse Rooms

In the Metaverse, we will have:

[1]. Doctors - who will own Medical Rooms and sell medical services. Most doctors may not even need physical consultation rooms since they can focus on consulting patients in the Metaverse.

[2]. Lawyers - who you can hire in the Metaverse to pursue legal issues that originate from the Metaverse.

[3]. Interior decorators - who will help Metaverse citizens to decorate their Metaverse homes.

[4]. I.T. experts - they will help you build, create and maintain safe Metaverse spaces.

[5]. Animators - these guys are going to be the millionaires of the future.

[6]. Therapists - this is going to be amazing. Lock yourself in the privacy of your room and zoom into the Metaverse, connect with your therapist for your sessions.

[7]. Teachers - I think I am most excited about this than anything else. Harvardx Cs50 experimented with this and now it's going mainstream.

[8]. 3D Porn - we can't exclude the possibility of an invasion of porn actors in the Metaverse. Already, Porn websites are holding high-level meetings to transition into the Metaverse, enabling their porn stars to give an almost real sexual experience to their horny clients.

[9]. Religious leaders - yes, despite calling 5G an anti-Christ, expect religious leaders to use the Metaverse to spread their religions.

[10]. Criminals - we should always plan to have these classes of humans in every technological evolution. But the good thing is that as tech evolves, illiterate criminals will become obsolete while highly skilled criminals will operate in the Metaverse.

The Metaverse is vast.

Facebook Inc rebranding to META is a loud announcement of the death of Web 2.0 internet and the ascension of Web 3.0.

If you follow this page closely, you will realize that my major goal is to POSITION AFRICA TO BECOME RELEVANT IN THE EMERGING DIGITAL WORLD.


[15]. Virtual Church
About 4 years ago, after I founded InspiredFm - an online radio which attracted thousands of listeners around the world, I remember I told sister Joy Omon that we will build a VIRTUAL CHURCH. The idea was to build a church where people can use a VR device to attend and experience a deep connection in fellowship when they are not even in a physical church.
Covid-19 was not even in the picture but I knew that the direction of the world would limit physical presence and the church needs to have a conversation about it.
Church leaders should be consulting Marketplace apostles like us but they won't because they are not kingdom minded but pocket-minded.
The church's response to the Metaverse will be identical - ENDTIME THINGS.
This is why many intellectuals are escaping the church to develop their personal spirituality outside the 4 walls of an intellectually limited church organization.
I love the church movement but I hate the fact that today's church despises science and technology while spreading conspiracy theories.
The Nigerian Pentecostal church system is the worst in the world when it comes to INTELLECTUALISM and encouraging church participation in technological evolution. Even the so-called Grace preachers have become glorified religious papas.
I challenge the church movement to come out of religion and superstition and play a role in the next evolution of humanity just like the previous generation of missionaries played a role in human evolution by becoming advocates against established systems.
Church, if you don't think, you will sink. More young people are becoming bored by the empty rhetorics - it's time to raise the bar.

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